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  1. EdsterBrown

    Where can I purchase PMDG 777 in the UK

    Fantastic and thank you to you all for answering so quickly. I am not a cheap skate and I do believe that the developers deserve the money. Now I know if I want this software I know where to purchase it. I am a little scared buying from abroad in the event something goes wrong and I could lose about £56. I very rarely buy anything from abroad as I am not sure of my rights if something went wrong with the transaction. After all you cannot email PMDG or call them Directly. Has anyone from the UK out there ever had any problems and if not then the Credit Card will be getting flexed tonight. Once again, thanks to you all for your spot on answer. By the way I did pay £55 for the PDMG 747 from Amazon.co.uk. Thanks.
  2. EdsterBrown

    Where can I purchase PMDG 777 in the UK

    Can anyone tell where I can purchase the PMDG 777 in the UK. I managed to purchase the 737 and 747 from Amazon.co.uk. I cannot seem to find the 777 anywhere on Amazon.com or .co.uk. I would rather not purchase from the PMDG site itself as this is a very expensive way to go. I hope someone can answer this simple question. Many thanks. Eddie.