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  1. henrimarch

    weird problem [solved]

    Nevermind, after reboot of the computer all is well again.
  2. henrimarch

    weird problem [solved]

    I used these gtn's for quite awhile now, and they are wonderful. But I had a crash in x-plane 10 with gtn-1 on and after reboot the display comes back transparent with the word gtn-650-1 (or something like that), so I figured I delete the ini file of the aircraft and thats that. But it refused to load properly, the other gtn's the 650-2 and both 750 are loading normally. I then tried another aircraft, with the same result, then another x-plane installation the same result. So the problem is somewhere outside of x-plane. Can someone point me to a direction to reset things. Thanks Piet.
  3. henrimarch

    hydraulic pressure gauge

    Yes Dan, I'll do the same here, it is an important one to look after...
  4. henrimarch

    hydraulic pressure gauge

    Thanks Marco, I will look for it there, getting old I think...
  5. henrimarch

    hydraulic pressure gauge

    I can't find the hydraulic pressure gauge, posted this in the unofficial x-plane.org forum but so far no answer. So I'll try it here, can anyone give me a hint in the right direction where this gauge can be found.
  6. I haven't read the whole POH manual yet, but gradually take my time. But I am going through the checklist and try some buttons and switches. When I move the bar for the Emergency Instrument Power I get a sort of vacuum cleaner sound that stays on even if I turn the switch to its normal position. Then I tried to disengage it by disconnecting battery and ground power but the sound keeps running. Is that kind of normal behavior to expect when switching emergency instrument power ? Just curious thats all, and keep digging into the systems....
  7. henrimarch

    It is worth it, even if only for the Dc-6

    Look at http://shadetreemicro.com they make great planes, not so good in the texture quality but great in systems.
  8. henrimarch

    PFPX Profile

    And very much appreciated !!
  9. I think you mean the GNS430, the GNS530 is the bigger one if I am not mistaken and where is this located in the IXEG 737 ?
  10. Thanks Morten, for some comments on that. That's only what I intended, but not an attack on the person but on some of his assumptions that can put me, as an user, in another direction. I didn't agree with his tone of voice that PMDG was wrong on this and that and he know it all but tried to keep an open mind about his assumptions and gather more info from other people. Because as an user I try to gather information about things I love, such as flightsimming, and yes Claudio, I don't expect that a simulation program of 59 dollars and an model of 70 dollars is perfect in simulating the real thing, that would be absurd. And Katrin I wasn't offended with the comments of Robert, I respect his opinion.
  11. Thanks guys for your input, but where leaves that me the user which isn't very knowledgeable about flight dynamics of a real aircraft vs the simulated one ? I am not interested in bashing products, I love the PMDG products, but at the same time I am interested in it all and wanted to learn as much as I can. So bought some books with sometimes different views, Rod Machado (private pilot handbook) and reading now 'stick and rudder' from Wolfgang Langewiesche (marvelous book) and try to absorb it all and see how this can effect my flightsimming. So the question here was, has he some valid points, because I believe he has, but I am not sure.
  12. I like to hear some opinions about his points on engine start and flight model, especially about the roll movement. Are these valid points or not. I am not a real pilot but read books about flight dynamics and am wondering about his arguments.
  13. henrimarch

    PMDG DC-6 Cloudmaster x-plane test

    Thanks Aurelien, I did read it and indeed was very interesting.
  14. henrimarch

    PMDG DC-6 Cloudmaster x-plane test

    Well Pete, I do hope so, because I find there products top notch in every department, manuals, flight model and support.