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  1. Two solutions: 1. Hit Pause. Jack time compression up past 4X and all AI disappears. Set time back to normal. Unpause, problem solved! 2. VRS Tacpack. Make sure your aircraft has cannon. The instant the jerk in front bursts into flames ATC calmly clears you for landing. Efficient, they are.
  2. Is airframe and engine iceing caused by sim weather temp/precip or does it obey the "Icing" in advanced weather? For instance, window fog is dependent on temp/dew point.
  3. I keep coming back to the Maddog because: 1.it has lights at night with dynamic lights off. 2. I can crank time compression up to 64x and everything works, just really fast. Yes, it tracks VORs and all that. I just wanted to say thanks and point out these awesome features. I zip at 64x between VOR's, so I can cram bigger FS flights in less real time.
  4. I had it happen again during time compression. But this time as the center tank counted down to zero I watched the fuel temp, it was 20 for both. For some reason it was a really hot day, ground temp was 41? Anyway, the SAT was 8 I believe. Those are positive numbers. At 29000 feet? Still, everything went out.
  5. I had this happen. I think it happened right when my center tanks emptied. I was on time compression and missed it. I also got a fuel filter strainer message? Fortunately I drifted down and got the APU up followed by both engines. I could imagine being on that flight ....
  6. Better yet, the marker will be flooded with used 1080ti's. Of course, they may have been overclocked and damaged. But at $10 a pop just buy several. :) Well, I had stopped at P3D 2.X and finally jumped to 4.0. It's a blast to realize the sim is doing something I never knew about.
  7. I'm sure everyone knows about this but I thought it was soooo cool. The East Coast is having severe winds right now, so I figured it was a great time to go flying. You can imagine my surprise when landing the TREES were blowing in the wind!! Sorry I'd no idea this was in 4.2 and you can imagine the surprise!
  8. I think BWI has a SPLAT transition or intersection. Uh, phrasing?
  9. My Trash 80 was overclocked to 5.31 Mhz. That's 3 times the original clock rate. Bet you can't do that with your fancy PC nowadays.
  10. Are they going to implement Beta mode like the Majestic? Does it even work that way? The J41made an impression on me too back in the late 90's from New York to BWI. One of Rob's flights??? I think I determined it was his company already. I was so impressed with the plane I looked up it's name in the info card and the J41 has been in my heart since. Tim Dobrowolsky
  11. Yeah I was looking for this last night. I finally just put the flood up higher. I even checked real docs on the plane but nothing differentiated between "flood" and "center instrutment panel". Cool, thanks!
  12. I actually bought a separate Windows license and have Windows,FSX/ACC, p3d 2.5 and p3d 4.0 on it's own 500GB ssd. The reasoning is FSX used to be so sensitive to patches and drivers I wanted to be able to image and restore the partition if necessary. Also, if Call of Duty 45 needed the Nvidia Xplode platform with 4D temporal imaging IN YOUR FACE technology, I could upgrade it without FSX being reduced to 1x1 1 bit depth.
  13. Looks good. I miss the MD-11. But I'll wait until a P3D v4 version is ready.
  14. P3D v4 is, to use the old phrase, the patch that adds the fun. :) I've been simming again like I just found FS. The performance nightmares really had me down, I see in hindsight.
  15. PMDG uses alot of VAS because of the detail. To fly the 777 without stutters or fear of ding I have a config with almost everything to the left (except scenery, i need to see airport buildings), textures 1024 and just a little antialiasing. I get 24fps which holds even if I place the aircraft at KJFK.
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