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  1. Many thanks, Jean-Luc. Purchased both the 530 and 430 and obtained the 50% discount on the second purchase as advertised 👍. Didn't understand your second paragraph - how do I apply the 50% to the first purchase?
  2. Hello, I am trying to buy the GNS 530W V2 FltSim and take advantage of your Bundle Sale offer by adding the GNS 430W V2 FltSim. When I try to enter the .cpn code I get the response "The coupon you selected is not a valid coupon file for this transaction" This is very odd as I am using the correct coupon codes. Can you please help resolve this issue? regards Rick Canham
  3. Hi John, Thanks for this one and for -OJT.........very nice mate!
  4. Thanks very much.......keep up the great work.. :smile2:
  5. Many many thanks to 'lzamm', Björn, and 'kdfw__' for making this add-on one of the most enjoyable and immersive in FSX. And not to forget Razbam for a good platform in the first place even if support is a little sparse (IMHO they are spread too thin). There was talk of an updated sound pack a while ago....... :Whistle:
  6. sign in anonymously

  7. Hi Sergey,I like the idea of your panel modification - hope that Bob Scott does too! Would you consider sharing your panel.cfg with us?best regardsRick CanhamSouth Australia
  8. Hello again,Another item - it would be good if you could finish programming the Performance Data Computer System..many thanksRick
  9. Hi Bob, First of all I'm glad you are on the way to being settled back in Colorado - sure missed your presence on the forum.I think the Tinmouse panel remains one of the best out there and I would not be too unhappy if no changes were made. Having said that I would really like to see a few things added/modified. I've looked at a few cockpit photos on the internet and as far as I can see there are only a few 'mods' to consider: a Sperry 177 is an obvious one, and an FMC (Ernie Alston's is good IMHO). And I strongly support provision of a widescreen version - this would have the added benefit of allowing inclusion of the standby altimeter and art horizon mentioned by John G. Whatever you can do will be fine by me.best regardsRick CanhamAustralia
  10. Randy, it's a while since you posted here but I hope you are still reading. As you don't have any profile info would you please send me a PM as I would like to get in touch about one of your flightsim projects.best regardsRick CanhamKangaroo IslandSouth Australia
  11. G'day Bob,Many thanks for the update - sincerely hope it won't be the last tweak for one of the best packages available.(Belated) Christmas greetings to you too and I wish you good fortune for 2008 - don't envy you the intercontinental move though, having done a few in my time, but hope it goes smoothly.regardsRick Canham South Australia
  12. Thanks Douglas - very nice and much appreciated.
  13. No problem, Mike - and we've both learned something - thanks very much Bob!
  14. Hi Mike,Yes I've had this problem from time to time, usually when I'm doing a panel/aircraft merge. You need to check that you have the correct "gear_system_type=X" line in the aircraft.cfg under the contact points section. For this panel it should read "gear_system_type=0" If it's not there then put it in.Hope you can now 'clean up' properly.
  15. Hi Bob,I'm sure most of us understand and respect your decision. I for one am more than happy with the prospect of further FS9 development of this outstanding panel. 'Good on ya!' as we say down here - rest assured your work is much appreciated.regardsRick CanhamKangaroo IslandSouth Australia
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