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  1. wedgantilles

    "Beta-Tester-Videos" are not allowed yet?

    Because they are beta testing, even if they are allowed to show the aircraft, the whole point is checkign things again and again, not to make a video which is definitely not their focus. And if they make a video and there is some kind of bugs the whole point is to report the bugs to PMDG, not to show them to us 😉
  2. wedgantilles

    Any Update on New PMDG Forums?

    I'm not worrying too much, there is a whole lot of forums commercial and not commercial one.
  3. wedgantilles

    747 PMDG crashed after 1 hour flight

    Hello. It ill be very difficult to help you with that. There should be another eventvwr log that provides more information like what caused the crash. In this one there is no such thing. But the real question is to know if that happens consistantly or if it just happen once. If you use other addons if it happens with them as well or not. And normally the best place if that's happening constantly would be to submit a ticket to PMDG support if you're sure it comes from the PMDG product 🙂 It's on their website.
  4. wedgantilles

    pmdg748 News

    The latest was on the FSExpo presentation that it should go into Beta on that monday, since then there has been no formal update so we cannot be sure it is actually in beta for all we know they could have met some last minute issue or anything like that seeing how many new stuff there are in the 747-8
  5. wedgantilles

    [13JUN18] XPlane User Updates

    Would be really nice to have more products from you on X-Plane and finally to be able to fly completely the DC-6 in X-Plane 11, as it's already working, but from my small test flight just the pressurization but most importantly the gauge reflection that went bad. It did not feel like anything else was not working, but obviously there might be more stuff than meet the eye 🙂 Really looking forward to it 🙂
  6. wedgantilles

    PMDG Announced Global Flight Operations at FSE 2018

    Definitely not, they have already announced the NG3. So we know already what they will do after the 747-8, as well as the P3Dv4 version of the JS41. They are just one team making one product at a time.
  7. wedgantilles

    PMDG Announced Global Flight Operations at FSE 2018

    Well that sounds like an interesting piece of software. Can't really get the complaints and even why people ever thought it would be an aircraft ever since the announcement, which was the possibility that was the less likely (unless going to another platform), simply by adding the things we new that the NG3 was already officialy announced as a project (with a probable but only teased 737 MAX), and the pre announcement talking of a new product. Any kind of new aircraft could not have fit in. Now I honestly I'm not sure it would be usefull for solo user like I am, although I'd need a bit more than the little things that were written to really know. As I'm not managing a fleet or anything, but that looks like something very interesting for flying/working with Virtual Airlines. The only thing for me is I did not find a VA that I could fit well, just the usual you must not use time acceleration rule is always a bother to me. Because in the end nobody really flies long haul being 100% there in front of their screen, I'm sure lot uses TOD and go to sleep and things like that. And it's not really an issue to me, but there should be more freedom. If the issue is with the rankings and all they are able to count the real time spent flying against the sim time obviously. But well that's another story. It sure looks like an interesting product in any case 🙂
  8. wedgantilles

    Livestream of RSR's Talk at FSExpo?

    Apparently FSElite should be streaming the presentation live :
  9. wedgantilles

    Cabin Announcements in PMDG's Aircrafts

    I think there are indications for this. Depends on the aircraft as well. Also somehow the difference is in real life the pilots are not responsible for opening/closing the doors, they can only check on a synoptic (747/777) or indicator lights (737). I think in any case you would start in all cases getting some warning when reaching about 10 000 feets as the cabin altitude warning would most likely start 😉
  10. wedgantilles

    Cabin Announcements in PMDG's Aircrafts

    Honestly. I think it's of very little interest to have such things, as they are apparently not heard in the cockpit in the first place or very muted, in the FSLabs you need to turn the PA volume to hear them. In the QW787 they play nonetheless but it's probably not that way in reality. Also it's very little in the A320 as I think it's only the Safety briefing if I remember correctly. QW has other stuff but it can be weird like the captain making the announcement at cruise altitude expecting a smooth trip, while you know there will be thunderstorms or severe weather that could rock the plane 🙂 I think the best is what is done right now with FS2crew which adds the virtual copilot as well as some crew coming in to say the cabin is ready, or to provide loadsheet which are actually the stuff that really happen 🙂
  11. wedgantilles

    PMDG Engine failure caused by low oil pressure

    Two things come to my mind, as said by Mark, it could be a service based failure if you activated those, though I would be surprised it would take out both of your engines, as I think having one both oil quantity low at the very same moment is pretty unlikely. But then again the FMC should have allowed to refill or check if there were any kind of failures at that time. The second is FS Passenger, I've not flown with it from a long time, but as far as I can remember, it could also generate random failures, with a predefined percentage of occurences when you create the company I believe. So it's also very possible FS Passenger could have itself triggered the malfunction as it would probably play with normal system in FSX it could have translated in something more serious in PMDG, but that's only a guess, and if you have set no failures in FS PAssengers then it would most likely be the previous item.
  12. wedgantilles

    DC6, X-Plane VR and AFE

    Hello Craig, That's acutally quite easy though I've not tried it. Check the Introduction manual page 57 of the PDF (number 58 from the text). You can go into X-Plane Keyboard section of the settings or with your controller choose to edit a button, and find PMDG DC-6 in the controls list and you should find an AI category which relates to the AFE.
  13. I'm really not sure of what you're doing, but if you control axises with your phone and all, I would not see why the 747-8v3 would not work the same way as the 744 v3, as after all it's not that different. But I really don't see how you control things with your smartphone, never heard someone flying the simulator with their Smartphone :) But in the end I'd say you really should invest in a good HOTAS at the very least to make it much more enjoyable, rudder is optional but really make the experience even better.
  14. wedgantilles

    Upgrade for P3D from FSX?

    That is not as simple, addons developed using the SDK to create dll for their products and were made for 32 bits version simply won't run in v4 as it is 64 bits. That's simple. For more simple addons there might be some that will work in aircraft, but also sceneries might work directly or have simply updated installers, because those things that are visuals only are impacted by the change to 64 bits. The biggest changes are the thing linked to the Dynamic Lighting but it's a small part and does not render older scenery unusable.
  15. wedgantilles

    Upgrade for P3D from FSX?

    FSX and P3D are separate products sot there is no way to upgrade or get the licence at the reduce price. Just go to Prepar3D website and purchase the licence that apply to you. Don't go to P3Dv3, unless there is something specific that you need for this verion, the v4 is thelatest one, and there is no upgrade of licence between P3D versions either. Finally just remember when doing the switch that some addons like PMDG requires a full price or at least an upgrade price to work on the P3Dv4 simulator, don't think that all you have in FSX SE wil work directly with P3Dv4 (or v3) directly, that is absolutely not the general case. Only a few things can probably transfer directly. So making the switch you need to be aware of this ;)