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  1. reubenjprevost

    777 EFB ever release? Don't see it on Aurasim

    With PMDG releasing EFBs for some of their products, is this still in the works? Haven't heard much about it.
  2. Thanks for the update Robert!
  3. reubenjprevost

    Taking FS to another level!

    Heck if they write the server that connects with their products and the documentation, I'll write the ATC client. Also, this would be a drop in the bucket compared to the amazing stuff that they already do.
  4. reubenjprevost

    Taking FS to another level!

    Any chance we will be seeing this for VATSIM/IVAO/PE controllers/pilots?
  5. reubenjprevost

    XPlane Development Status Thread [Updated 12SEP14]

    It will happen when it happens, Don't worry too much about it because that won't make it come any sooner. We are all waiting, but until that time (or until IXEG 737 comes out) I will fly FSX and P3D. Flight Factor just doesn't do it for me. Been on the forums for a while, but decided to make this my first post... Yeah, I'm a loser.