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  1. Kyle i have to say i do love this aircraft no matter how temperamental it is she is a fun plane to fly i showed my uncle it and he was very impressed on the level of detail you guys put into it
  2. hey kyle got it back to fly correctly i do not know what happened or why but i uninstalled the aircraft then reinstalled it and i did a test flight from KPHX to KIWA and it flew the correct radial i was thinking i am doing a lot of tweaking and wondered what if a file had gotten corrupted from a scenery or something that made the navigation go haywire on me
  3. ok and if it still does fly correctly should i repost
  4. so heres what i do kyle i start up the aircraft like normal in the GPS display i make sure its on VLOC then i tune my saitek panel NAV1 to my VOR frequency i take off fly to about 1-2k feet i turn on pilot gyro click the lever then turn the knob to the localizer setting it flies normal to the first vor then i tune the second vor in the stby i wait until i am about 1.5 miles out from the first vor then i switch the stdby frequency to active i turn obs to the right heading but the plane continues on its current heading and doesnt deviate to the new course heading the only way to make it work is by completely shutting down autopilot and reingaging it like i said is this a bug on my end or a new one that is just now forming
  5. not sure if anyone else is having this issue but everytime i try to fly to different vors the autopilot doesnt go to the next one it will stay on the current heading no matter what heading i turn the OBS to and even if i do get it to turn it will sometimes just circle an area with out deviating i was just on a flight out of memphis heading to my second vor and when it captured the vor and gave me the dme reading i couldnt use the OBS it had the two red arrows is this something on my end that im doing wrong or something else
  6. guys in a concept vatsim does that especially at high volume airports such as jfk when they get busy the will send you a pre clearance message via vpilot from the control just not on the fms its self so really whats the difference between what they already do what we are talking about just sayin
  7. i believe thats more of a option with the actual flight sim in fsx no matter what coding there is the coding of fsx says the sim ends when it overstresses or crashes in Xplane though for example if you pull too many gs it simulates you loosing your wings or other things how ever i could be wrong and could vary by aircraft perhaps the pmdg beta team or kyle can clarify
  8. so i have fspassengers i ran into a problem where i have to deactivate a panel so Fspassengers panel will show up anyone know where i can get to the file
  9. I know you guys arent making a pmdg MD-11 for fsx or p3d but is there perhaps anyway to make a brand new modern freighter for X-plane 10 with working circuit breakers and thats 64 bit i love the one you did for FSX and sadly there is no MD-11 for Xplane at the present time.
  10. I was looking at that picture and thinking also about a efb but that and circuit breaks would probably break fsx but how about a 787 for xplane they are already doing the DC6 with circuit breaks in x plane so why not do a 787 and quality wings wont do anything for xplane they are probably going to stick with fsx and p3d and max is right they do have a tight relationship with boeing so i agree a boeing 787.
  11. Will the 747V2 be able to be installed into X-plane or only FSX/P3D at present time then will we get another version for X-plane and like the DC-6 will it have working curcuit breakers as well or will that be an update in the far future. William Gliva
  12. All i am trying to say is that someone else has taken over the programming of FSX and to state that it is a dead stick isnt accurate either and if i recall from one of your other posts didnt you say a lot of people on here shouldnt even be on P3D to start with as it is a training tool for people who are becoming pilots and a way for pilots to expand there training outside of the classroom? stafford gliva
  13. ok guys everything you are saying about fsx is not true your are talking about the boxed version you have to remember that dovetail has now recently obtained FSX and will now begin to bring FSX back from the dead they have already said they are going to be doing updates and unlike p3d where you have to download it all the time when they bring a new one out with steam it automatically updates it when it is released they have also stated they are going to be making their own Downloadable Content when they released the product on steam so anytime i read that FSX is dead i dont understand that because in reality its not dovetail had now taken it over. Stafford Gliva
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