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  1. Upgrade for P3D from FSX?

    That is not as simple, addons developed using the SDK to create dll for their products and were made for 32 bits version simply won't run in v4 as it is 64 bits. That's simple. For more simple addons there might be some that will work in aircraft, but also sceneries might work directly or have simply updated installers, because those things that are visuals only are impacted by the change to 64 bits. The biggest changes are the thing linked to the Dynamic Lighting but it's a small part and does not render older scenery unusable.
  2. Upgrade for P3D from FSX?

    FSX and P3D are separate products sot there is no way to upgrade or get the licence at the reduce price. Just go to Prepar3D website and purchase the licence that apply to you. Don't go to P3Dv3, unless there is something specific that you need for this verion, the v4 is thelatest one, and there is no upgrade of licence between P3D versions either. Finally just remember when doing the switch that some addons like PMDG requires a full price or at least an upgrade price to work on the P3Dv4 simulator, don't think that all you have in FSX SE wil work directly with P3Dv4 (or v3) directly, that is absolutely not the general case. Only a few things can probably transfer directly. So making the switch you need to be aware of this ;)
  3. PMDG for DTG's Flight Sim World

    There is very little addons and surely nothing big as PMDG. But for all we know there might be some agreement and that all could come later. I don't see why PMDG would not go there if it was making sense both economically, and in working with DTG. But nonetheless I think the platform is just not a success from the numbers of steamspy, it clearly did not catach the attention they expected, and the very bad handling of the third party issue at the early access stage might have played a role in that.
  4. PMDG moving to own forum platform

    There can be a lot of reasons :) And for me no matter the reason that's the company decision and I will follow :)
  5. PMDG for DTG's Flight Sim World

    There is more to it than the SDK and than what we can see. Surprisingly they are referencing an EULA which is just generatic to all DTG Games, and says nothing about third party creators. I would not say that there is no problem to sell DLC in not steam market, and the issue was more to be forced to sell them on Steam as well as on other other platforms, and not being able to change price on both. So the real question is if there will be a market for this and what are the limitations between DTG and PMDG, which will decide on what will come. According to Steamspy there are only a bit less than 50 thousands owners, of which only about 2 thousands used it in the last two weeks. To compare Flight Simulator X Steam Edition stats shows almost 1 million owners of which about 90 thousands used it in the last two weeks. A simple way to see clearly that it has not reached it's target, they also made in my opinion some completely dumb decisions in communication. As an example there was this issue with PMDG when robert explained why they were not going there. Instead of clarifying their position, they remained very opaque, and never addressed the issue. They also went as to say that FSUIPC was useless or something like that, which clearly see how much they care about the simulator, as FSUIPC is just a huge bit of programming that allowed so many great things for developers and users alike. So with this data it's probably not interesting right now to invest in it, as also porbably only a very small part of owners would really be interested in learning those complex aircraft. I think a big part of those are just using it for fun, more than for simulating. But who knows things could change in the future.
  6. PMDG and X-PLANE

    I hope there will be an update to the DC6 for XP at least as it don't work perfectly with XP11, some textures are improper specially on the gauges (maybe the rflection) and so on. Although it's still flyable ;)
  7. Actually I think it has more to do with the engine than 32 bits or 64 bits on this case. If the performance was an issue simply going 64 bits just don't improve performance it "only" allows for more memory to be used by the programs. Just switching 32 to 64 bits don't change a single thing in terms of performances, or ever so slightly. It's really something the guy at Lockheed Martin have done to make it possible with good performances.
  8. Thanks @swood721 and @skelsey for your very interesting answers.
  9. Well that is very interesting to read those tiny bits "hidden". I'm sure I've not really seen anything of that magnitude simply because I'm not a captain at all, and just like the reviewer you talk about :) I'm just curious about this fact not as much in the sim than in the real world. As you underline it can have a significant impact on the aircraft flying near maximum range. Does this mean there are some kind of readings available when you refuel the aircraft, that the captain or the flight planner can use to plan the fuel quantity properly ?
  10. [21DEC17] A quick wander through a few reflections...

    Happy hollidays to all the team and fellow PMDG user's :) 2017 was great and for sure 2018 will be as well, as we continue to have our addons better and better. Cheers!
  11. Anyone want to try your PMDG skills in 777 simulator

    I wish I could try after PMDG. I did it once in Amsterdam on a 737 sim, unfortunately it was before the PMDG 737 was release, though I had purchased in advance the Full 737 documentation set printed by PMDG in top quality, and had gone through it so I was really not lost, and it went actually quite well even though I had 0 experience at all :) But for sure the PMDg products are a really good trainer. The things I recall always the most except the obivous realism of the real cockpit/systems as well as movement, is really the weight of the yoke. I don't know for any other Boeing aircraft than the 737 but it sure felt heavy after the four hour time in the sim I sure had my arms a bit stiff, as obviously I flew a lot manually as spending time there with the autopilot would not be as interesting :D Anyway I sure think that for any one that can have the chance to have a ride in one of these that it's really a great experience :)
  12. I'm not sure but I would say they probably don't really know either at Lockheed Martin and PMDG. Though I can tell you that the general process is that they have a big patch day each months the "patch tuesday", and that usually it's around the middle of the month, so there might be Windows updates releasing tomorrow, but no way of knowing what will be inside. Usually Microsoft now almost never make patch avaialble on a daily basis unless they have to fix a really critical bug.
  13. OpsCenter in P3D V4.1??

    It could be the shortcut is missing. If I'm correct it should be installed in your c:\Program Files (x86\ probably under a PMDG menu. I unfrotunately cannot check while at work that it is the correct location but try to have a look there after install. I'm sure other will provide a perfect directory location.
  14. Flight 1 GTN 750

    Well I'm not really sure. But I would say the DC-6 might be the only one really having a use of this kind of addons. But I'd say if you have issue with it on the right hand cursor you should probably check in with PMDG support :) All other currently available aircrafts are coming with all that is needed and so don't have any need for such an addon.
  15. Well that's a good thing to know, hopefully I'm on a Pro Windows 10 so updates are on hold until further notice from PMDG :) Hopefully if there are any security updates I can apply them manually to stay safe in the time it takes for the issue to be sorted.