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  1. 1. Not usefull what's the point of updating the model if it has no impact on performances, fuel consumption and all, I believe if they were to make it that would not be just an aesthetical update. That being said the 737 is now an old product I'm not sure it's worth going back to it add one option like this and not make other updates, maybe the Max version for example. Or maybe there would be a 737NG v3 who knows. 2. Did you check the AVSIM files, because there seem to be a lot of repaints available for PMDG so it might already be there.
  2. Let them do their work. They have made the DC6 which you can already enjoy in X-Plane since more than a year, they have just ported it to FSX/P3D and there should be some maintenance update going back to the XP version at somepoint. Then they are on their plan which they explaine quite ssometime ago that after this product made for XP first and then for FS/P3D they would do anbother product for FS/P3D first that would then get ported to XP. After which they will be able to have a good knowledge on what's the best way to have the same addons on both simulators. So it's not usefull to demand or ask, they have already their process for this. Unless something has changed. When there is some news on that front they'll tell us :)
  3. Well they did gave information not so long ago if you read the pinned post Robert's made in the last couple of weeks. On July 23th the latest information was : So it's progressing along well and is approaching beta testing, meaning there will still be quite sometime before it get's released. We probably will have information once the beta testing actually starts. I don't think there is anything worth to be added by PMDG before that.
  4. I'm lucky enough to have a good job that allow me to spare a good amount of money each month, so with a good reserve it's no big deal, and then I just spare as usual and the "hole" will be filled quite quickly.
  5. Hahah not so much a beating :) Imagine mine after I actually purchased the P3D version of the 737NG and expension, 777-200LR and extension and 747-400 all at once once they started getting available. Was meant also to avoid a bit of the transaction fee as I'm not in the US :)
  6. You can probably speed up things for deactivating by turing down all P3D settings. As I suppose you're about to remove P3D for your system.
  7. I think it completely depends on carrier. as an Example with Air France in my country, there are 4 classes (Premiere/Business/Premium/Economy), and even on the same varient 777-300ER they have 4 configurations : 296, 322, 381, 468. You can have a look at it has details cabin plans for a lot of airlines and aircraft type
  8. Well I guess it's all down to if the SDK provide access to this information, which I think it don't, I believe tehre is button event to click on the buttons, but I'm not sure there is something to read that. But I don't think there is anything for this. Why not taking a simpler approach by entering a ZFW and Fuel values, the maximum for these values do not change so you can have on your side the maximums predefined in your acars system. Because in the end the numbers of passengers I believe would not really matter if you computer a PAX/Baggage weight and then turn it into ZFW maybe the CDU won't show the same number of passenger as you, but I don't think it's important, as it's only the weight that matters for flight performances.
  9. Great news, well updates on their way :) Really looking forward the 747-8 ad the X-Plane update it would be specially good to have the state buttons like I've seen on the FSX/P3D DC6 but also if that is possible mouse wheel support for the autopilot trim, I regularly have the issue of thinking to make a small change and it does a huge change which makes it a big descent/climb rate and quite hard to get back to the correct rate of descent, or at least takes some time :)
  10. Well the question is not really surprising, but it means that either both sims are installed, or that there are leftovers of the previous P3D version. If the installer find only one P3D version (in my case I have only v4 and never had v3) it don't ask this question and simply install directly. The question should popup only if both sims are installed so that users can install properly in either or both sims depending on what he wants to do.
  11. I know I don't ask an update right now or anything but I think they can share if they plan on updating it or not, I don't want any kind of dates or details. Just a simple yes/no it just would be nice to know it will continue to be supported as it's the first product that got outside of the P3D/FS world. And has not received any updates ever since. And I'm realy looking forward the third tutorial as well.
  12. By the way do you have plans for updating the XP version with the 11 version as some things have changed an apparently not everything is perfectly right though it is still quite flyable :)
  13. There is no big autopilot panel. On this aircraft it is very simple. Once you engage it you have a wheel to increase/decrease tehrate of climb, one switch to activte/disable altitude hold, a knob to make the aircraft turn left or right. and a switch to choose between three navigation mode. Gyro to basically just do what you want, make it turn left/right, climb descend, Localizer which will follow a NAV radial or GPS/Garmin flightplan, and Approach for approach. That is about it :)
  14. Hard to tell what the price will be only they know :) But I'd say it should probably be close to the X-Plane version price.
  15. Pretty sure PMDG did tell them and actually send them the information and files once new version is available. I would not worry about that.