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  1. I use AMD, not sure what I should set it to. Thanks
  2. Anyone know what may be causing this? Occurs at lots of both freeware and payware ports. Thanks!
  3. I did not hear back on the Court Line BAC One Eleven repaints. It's so slow anyway I'd rather fly my Court L1011 out of Luton, which is more iconic to me.

    1. Gimala


      My apologies - I didn't end up picking up the 1-11 so no worries - thanks anyway!

  4. Will do. attempted with ade, but failed 😞
  5. Yes, this is the first time I am having this issue, it's also at the top of my scenery.
  6. Apologies, also have OpenLC NA. Yep, no avail.
  7. Running v5 Any ideas on how to fix? Have Orbx global. Thanks
  8. Does anyone have a mod for GSX and to add the new runway to Technobrain? Have it but it is default scenery 😞 Thanks
  9. Nope, was happily sitting at less than 3 GB - was wondering if that was the cause.
  10. Hi all, Just had an issue with SBGL 2020. Coming in the PMDG 77W, started crashing on approach. Removed the custom ground poly as in the guide: And it stopped crashing. However, lost a lot of FPS. Any ideas why this is happening? Is there a fix I can do to stop the crashing? Would like to do a few more flights there but the FPS is terrible with the custom ground poly disabled. Cheers!
  11. Yep that was it - removed the photoscnery and then mucked about in ADE with it. Cheers 😄
  12. Using this scenery and flatten: https://flyavagroup.org/index.php/website/download_category/61 Now that I have used it, there is barely any autogen - none on the approach. Before, there was tons. Any ideas? Thanks
  13. Using your edits in v5 and loving it. Just have a few questions. Assume there is no way to get fuel on the FE panel showing in KG? Is there a Simbrief profile for the aircraft out there? The default one seems to dramatically underestimate the amount of fuel needed. I've seen some videos where the GPS button on the MCP reads LNAV instead - how do you do this? Thank you!
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