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  1. Could be consequences of applied tomatoshade reflection profile.
  2. Cool! Thanks for clarification Chris and all your efforts! Can't wait this update.
  3. I thought this was already implemented in 747-400 QOTSII, isn't it? On the other hand I have 72 hours left for the next planned maintenance (service based failures enabled) for AirbridgeCargo VQ-BHE and never saw oil quantity decreased. If I remember correctly this option enabled in my configuration, but will check it USE LAST FLIGHT ENG OIL: This option stores the remaining engine oil at the end of a flight so that it will be the level at the beginning of the next flight (in the particular tail number, unless using a fixed config). Anyway, this is great details! For me it's always not enough consequences for incorrect actions and always not enough environmental impacts on the airplane.
  4. Hi Bertie, Am I correct that this is because of low bleed air flow due to less dense air in such conditions? Could you please point to the source of this limitations? I did'n find any in FCOM. Also I don't know if those limitations are modelled in 747 QOTSII but if I remember correctly I was able to autostart two engines at a time in Quito Ecuador about 9200ft AMSL (in sim of course) . I did this habitually knowing nothing about those limitations.
  5. Bogdan, I've read your post once again and it seems like I not fully understand your issue. Those setting I've mentioned have nothing to do with your issue so it will not help. Sorry.
  6. Hi Bogdan, you could try to play around with this two options in prepar3d.cfg under display section OPAQUE_SHADOW_TEXTURE_SIZE TRANSLUCENT_SHADOW_TEXTURE_SIZE I've set mine to 4096 and 1024 accordingly. This helped me to solve edgy shadows issue. Keep in mind that those settings could hit your performance so you just need some balance.
  7. Hi guys, I've experienced the brake issue as well. I'm using P3D v4.2 with CH Pro pedals. And it seems what helped me is the next steps 1. With P3D closed I plugged off pedals usb cable from PC and plugged in again. 2. Started P3D and deleted both (left and right) brakes axis assignment in Options - Controls - Axis Assignment then OK to close this menu. 3. Opened Options - Controls - Axis Assignment and reassigned brakes left/right with the same axis as before and switched on reverse of the axis. OKed to close menu. This solved my issue and now brakes works just fine during taxi. Parking brake works fine as well. Maybe the first step is not needed, you can try simply reassign both axis.
  8. Hi Ezio, any chance you have FSL A320 installed? I had CTDs upon exit from flight sim but only with PMDG 747 loaded and it was ucrtbase.dll module in the log. If you have FSL A320 installed try to switch off it temporarily from Options - Add-ons menu. For me this solved my issue.
  9. Agreed with you Drumcode. I was also sceptical about SF until I've tried it myself. Unfortunately it's often there is a gap between what you see on screenshots and what you see on your screen during live flight. For me the sky has become much more interesting and more closer to reality. But one thing I'm really missing is the cloud passing effect, hope the will improve it in the future.
  10. Hi, strange but I also see 3.00.8334 in OC and no any updates at the moment.
  11. AirCanada235, thank you so much for this link! Maksim Chumakov
  12. Hm... just noted that I've posted in the wrong place. Sorry. And I've activated my product finally.
  13. Hi, bought 747 v3 today and can't activate it already during 2 hours. Checked everything from my side. No antivirus, disabled embedded windows firewall. I'm browsing precisionmanuals.com successfully. Updated operations center and downloads 747 upgrade but failed to install it, I suppose due to the failed activation. Hosts file in it's default state, no any additional records. I can't ping license.precisionmanual.com, maybe some server side failure on your side? Need your help. Already opened support ticket but it's too long to wait 24-48 hours. Hope someone from dev team will read this message. Maksim Chumakov
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