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  1. All the major developers and retailers are having some kind of Christmas sale going on this weekend except for Hifi simulations Active Sky. They have always been in on holiday sales in the past but not this year? Bah humbug.... I was hoping to pickup Active Sky XP on a Xmas discount : ( Jefferson Davis
  2. Thanks for the explanation. For some reason I thought the speed brakes and spoilers are the same thing? I will have to do some research as to what the difference is between spoilers and speedbrakes???
  3. Is it okay to land with the spoilers on???
  4. flyingjafo

    New MD11 for P3Dv4.3

    Just to have an MD 11 in P3D V4, I'd give 20 bucks for this one.
  5. flyingjafo

    Another "Blurries" Question

    I agree with you and have yet to find the perfect balance in ui settings. I noticed some blurries improvements with less shadow coverage and less shadow quality... try playing around with those settings?
  6. I work in Denver for the utility company and there are so many secret rumors about that Airport it would make your head spin!
  7. flyingjafo

    Latest Aerosoft CRJ hotfix close to releasing!

    Damn it... now I have to leave P3D 4.1 and install 4.2 . Hopefully this will be worth the change to 4.2? Jefferson
  8. very impressive! I've got to figure out how to do this ortho4xp thing? lol
  9. As a new XP11 flyer with some add on scenery and livereys and programs like lua and headshake, do I need to clean out all addon's before updating to 11.10 ? should I do a full uninstall of 11 with a fresh install of 11.10 when it comes out? Thanks, Jefferson
  10. flyingjafo

    Aerosoft CRJ worth it?

    It is over priced for the Quality you get. It reminds me of the Wilco Airbuses, Some bugs and average graphics. For the price we should have some more wing views and maybe even a Virtual cabin. I would like this plane more if it was priced at 30 dollars . Jefferson
  11. flyingjafo

    no Vspeeds

    Thank you Mike, you solved my brain fart ! I wasn't clicking gross weight, just the zfw. Now I got my V speeds back. I will also say doing a panel load state all over again helps too. Good day, Jefferson
  12. flyingjafo

    no Vspeeds

    Right now I have both the 747 and the 777 in the cold and dark panel state. I will try the default and report back. Thanks for the tip.
  13. flyingjafo

    no Vspeeds

    Good day , I have enabled fmc calculates V SPeed in the options but it is not doing so. I never had this problem until the most recent update. This is on P3D V4. even if I manually enter some Vspeeds, it still says no V speeds on the PFD. The cg / trim is stuck at 22. I have a full route with runway set into the route and legs. I have set flaps to 10. Flight level and weights are set. I'm also having the exact same issue on the 777-200 as well. I have been flying these two planes for years with the fmc and this is the first time I have encountered this problem? I must be having a brain fart somewhere, lol . Thank you, Jefferson Davis
  14. Damn!!! I wish my XPlane 11 could look that awesome!!
  15. flyingjafo

    XP11 Apache Princess

    Absolutley gorgeous! May ask what kind of fps you're averaging on that flight?