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  1. Hi, I've just installed FS2Crew AS Airbus voice version into FSX SE Windows 10. I downloaded and installed the U.S speech recognition from Microsoft and that's working now but I can't hear any voices from the crew. I tried the speaker test but no response either. I tried all speaker options on the drop down and All sound knobs turned up to full but nothing. Any help appreciated. Gerry
  2. Is FS2Crew compatible with FSX SE and Widows 10 ? Thankyou Sorry, I forgot to add. It's for AS Airbus Voice Thanks Gerry
  3. HiIf I can possibly have some help from PMDG support as my posts just seem to get buried without a reply.I have 1 issue with FSX 747. Every airport I have tried so far in autoland is landing approx 50ft to the left of the runway. It's like this all the way down the glide slope. This is only happening with 747. All my other aircraft. LVL-D ETC I have no problem with.In respect of . 747 FS9. 1 issue. I cannot engage STD in 2D but will engage in VC and co-pilot 2d and VC.This has only transpired since installing FS9 bonus update when I purchased 747FSX.I have applied the latest ver of the 747 FSX product.RegardsGerry
  4. I too have this very same issue at EGKK (Gatwick)I only have the issue when flying the PMDG 747 FSX. I'm using UK2000 Gatwick Xtreme but as I said All other aircraft, default or payware line up perfect.RegardsGerry
  5. Fistly,Thankyou for an excellent product for FSX and the update for FS9.I only see one issue in FS9, since installing. In the captains view 2D my STD and pressure re-set buttons don't work. They do in co-pilot's view and work alright in VC, both captain and co-pilots.This happened in the initial release and continues in the newly installed updateAny advice on thisThankyou Gerry
  6. In full sceen mode I'am getting mouse flicker. This happens with all sceneries and aircraft. Is there anyway to resolve this?Any assistance very much appreciated.RegardsGerry
  7. Further to Mr Belvaux of Wilco's last statement to me by email on all onboard systems modelled on the AB1. I have now received this further statement from him.Dear Sir, "We are pleased to inform you that we have taken your comment into consideration and that the corresponding product pages have been amended accordingly. The paragraph will now read as "The exceptional realism of this simulation has been achieved by thorough professionals who recreated -in every details- nearly all of the onboard systems, interiors, sound environments and flight models... Their fine work being then validated by over qualified Airbus Captains and Instructors." Don't hesitate to contact us if you have questions or comments"At least this is something for any future purchasers who will know what they are getting from Wilco.RegardsGerry
  8. I recently contacted Wilco to inform them that I had reported them to the EU trading standards commission that they where advertising full onboard systems in their AB1 product. I received a reply from Mr Belvaux of Wilco. Below is part of this reply."We apologise if our marketing is going a bit too far by saying that "All onboard systems are modelled" but everyone knows that marketing is always one foot too far compared to applications actual functionalities"Amazing.Gerry
  9. >Unfortunately Wilco just slapped the door in every customer>face. It's a shame that a "add-on" company like this, took the>decision to close the only way to get in touch with their>customers in a personalized way. >>I'll never buy another Wilco/Feelthere Product again, BTW>Airliner XP Rules, cannot wait to get that sim in my hands!>>Sorry for Victor and Eric, but that's the way it is!>>RobertoThere is no way that I feel sorry for anyone at Feelthere. It is my opinion, that they are in full support of this Airbus forum lockup.Woolco and Feelthere are a disgrace to the flightsim community.They will never have another penny of my cash. I mean, what company locks their support forum when they have another product due for release. absolutely Nuts!!Gerry
  10. I also have the FS9 version. D/L the 7 day trial for the new FSX version. I can confirm that this version does produce visible AI in free flight I have not checked out the multiplayer yet. Reduce your traffic in FSX to 0 and in the options menu in VOX ATC increase the traffic percentage. You will have visible AI that are controlled by VOX ATC and all liveried.Hope this helpsGerry
  11. Thanks Guys for the info.I think I have gave this FSX a good chance. Now's the time for me to bin it. It does not have a patch(pardon the pun)on FS9 with all my aircraft,scenery and no hassle about performance. M.S, in my opinion have shot themselves in the foot but don't want to admit to it.Cheers GuysGerry
  12. Unfortunately for us in the UK the avarage price at the moment for FSX standard is nearly $80 and the deluxe is nearly $100. Gerry
  13. So I take it then that in it's present form. what you see is normal night textures?Gerry
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