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  1. Babu

    Aerofly FS2 vs P3D v4.1

    Hello, With native Virtually Reality support out the box, and if you use Aeroflyfs2 simulator with Tpcast wireless HMD for HTC-VIVE, no other simulator is more enjoyable to fly except AeroflyFs2. Best Regards, Aftab
  2. Hello, I installed TPcast wirless virtual reality for HTC-Vive HMD , With Aeroflyfs2 simulator, performance is , as good as with the orginal wired HTC-Vive . Its a great combination. Best Regards, Aftab.
  3. Hello, I have the new vesrion 5.5 of PSX seecontraffic installed, but with previous version 5.4 also , I look at the traffic waiting for take off, and one by one, when there turn came for takeoff roll, the planes disappear, instead of completing the takeoff and following the departure procedures assigned. How to make the planes visible and completing the departure?. thanking you, best regards, aftab
  4. Hello Steve, Great repaints, awaiting download from the library. Thanking You, Best regards, Aftab
  5. Hello Nico, The ICAO.txt file is generated in parked position parked folder, while using the park position generating utlity, the ICAO.txt file is copied to PSXseecon Traffic Parked folder. if I let the ICAO.txt file stay in parked postion generating utlity parked folder, then I don't see any parked traffic in airports. only live traffic is visible. And yes it is the ICAO.txt file and not afcad file, but to generate that I have to point it to the afcad.bgl files in the scenery from where this text file is generated. thanking you, Best regards, Aftab
  6. Hello mark, You have to add parked traffic.txt file, that include afcad information needed to display parked traffic, and copy it into parked sub directory into PSXseecontraffic main directory. Some afcad files are missing in that folder, hence you don't see parked traffic in those locations. Thanking you, best regards. Aftab
  7. Hello, Thanks for the information, posted the log for Nico or henk to take a look. Best Regards, Aftab
  8. Hello, I have attached my log file for Henk to have a look and diagnose where the issue of no live traffic showing is orginating in my configuration. There is no difference if I switch aircraft from F-22 Raptor to any other Aircraft, Live traffic is not displayed and working, even though the program connects with Prepar3d. Thanking you, Best Regards, Aftab.
  9. Hello Henk, Here is the log file as requested: Sun Feb 12 01:09:24 2017 PSXseeconTraffic (32 bit) version 5.0 VERSION_CHECK=1 PERCENTAGE_PARKED=30 4673 liveries read from file AI_liveries.txt 127 unique aircraft types Parsing file SimilarTypes.txt ignored (all aircraft available): A319,A320,A321 ignored (no aircraft available): A330,A331,A332,A334,A335 ignored (no aircraft available): A350,A358,A359 ignored (no aircraft available): B461,B462,B463,RJ1H,RJ70,RJ85 ignored (no aircraft available): DC85,DC86,DC87 ignored (all aircraft available): VC10,IL62 ignored (all aircraft available): DC10,MD11 ignored (all aircraft available): A318,A319,A320,A321 ignored (no aircraft available): A330,A332,A333 ignored (no aircraft available): AC50,AC56,AC68,AC6L,AC72,AC80,AC90,L410,L610,SH36 ignored (no aircraft available): CAT,G21,G44,G73,G73T,U16 ignored (no aircraft available): BIPL,CAML,G164,G64T,PTMS,PTS1,PTS2,PTSS,AN2,ST75 ignored (no aircraft available): DA40,DA42,DIMO,DV20,DG40,DG50,DG60,DG80,DISC,JANU,NIMB,VENT,LS9,GLID,HU1,HU2,PA38,SF24,SF25,G115 ignored (no aircraft available): BL8,BL17,B14A,BE33,BE35,BE36,B36T,J2,J3,J4,J5,PA11,PA12,PA14,PA15,PA16,PA17,PA18,PA20,PA22,SF23,SIRA,P68 ignored (no aircraft available): DHC1,E300,E314,F260,HURI,SPIT,SPT1,P51,PC7,PC9,T34P,T6,TEX2,TUCA ignored (no aircraft available): C120,C140,C150,C152,C170,C172,C175,C177,C180,C182,C185,C188,C190,C195,C205,C206,T206,C207,C208,C210,C72R,C82R,C77R,CMAS,ULAC,P210,T210,TAMP,AAT3 ignored (no aircraft available): M4,M5,M6,M7,M7T,M8,PC6P,PC6T ignored (no aircraft available): M20T,M20P,AC11,SR20,SR22,LEG2 ignored (no aircraft available): P28A,P28B,P28R,P28T,P32R,P32T,P46T,PA24,PA25,PA28,PA32,PA36,PA46,PILL,S108,DR40,TBM7,TOBA,Z42 ignored (no aircraft available): C02T,C04T,C14T,C21T,C303,C310,C320,C340,C402,C404,C41,C411,C414,C42,C421,C425,C441,F406,GA7,T50,TL30 ignored (no aircraft available): C335,C336,C337,P337 ignored (no aircraft available): AEST,PA23,PA27,PA30,PA31,PA34,PA44,PAT4,PAY1,PAY2,PAY3,PAY4 ignored (no aircraft available): S61,S330,S360,S51,S52,S55,S55P,S55T,S58,S58P,S58T,S61R,MH20,A139,S62,S64,S65,S65C,S76,S92,NA40,NH90,OH1,PHIL,PSW4,PUMA,R22,R4,R44,RMOU,RP1,RVAL,SCOR,SCOU,SH4 ignored (no aircraft available): MI10,MI14,MI2,MI24,MI26,MI28,MI34,MI38,MI4,MI6,MI8 ignored (all aircraft available): C130,C160 ignored (no aircraft available): B25,L37 ignored (no aircraft available): GLID,DISC,VENT,DUOD Resulting possible similar aircraft types: Similar=Unknown[ Unknown] A342=A340 A388=A380 A389 B703=B701 B720 K35A K35E K35R E3CF B741=B747 B74D B74R BSCA IL86=IL96 DC6=DC4 DC7 B721=R722 TRID B727 A306=A300 A30B E170=E175 B732=B731 B737=E737 B752=B757 B762=B767 E767 B772=B777 B788=B787 DC91=DC92 DH8A=DH8B MD87=MD80 MD81 MD82 MD83 MD88 B717 CRJ2=CRJ1 CL60 E45X ERJ F28=BA11 GL5T GLEX ASTR CL30=BE40 C25A C25B C500 C501 C525 C526 C550 C551 C560 C56X C650 C680 C750 G150 GALX GLF2 GLF3 GLF4 LJ45 LJ24 LJ31 LJ35 LJ40 LJ55 LJ60 EA50 PRM1 F900 F2TH FA10 FA20 FA7X H25B AT43=AT44 AT45 F60 JS41=JS31 JS32 E120=E110 G159 SB20 SF34 YS11 A748 IL14 ATLA L188 DHC6=DH2T DH3T DHC2 DHC3 D228 B190=B18T B350 BE10 BE18 BE20 BE30 BE50 BE55 BE56 BE58 BE60 B60T BE65 BE70 BE76 BE80 BE88 BE95 BE99 BE9L BE9T B212=A109 A119 A129 ALH ALO2 ALO3 ANST AS32 AS50 AS55 AS65 B06 B06T B105 B209 B214 B222 B230 B305 B407 B412 B427 B430 B47G B47J B47T BABY BK17 BRB2 BSTP CH7 COMU EC20 EC25 EC30 EC35 EC45 EC55 S360 R66 H47=EH10 ELTO EN28 EN48 EXEC EXPL FH11 FREL GAZL GYRO H12T H2 H21 H269 H43A H43B H46 H500 H53S H60 H64 H66 HUCO IS2 JAG2 K126 K226 KA25 KA27 KA50 KA52 KA62 KH4 KMAX LAMA LR2T LYNX M34V M74 MD52 MD60 UH1=SUCO SYCA TIGR UH12 ULTS V500 W3 WASP WESX WG30 A10=A6 AJET CL41 F5 F16 F35 F104 F111 JPRO HAWK MG29 MG31 MIR2 MIR4 MRF1 S3 T38 A124=A225 C5 11 light aircraft liveries, as default Connecting to Flight Simulator ... Waiting for RealTraffic for PSX to connect ... Connected to Lockheed Martin® Prepar3D® v3 RealTrafic for PSX connected Starting SimConnect session and synchronising ... <user aircraft title: Boeing 737-89PNGX CHINA EASTERN B-5756 <model found: B738 User aircraft categorie: Middle user aircraft on ground pos set, detected user aircraft lat/lon position set, latitude: 49.184848, longitude: -123.161729 107 nearby airports 01:09:35 Looking up QNH for airport CYVR 01:09:42 Looking up QNH for airport CYCD 01:09:48 Looking up ready. Warning: Flight Simulator disappeared, PSXseeconTraffic will stop ... Disconnect from RealTraffic Stream Flight Simulator disconnected PSXseeconTraffic exits MAIN_WINDOW_X=0 MAIN_WINDOW_Y=0 Sun Feb 12 01:50:36 2017 Thanking you , Best Regards, Aftab
  10. Hello Nico, Please where is the this particular log file located? Let me know, I will post here. Thanking you, Best Regards, Aftab.
  11. Hello, I have followed all the steps described in the manually to configure these two programs, And managed to configure it successfully to run them, but for some reason on or the other is, Is no communicating to make the live traffic appear in Prepar3d . I'm running this utility on local computer with internet access , and I'm not using this utility in a networked environment. My operating system is windows10 pro anversary update edition. I'm starting Prepar3d, Real Traffic live, PSXseecontraffic in administrative start position. When I start the situation I'm in fsdreamteam cyvr scenery with F22 raptor . My firewall is not blocking any incoming or outgoing connections . There were glitches that were not explained in the manual fully , but I overcome those , like creating a live traffic text file using the generator program with could not detect the traffic program installed on your computer, and you have to manually figure it out, However, I am still not able to get the live traffic to see in Prepar3d. Thanking you, Best Regards, Aftab
  12. Hello, I assume that Real Traffic programs is supposed to work so it can inject and feed data to PSXconnect, before traffic is displayed in Prepar3d. How to make this program to function? Thanking you, Best Regards, Aftab Hello, Psxseecontraffic starts, every configuration is showing green, But on the left display of PSXseecontraffic it says waiting for QNH, I then start Real Traffic, and it doesn't show any traffic in the curlcle only words, "No Traffic ". Thanking you, Best Regards, Aftab
  13. Hello Manny, I don't see any traffic at bottom of the window in real traffic , there is a circle with the words, "No Traffic" in red letters, the other program Psconnet is waiting for QNH from RealTraffic which is not injecting any traffic to feed it and make traffic appear into Prepar3d. Thanking you, Best Regards, Aftab
  14. Hello, I configured The program, I launch the program after starting prepar3d , all items are in free , but, there is a message at bottom of the window that says configuring QNH, and No AI traffic is displayed. I purchased the live traffic program , but it displays a window that shows no traffic in red in a middle of a Circle. The program is not in a demo mode, and it is a purchased version, Yet no traffic is displayed in it hence it cannot inject traffic into psxconect program to display traffic in Prepar3d. Let me know how to configure AI live traffic to display traffic int. Thanking you, Best Regards, Aftab.
  15. Hello, Thanks for the information, will download and install new version now . Best Regards, Aftab