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  1. Good god, I've been looking forward to this since Monday. Extremely excited its finally here. Come on Spectrum internet, download faster! :-)
  2. Well said Mr. Randazzo.
  3. Yes, the WAI light that lights up when I click the primary button (bottom right corner, under the light switch on the main fs2crew pop up panel), stays on. I have tried clicking the DS checklist button before, and the WAI light goes off, but will not let me do anything, and as soon as I unselect the DS button, the WAI light comes back on and the problem continues. This only happens once in a while so its obviously something I'm doing to create this problem, I just wish I knew how to undo it. x( I'll try the flight again and report my results later.
  4. try setting up key commands for the doors. Then fs2crew shouldn't mess with the doors. I also have fspassengers, and it works for me.
  5. I have had a little incident twice now, it involves the approach brief and after. Today, and about a month ago, Once I completed the AP brief, I switch to DS checklist, and the WAI light stays lit, and will not let me initiate any checklist or anything else. It only stops when I reload the aircraft, which is a major hassle since I cannot reload my FMC flight plan in flight. I tried switching my command keys, and they still stay lit. I unplugged my joystick, and it stayed on. I tried minimizing FS, and it stayed on. What is going on here? It sucks, because then the co-pilot just keeps saying "Glide slope" as I approach the runway. Also he says things out of order, like "glide slope" or "localizer" before they're active. Is my version defective? I have downloaded V1.0, V1.1 and V1.2. my PMDG744 is up to date, and I follow the walk through from avsim. Thanks for the assistance.Kevin