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  1. Has anyone reported that the links in the daily email do not work and have not for a week? Every link takes you to a "file not found" screen.
  2. Sounds like a GPU related problem, as in your GPU and/or CPU is not powerful enough. List the specs of your computer.
  3. I have been getting them everyday for a week now. Thanks to those that fixed this!
  4. Is this ever going to get fixed? It has been a month and a half since you said they are looking into it.
  5. Regarding #1 above, have you cleaned the inside of your PC in the last three years, your problem with booting into Windows maybe related to how much dust ect. is in the PC. Your HSF may need to be reseated and the thermal paste replaced. If your PC is overclocked the above would apply even more. Maybe your CMOS battery needs replaced and/or you need to clear CMOS and put all of your BIOS settings back in from scratch. Regarding #2-4 above, #5 maybe the cause. I do not think #5 would have anything to do with #1 since your OS drive would not come into play until after you have booted past what you are seeing in #1 and Windows actually starts to load.
  6. If you are willing to reinstall everything from scratch, use Diskpart to clean all your drives, then uplug all drives except your OS drive and install Win7 from scratch. http://www.sevenforums.com/tutorials/91339-ssd-hdd-optimize-windows-reinstallation.html After you get Win7 installed plug your other drives back in. Make sure that you shut the PC off everytime you unplug and plug drives back in. How to use your Win7 install CD to get into Diskpart. http://www.sevenforums.com/tutorials/119713-diskpart-pc-startup.html?ltr=D
  7. This guy did some tests between 2 sticks of ram and 4. Click on "2 vs 4 sticks" at the bottom of the table. http://www.overclock.net/t/1570219/skylake-6700k-memory-tests-speed-vs-latency So with a benchmark you do get better performance with 4 sticks on Skylake. In the real world will the improvement actually be noticable!
  8. No and see this thread http://www.avsim.com/topic/472722-daily-new-files-email/
  9. Some kind of response from Avsim would be nice. It kind of seems that they just want to ignore this thread! It seems to me that if all people were no longer getting the email then there would be a lot more people posting in this thread, but I could be wrong! In the past I have went maybe up to a week with no emails, but they always started up again. This time nothing for two weeks or so, every since the latest update to the servers.
  10. I have not been getting these emails either.
  11. From NickN's FSX Bible. You can get the complete document at the support forums of flight1.com ____________________________________________________________________________ IMPORTANT ADDITIONAL REQUIREMENT: Just after installing FSX with the patches, install the POST SP1 C++ Library 2005 Update Click here: http://code.msdn.microsoft.com/KB961894/Release/ProjectReleases.aspx?ReleaseId=2067 A few lines down the list. You want to download and install: ENU (vcredist_x86.exe) runtime binary, 2682K, uploaded Jan 13 2009 NOTE: Or the one which is right for your OS language ENU= ENGLISH Alternate Link This is a direct download link to the correct 32bit ENGLISH version: http://gex.flight1.net/forumimages/KB961894_VC++_Post_2005_SP1.zip The C++ Library update is needed for aircraft support and is installed with FSX/Acceleration. The link above is to the update which did not ship with Acceleration. You want the 32bit version (x86) not the 64 bit version even if you use a 64bit OS. FSX is a 32bit application and requires the 32bit version of the C++ Library update. IMPORTANT NOTE: After you have applied the Post SP1 2005 C++ Library patch Windows Update will locate the version and update it automatically and correctly. The original update that shipped with FSX/Acceleration has a error in it that the patch above corrects and from there Windows Update under the 'OPTIONAL' updates will offer a update version (VC++ 2010) which is required for many different planes. The more advanced Flight1 aircraft with G1000 use the VC++2010 Library update. When you run Windows Update (as outlined LATER in this outline) be sure to review the OPTIONAL updates and install the ones that are not Microsoft Bloatware such as BING Desktop or toolbars. Many of those optional Windows Updates are very important.
  12. It is in the avsim library, in FSX Utilities look for Autothumbnail v2 - Fix for Windows 7 http://library.avsim.net/index.php?CatID=fsxutil&Sort=Name&ScanMode=0&Page=5 It is not really a fix for Win7, but a exe file for Win7 64b OS. You need to first install the 32b version of ATN and then overwrite the 32b exe with the 64b exe.
  13. For a base setup of NI in FSX you can start here. After you have installed, setup and tested for correct operation and performance in FSX per the link you will just need to change the various settings and test to see what works best for you. http://www.simforums.com/forums/drivers-nv-inspector-fsxcfg-complete-guide_topic36586.html There is a default Prepar3D setup in NI, but I do not use Prepar3D so I do not know if the Nick's base FSX settings will work in P3D. You can use the search function and search in the P3D forum on this site and this forum to see if anyone has posted basic settings for NI.
  14. Did you install any addon airports or other scenery that included traffic.bgl's for those airports/scenery? If so you need to get rid of those traffic.bgl's. A tool is available in the MTX forums that will look for traffic.bgl's and then you know where they are and you can disable them or delete them, your choice.
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