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  1. I have set my snap to panel view as I used to do in fsx, however unlike in fsx I have to hold the selected button down otherwise the view goes back to previous view when I release it, instead of staying on the panel view like it does in fsx. Can some one help with how to set up a snap to panel view so that when I release the button the view stays on the panel please? or I am missing something with the settings. Thanks M
  2. Hi All, The Saitek yoke (and throttle) have not been available on Amazon or anywhere else for a while now. Has anyone out there any idea what the problem is? Is Logitech/Saitek working on upgrades or something like that. Has anyone any info as to when they will be available again. Thanks M
  3. Good Day Many thanks for the replies, have now cracked it but I do not know how. I finished up re installing MS W7 from original disc and xplane 11 demo downloaded and installed without hesitation so I guess it must have been a setting somewhere in the original W7 set up.
  4. Good Day all Having been an msfs flyer for years I decided to have a look at xplane I have downloaded the xplane 11 demo but when I double click the installer exe it opens briefly and then I get the message "xplane 11 installer.exe has stopped working" I can get the xplane9 demo to run but get the above message when I try xplane 10 OR 11. I am running -- asus p8z77 m/b i5 2500 cpu 3.3ghz ram 8gb ddr3 1600 gtx660 o/c 4gb 2x 128 ssd=1x itb hdd Is there anyone out there can tell me why I cannot get the demos for 10 and 11 to install Thanks
  5. Good Day All, I love flying this aircraft but no matter how I set up the cabin pressurization system I keep killing all the pax. Is there anyone out there who can please help me with the set up of the cabin air on this aircraft? I have read all the info I can find on the net but nothing seems to work. Many thanks in anticipation. Mike
  6. Good day All My CH Yoke has started to give me a problem with the throttle, prop and mixture controls. All other axis and buttons working correctly. The T,P and M axis all show as being good and working in the setting, calibration and testing stages but will not move the T,P or M controls of any of the aircraft. I have the CH TQ but I have made sure that non of the TQ axis are interfering with the Yoke. This is ONLY happening with FS9. In FSX all the axis are working fine. Any suggestions as to where to look gratefully accepted please Mike Pilarejo Spain
  7. Good Day All, Will someone please tell me how to gain access to the (attachment=1557:fs9.jpeg) in post number 5 above or, alternatively, advise me on what I should enter into the said "target and start in fields " as mentioned. My fs9 is in F drive and is named fs2004 and my renamed folders will be "fs9config1cfg fs9config2cfg etc. Many thanks for any help Mike Pilarejo Spain
  8. Hi vgbaron, Your last paragraph above,05 May 2016 0458pm refers I fly only fs9 and fsx and don't use FSUIPC. Can you please point me to the info where I can learn the other ways, using config files, batch files and icons. I have the rcbarend info from Oct 2006 but cannot seem to get it to work. He also writes of doing it in fs9 but I have spent hours with the avsim search engine to no avail. I have CH yoke, TQ and pedals. Any help much appreciated Mike
  9. Many thanks for the reply Jim. I will have a look at the youtube but,as I don't use FSUIPC, I don't think it will help me. I will do as you suggest and scroll through the Controllers forum and see if I can find anything. I did do a search before posting but it did not come up with anything. Thanks again Mike
  10. Good Day and a Happy New Year to All Is there a kind soul out there who will help an old codger, with little or no computer knowledge, to set up his controllers for different aircraft using preprogrammed config/cfg files. I have CH Pedals, CH yoke and CH throttle quadrant. My fsx is in drive E\fsx I do know how to modify cfg and xml files using notepad. I have tried the method described by rcbarend back in October 13 2006 in the AVSIM FSX forum but cannot get it to work(it seems that I cannot get the target, in the properties of the shortcut mentioned, accepted) Will someone please please give me the correct method to set up my controllers in an easy to understand way. Thanking someone in anticipation :Praying: Mukiwa El Pilarejo Spain
  11. Hi, Try on "sdmaus.com" kingair forum, they took over after aeroworx let go of the b200. If you have problems getting onto site let me know cheers mukiwa
  12. Hi, I got mine back up and running with-- KB3020369-X64 KB3172605-x64 WindowsUpdateDiagnostic troubleshooting pack Installed in the above order. You may need to go into services and disable windows update to get them to install. Good luck Mukiwa
  13. Hi, Many thanks, that was the problem. Senior moment I guess. Mike
  14. Good day All Have done a search but can find no references for the following. After a couple of years trouble free flying I suddenly find that, no matter what aircraft I load, it has empty fuel tanks. The only recently installed aircraft is the aerosoft a320/321. I am guessing the answer lies in the fsx cfg file but cannot find anything. Has anyone any suggestions please. Thanks Mike
  15. Good day All Have changed from W7 to W10 64 bit and now when I fly FSX and drag gps etc to second monitor I can only use the right hand half of the upper monitor, when not in FSX I can drag to full upper monitor. I have checked monitor drivers, resolutions etc all are ok. Logic says if it works when not in FSX, then it must be FSX causing the problem!!!!! Anyone any suggestions please Mike
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