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  1. wedgantilles

    New PC and tactic for PMDG universal backup

    First thing first if you do not plan on using the old PC at all. Load each planes (either the base or an extansion one) and then go in the FMC to deactivate the licence you only need to do eat on one of each aircraft type, for example disabling in the 737-800 disables also the 737-600/-700 exapansion. Personnally I've not backed up anything more than my installs, but it's true you could keep the PMDG folder that keeps tracks of the hours and ini files as well as options for each type more specifically the PMDG 737 NGX, PMDG 777X and PMDG 747 QOTS II folders. The Flightplans folder could be usefull but the rest will be installed with the installers anyway. There are still some DLLs there so I would not backup the whole folder just in case.
  2. wedgantilles

    PMDG and P3D v4.4

    yeah but LM is american so it's 28th in the US obviously, and I4d still be careful as FSElite in their exclusive article talks about a "planned" date meaning it could still be not ready tomorrow for any reason.
  3. wedgantilles

    PMDG and P3D v4.4

    As far as I understood PBR as generally used in games, there is a bit more than just a PBR texture, usually you would need to work on the model as well. Not all surfaces will have the same properties. there are different type of parts on the model which behave differently the fuselage, will probably not interact with light the same way as say the landing gear. So I think it's quite somework to make it happen. I don't know if they'll do it, but I'm not expecting it as it's not just a quick thing to do.
  4. wedgantilles

    Computer Specifications and Resulting Performance

    The most important things is really still the processor speed as far as I know so the B configuration will give you the best results most likely. Though I would be careful with laptops as they always tend to slowdown after sometime, and if thermal dissipation is not good enough the CPU will reduce it's speed to avoid overheating. So waht really is important I think is to have one from a good brand that has a good heat exhaust system, if possible one that can be easily removed/cleaned. But I'm not sure either can sustain a 30FPS constant it's just too depending on many factors, such as resolution, sim settings, as well as other criteria. But with that money if you can build yourself a destop computer you would have really much much better performances, you can probably throw a 9900K with good waterblock and a 2080.
  5. wedgantilles

    Defrag SSD

    I just checked a bit their doc and basically all they'll do is doing the Trim command 🙂
  6. wedgantilles

    Defrag SSD

    Non sense. SSD don't need defrag even if they have a so called SSD defrag that's just marketing to get more money and make it look like they are still needed. You can't put data closeby together for the head to read as there is no head at all. Stay away from this kind of things.
  7. That is actually a bad advice. I cannot check right now as I'm on a business trip, but as far as I remember to use it on two computers you should still ask PMDG through support before it anyway. And second if he gets rid of his old computer then the licence would remain linked to him forever so it's better to deactivate. And to answer the initial question if you plan on getting rid of your old rig (formmating the disk and all) just deactivate and do not lose time in uninstalling which is not worth it 🙂
  8. wedgantilles

    [06OCT18] Livery Painters are a dime a dozen...

    Wish I could have said yes 🙂 I've painted but only very recently and just a couple of liveries for a small french VA and I'm definitely not on the same level as those who seems to do it daily. It's just so hard to make it perfect between the flat 2D texture and the results obtained on the 3D models, chasing pixels that are out of places. I've done it once but I'm really not ready to do that kind of work a lot. I'm not an artist which does not help at all 😛 But I think it's a great idea to give those guys a shouthout for providing us those beautiful liveries ! 😄 I'm sure htey'll have fun 🙂
  9. wedgantilles

    seatbelts on ? / Off ?

    I can confirm it was still there on my flight after update. at first I thought I had done something wrong. But it's not the case as far as I can see 🙂 Take your time in fixing it of course it's a bother but it's definitely not such a big issue at least for me. I can live with it for some times.
  10. wedgantilles

    Little suggestion for Navigraph login window

    I'll contact them eventually after checking the right click if at some point I need to login again. I asked here because I felt it might have been the window encapsulating the browser page that would have been making this restriction. As it is not the case I know I can contact them later. But it's really minor anyway 🙂
  11. Hey, First congratulations for the release it all works good I just have a verry little "complaint" about the navigraph login window. Would it be possible to make at least the password field to support pasting ? I'm using a password manager with specific password for each website and it's not very practical to reenter a complex password when you cannot have it displayed side by side and that the focus is lost on alt tabbing 🙂 It's a very very little thing which is why I post it here and not making a ticket or anything as that really should just happen once in a while 😉 Now I'ml gonna fly this nice aircraft 😄 Cheers!
  12. wedgantilles

    [22SEP18] PMDG 747-400 QOTSII: Major Update Released

    ahah nice teasing, he must have been fun seeing the refresh of that page 🙂
  13. wedgantilles

    [22SEP18] PMDG 747-400 QOTSII: Major Update Released

    I've checked a little and the link I get for downloading gets me to a US based server amazonaws so I guess that's the reason download is slow for me, as it's definitely not a very close one.
  14. wedgantilles

    [22SEP18] PMDG 747-400 QOTSII: Major Update Released

    The post say to uninstall so probably better to not keep anything. Or keep those on the side for later if working fine.
  15. wedgantilles

    [22SEP18] PMDG 747-400 QOTSII: Major Update Released

    Downloading but as some other the speed is really very very slow. about 5/600KB/s with the fiber connection I have that's slow if I was on ADSL that would be great 😛 Either too many people or the servers are not yet in boost mode for the releas, or not yet replicated on CDN servers around the world.