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  1. Hello, probably this in the wrong forum, Couldn't find a dedicated request for paints. Question: is, or can anyone, doing the new Air Canada Livery on a -900 or -800? That is the one that will match 737 MAX we are receiving this year. The white/black bandit mask livery. I know its not a MAX model with the correct winglets, but will look cool for now.
  2. m4rk

    Price tag

    of course, I figured it to be a joke. That's a good price... for the real aircraft. If I had the money I would get one. Its that I am just so freakin' out to get my hands on this, especially in P3D, but couldn't click the "yes" with that number in the checkout/cart.
  3. I assume that the $2.5 million dollar tag is a joke. But.. I have a hard time clicking yes with that price tag in my cart. My PMDG updater lead me to purchase this. What is the point of that price?
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