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  1. Whilst I have a great deal of sympathy with the OP's point of view, the last thing we need is yet another thread saying the same thing as countless others. I find myself in the curious position of feeling that all my simming is rather unsatisfactory at the moment. I would say that I previously spent my P3D time split around 70% tubeliner flying PMDG etc, and around 30% GA in my A2A fleet. Since MSFS arrived I'm a bit unhappy with both. I now look out of the window in P3D and meh, after MSFS, I'm really unhappy with the visuals. I fire up MSFS and really miss any high quality addons. I spend time in both, but neither quite cuts it for me at present due to the presence of the other ! I'm suppose I'm just going to have to be patient.....
  2. So many musicians ! I've played and gigged as a bass guitarist on a semi pro basis since the age of 17. (I'm 62 now) Mainly Rock and Blues/ Currently missing being able to play live due to the whole Coronavirus thing - hopefully venues will open again soon. Every gig we had over the summer has been cancelled. ☹️ Currently own 5 basses along with an electric 6 string and an accoustic. My greatest fear is that if anything ever happens to me, my wife sells them for what I told her I paid for them !
  3. I own the Milviz Bell 407 which is my main flightseeing helo. Whilst I don't own it, their MD530 also looks quite nice. Milviz products in general are pretty decent.
  4. That's definitely not the PMDG version Rick. I'm sure Alan will advise what it is.
  5. So sad, Jim will be sorely missed. RIP.
  6. Now that is both helpful and interesting in equal measure ! Many thanks.
  7. Not quite as long as 6 minutes, but I seem to get at least double my normal load time there with the same combination of sim and add ons as you.
  8. Plus one for an Air Cargo Carriers livery. They're the worlds largest operator of Short aircraft. According to Wikipedia, the company also has the largest Shorts parts inventories in the world !
  9. Yes, it's TFDi's 717. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend it.
  10. A well deserved choice ! Congrats to Rob
  11. You certainly know how to build an air of expectation Robert ! Would love to be able to cross the pond and be there in person, but will have to remain intrigued until we get reports of the presentation. I'd wish you luck, but suspect you won't need it
  12. Dare I suggest the Alabeo PA-44 Seminole? With Bert Pieke's mods and the Flight GTN 750 installed it's a surprisingly excellent performer in P3D 4.2 and often underlooked.
  13. To answer the original question, yes Simbrief will create plans you can import into the CRJ. As posted above it's free, and remarkably easy to use.
  14. I absolutely loved their AN2 IN FSX, as you say Bill it was wonderfully quirky. The Aerosoft version is the only game in town for P3D, but sad to say doesn't have quite the same feel and is a fair way behind in the external graphics department IMHO.
  15. Afraid so - seem to have been dormant for a good while They seemed to disappear some time after the AN2 release and the forum is unreachable for me. Facebook page has been dormant since 2016
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