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  1. It still says default Keyboard. It is strange that the default cockpit quickviews won't work either?
  2. I've seen a few videos on how to use the number pad to make a saved cockpit view. I've tried the default assignments and created custom ones as well but nothing works at all. Actually, I've noticed that any customized keyboard assignments I try for any function wont work? Any ideas??? Thanks, Jefferson
  3. So would you say that it is still a nice flight experience even if fps are in the low 20's? I haven't bought FS2020 yet but was wondering if it is still enjoyable with what you just described?
  4. Just wondering.... I buy and install on my current average spec pc. Six months from now I build a new powerful rig. Do I need to repurchase the Sim for the new pc or do I have muliple install rights? Thanks, Jefferson
  5. You said you got the short straw!!! No way Jose!!! You're flying a real 747 for a living and that makes you a winner everyday! No short straws buddy because you're living our dream : )
  6. So strange? My rig is only half as powerful as yours and yet I'm holding above 60fps all the time. I did a fresh clean and full new install if that made any difference? This sim is so unpredictable!
  7. Nice collection you have in your hangar! How on earth do make up your mind with all those choices to pick one for a flight? Lol!!
  8. Pause the flight, play with settings, un pause and look at enviroment. Pause the flight, play with settings, un pause and look at environment. Repeat... repeat..... I'm affraid I would spend more time adjusting settings than flying so I would have force myself to stay on auto mode. I wonder if all this goodness will have a performance/fps hit somewhere in the sim? Jefferson Davis
  9. The A220 is not on sale at all.... bummer!
  10. All the major developers and retailers are having some kind of Christmas sale going on this weekend except for Hifi simulations Active Sky. They have always been in on holiday sales in the past but not this year? Bah humbug.... I was hoping to pickup Active Sky XP on a Xmas discount : ( Jefferson Davis
  11. Thanks for the explanation. For some reason I thought the speed brakes and spoilers are the same thing? I will have to do some research as to what the difference is between spoilers and speedbrakes???
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