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  1. kasiday1

    License key by email

    When to expect key after purchase? Love the software best so far!!!!!!
  2. kasiday1


    Sorry about this Wonderful products is all that matter Regards Stephen Debrah
  3. kasiday1


    2014? I don't have much control when my pc crashes!!!! No further comments If possible I need reactivation on the same IP address since 2015 please I am too professional to abuse a system for some bucks Regards
  4. kasiday1


    Tickets sent on July 23rd and resubmitted 28th 5:30 am Regards Stephen Debrah
  5. kasiday1


    Sent a ticket for reactivation of 777 how long more of waiting???
  6. kasiday1

    Any tips for performance improvement?

    win7 is the solution