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  1. Hi Bryan, Thanks bud, that sorted it Cheers Gerry
  2. Hi, I've just installed FS2Crew AS Airbus voice version into FSX SE Windows 10. I downloaded and installed the U.S speech recognition from Microsoft and that's working now but I can't hear any voices from the crew. I tried the speaker test but no response either. I tried all speaker options on the drop down and All sound knobs turned up to full but nothing. Any help appreciated. Gerry
  3. Gerabus

    FSX SE and Windows 10

    Great, Thankyou Gerry
  4. Is FS2Crew compatible with FSX SE and Widows 10 ? Thankyou Sorry, I forgot to add. It's for AS Airbus Voice Thanks Gerry
  5. Gerabus

    FS2C Airbus Voice FSX and P3D

    Hi Bryan, thankyou for the update that solved my problems. thanks again Gerry
  6. Gerabus

    FS2C Airbus Voice FSX and P3D

    Hi Bryan, I've sent it to you via a ticket Gerry
  7. Gerabus

    FS2C Airbus Voice FSX and P3D

    I'm Using FS2C the flight program, this reply won't let me add my screenie Gerry
  8. Gerabus

    FS2C Airbus Voice FSX and P3D

    Hi Bryan, I'm using FSX original and P3D Gerry
  9. I've just updated AS airbuses to version 1.30. I can't reinstall FS2C voice as I keep getting the error The AS airbus x host does not appear to be installed. I've tried activating via the AS configs but no change. any help appreciated thank you Gerry
  10. Anyone give me help. I'm trying to setup Linda 1.13 for the PMDG 737NGX for my VRinsight MCP Combo panel version 1. I've installed Linda, assigned my Serial FP2 Com Port 3. It's asking for me to add the line [VRInsight] 1=Com3 To FSUIPC ini file Which I've added to the only file I can see in the modules which is the FSUIPC config file assuming that's the right one ? Where do I go from here FSUIPC and Linda are not picking up the com port. Any idea what I'm doing wrong. Any help appreciated. Thanks Gerry
  11. I have updated my OC and I've lost my 737NGX Liveries manager also. I've deleted the updates from my OC as I don't need them as I will not be using FSX SE but they keep coming back asking me to install these updates.
  12. Thank you for the info. RIP EDS. A couple of years back I lost my beloved QOS 747-400. Yes, I did have it backed up on an external drive but then that crashed as well. Since then I've had to live without it as yes I didn't take the EDS. Will it then now be possible now to have a re-download of the Queen. Thank you in advance Respectfully Gerry Salen
  13. I've Purchased FS2Crew Special edition Set voice and button for AirbusX and Raas. Can I use my Licence for this in Prepare3d? will it work in Prepare3d? Thankyou Gerry