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  1. The NEO is the latest and the most refined, although I have the 319 too and it's pretty much the same, but I recall some improvements. I do all my flying with the NEO.
  2. I have the Xbox store version too. It's erased itself multiple times. I think all the tinkering I do triggers a "configuration has changed too much". I've seriously considered buying it on Steam to see if that's better. Also, Steam lets you back up the content. Which worked for all the other games last time I exploded my games disk. Even a disk level backup won't save MSFS. Once the store has decided you've exceeded a DRM limit it's done. I think it actually removes the files too.
  3. I have both the Fenix and Toliss A320neo. The Toliss is an excellent product and you won't be disappointed it. It's very simmer friendly with waypoint warp and panel states. My main issue with the Fenix is no pause, no warp, only 2X time compression. Otherwise, there are no features I miss in the Fenix.
  4. For my kind of flying XPlane is a wonderful find. I tried it cause I saw "Mentour Pilot" videos with a 727. A 727?! Yes! Now I'm shelling out cash for addons. None of them have disappointed me like that Fenix A320. That was the end of my MSFS buying. It's also nice to know ithe weather for the destination airport and actually get that weather. The planes inside and out look "different" but I can handle it. Scenery MSFS wins hands down. The main thing is the weather. MSFS is boring oh look runway land runway land runway land day in and day out. Weather is a real challenge in XPlane. It makes the landings interesting with much more realistic visibility and cross wind. Oh runway condition? Better be ready. Hehe icing.
  5. Uh, guys, I got it anyway. Yes there doesn't seem to be an efficient skip ahead feature. But who cares? It must be one of the most awesome addons I've ever seen. It also has alot of little things streamlined so you get to do the actions without the um, "realism" (time wasting). For instance, INS setup,loading and perf calcs. I find the startup from cold very straightforward. My first flight was perfect except I was stymied by the ESS power for a bit. Mind you, I learned all this in the RFP in FS 2004. Yes I'm bragging. 🙂 But none of the RFP bugs lol. It needs some kind of skip ahead so you can enjoy fuel operations without spending 8 hours at the computer. I haven't used the center tank yet which is a bummer.
  6. Ah, thanks for your replies but I did find another post where Felis himself says he has other priorities first before new features. But I'm going to keep an eye on this plane.
  7. I'm thinking about getting the Felis 747. My only question is does it a nice way to time skip? For instance, the Tolissi have a next waypoint skip that is excellent. I looked at some reviews but there's no mention about this feature or lack thereof. Thanks!
  8. All my life I played the MS sims. A few days ago I saw Mentour Pilot doing a crash presentation on a 727. I was like, 727!?! WHAR? And now I'm on Xplane. BTW the jflysim 727 didn't work on XP12 so I got XP11 too. Which worked out, because both have different planes but the sims aren't very different. The Toliss A319 is as gigggity as the PSS A319 was 23 years ago. The main things: the flying of course. The dumb ATC vectored me to land on RW28 in TNCM so I had to intervene for my aircraft's safety. The way I held the nose up while putting down flaps and losing speed felt so natural. I did this to swoop in from over the mountain in front of 28. Proper PAUSE! Let's all PAUSE for a moment to reflect this ....
  9. I can attest the Toliss A319's save feature works. Except when the pushback cart rolled my plane over. Saving the game and reloading it I was still on my tail. 🙂
  10. I bought it through the MS store and it's died a couple of times. Once was my local setup and once was XBox Live (or whatever actually is used). I've had to get MS support to help me fix it. I'd have gone with the steam version had I known it existed. Most instructions I've seen online pertain to the Steam setup paths, this has caused me some problems. So I'd say Steam it. In fact,if the MS store acts up again I may just eat the $$$ and get it on Steam.
  11. SKCL. Corsica is good, don't know the code. Great idea: Look up accidents involving CFIT. There's your flight. Fly by hand with minimum visibility at night.
  12. I've found only the Maddog does it right. The PMDG 737 and Fenix A320 end off on the ground after a "Travel To". Hmmm, 737 update, I should test again.
  13. My preferred version of this would be "Travel To" but interrupted if there is a failure or fuel needs management. Also, the wear and tear of the miles would be counted. Nothing like forgetting to service your aircraft!
  14. I realize you are talking about me, but I'm at a loss as to what is going on here. I'll put it this way: if I had known about these missing features I wouldn't have bought the plane. Ok, I'm fairly certain you are trying to insult me, but I'm glad for all the things competing for my time.
  15. This is intriguing. You can have a full flight in 1-1:30 hrs without time compression or multiple 1.5 hr segments without saving? So preflight 30 minutes + climb 30 minutes + 0 cruise + 30 minutes descent? That leaves 0 for cruise? Although for the Fenix I could skip the pre-flight by starting on the runway. I think. Does that work?
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