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  1. NBurgess

    Steeper descent profile

    Now that is both helpful and interesting in equal measure ! Many thanks.
  2. Not quite as long as 6 minutes, but I seem to get at least double my normal load time there with the same combination of sim and add ons as you.
  3. NBurgess

    EDRM-Repaints on S360

    Plus one for an Air Cargo Carriers livery. They're the worlds largest operator of Short aircraft. According to Wikipedia, the company also has the largest Shorts parts inventories in the world !
  4. NBurgess

    The baby MD-11

    Yes, it's TFDi's 717. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend it.
  5. NBurgess

    Congratulations to Rob Ainscough!

    A well deserved choice ! Congrats to Rob
  6. You certainly know how to build an air of expectation Robert ! Would love to be able to cross the pond and be there in person, but will have to remain intrigued until we get reports of the presentation. I'd wish you luck, but suspect you won't need it
  7. NBurgess

    Piston twins

    Dare I suggest the Alabeo PA-44 Seminole? With Bert Pieke's mods and the Flight GTN 750 installed it's a surprisingly excellent performer in P3D 4.2 and often underlooked.
  8. NBurgess

    Simbrief ?

    To answer the original question, yes Simbrief will create plans you can import into the CRJ. As posted above it's free, and remarkably easy to use.
  9. NBurgess

    Has Sibwings become abandonware?

    I absolutely loved their AN2 IN FSX, as you say Bill it was wonderfully quirky. The Aerosoft version is the only game in town for P3D, but sad to say doesn't have quite the same feel and is a fair way behind in the external graphics department IMHO.
  10. NBurgess

    Has Sibwings become abandonware?

    Afraid so - seem to have been dormant for a good while They seemed to disappear some time after the AN2 release and the forum is unreachable for me. Facebook page has been dormant since 2016
  11. NBurgess

    PMDG FSExpo Announcement

    Over on the Airdaily site the announcement is actually phrased that RSR will announce the "premiere of a new PMDG product line that has been in planning and development since 2008" A 'product line' doesn't point towards an individual aircraft - sounds like a range of items. This is going to be something from left field !
  12. NBurgess

    Where is AVSIM member Chock?

    Pretty sure he's fine. As posted above, he seems to take extended breaks from Avsim from time to time We live in the same town and I see him around now and then.
  13. NBurgess

    Carenado Fokker 50 - Anyone?

    Only done one flight, TNCC- TNCM, but would concur with the initial favourable impression. Haven't installed the GTN but used the basic FMS without any problems, hand flying felt good and was pleasantly surprised by the ground handling for a turboprop. All subject to the proviso that needless to say, I have no experience in an F50 and not having done any research on performance figures yet wouldn't want to comment on whether it 'flies by the numbers' As per usual looks fantastic, but as ever manuals are severely lacking. That said, my expectations weren't great ( but bought it as I just love the F50) - however have to admit, pleasantly surprised so far. A cautious OK from my early experience.
  14. NBurgess

    Introducing New Lufthansa Cargo Livery

    Very nice (and fast) work ! I'll be grabbing that once it appears in the library, so thanks Paul