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  1. Fixed. (RTFM). I was running the 9.0 nocd with a 9.1 install. Good Luck to all. Jim
  2. I've gotten everything I want to run in WIN10: FS9, FSBuild, FSUIPC, Active Sky Evolution, iFly 737NG, USA Roads and SunSky PHL. The only thing i have not gotten to work is panning with the mouse in the virtual cockpit. It does not work in default FS9 nor with AC2004 (registered successfully). Any thoughts or ideas on how to get this to work? Thanks. Jim i7-4790 ASROCK Extreme6 Corsair Dominator 16GB EVGA GTX-960 4GB
  3. Misha K, Welcome Back. Thanks for posting this! I, too, am coming back to MSFS, this time FSX. I used all of my budget for the hardware so I'm watching this thread. I just downloaded FSUIPC for FSX. I hope all goes well for you! Kind Regards, Jim
  4. "Mr Madison, what you've just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I've ever heard. At no point in your rambling, incoherent response was there anything that could even be considered a rational thought. Everyone in this room is now dumber for having listened to it. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul."Adam Sandler as "Billy Madison"
  5. Whomever,I used the website www.AIRNAV.com for the NAVAID information. Working with AIRNAV and AFCAD, I verified/modified the NAVAIDS as I best could. Use Reggie's advice and disable the back-course.I am working on a freeware IAH right now. It will NOT win awards, It is very SIMPLE texturing and the AFCAD is mostly stock, with corrections just to the RAMP areas. I tried it last night and both the 26L and 8R ILS worked (on autopilot). Let me know if you would like to test it.Jim
  6. The links are in the Forums.http://www.irissimulations.comCreate an ID and check there.Jim
  7. I STARTED learning GMAX in 2007 and am STILL learning.THANKS to ALL of you who contribute in this forum! I have made it, with your help, past a few mole hills that looked like Mountains!Here's to a great 2008!Jim
  8. When I'm looking for flightplans, I look here:http://flightaware.comIt gives me real-world navigation plan, flight-level and times.That makes it easy, copying and pasting into FSBuild.HTH,Jim
  9. FL030: 262/16 (-5.30) FL060: 282/32 (-8.40) FL090: 270/36 (-8.90)FL120: 242/64 (-11.40) FL180: 241/96 (-21.70) FL240: 248/129 (-30.10)FL300: 243/159 (-41.80) FL340: 245/167 (-53.50) FL390: 259/132 (-52.30)FMC tells me insufficient fuel, going from EWR to PHX.Looks like a stop in IAH...Jim
  10. Andy,I got two throttles from Santa. I'm running them with a CH Yoke. Although it takes some time to sink in, the information from the FSUIPC pdf's (FS9Modules folder) and John Cook's tutorial really, really helped. Do a search on FSUIPC in either the FS9 forum or Hardware Forum.One thing that totally helped me was to disable the Yoke from within FS and program them in FSUIPC. I was a bit apprehensive at first but trust me, they will work. The only issue is you have to remap ALL of your axis and buttons.A few notes:1. Set up generic inputs first (Cessna; elevator, aileron, flaps, views, buttons)2. Set up other aircraft next, using the check box for specific aircaft so FSUIPC will remember them.3. Leave yourself a bit more play for the IDLE settings for your throttles.4. Experiment. There are still some throttle settings I want to make minute changes to.5. Before doing any changes, make a backup copy of your FSUIPC.INI file.I was able to successfully program my CH Yoke and two Saitek throttle thru FSUIPC to use with: Capt Sim C-130 (4 throttles, Flaps) LDS767 (Spoiler, two throttles, Flaps) FSD Seneca V (2 Throttles, 2 Props, 2 Mixtures) MAAM B25 (2 Throttles, 2 Props, 2 Mixtures) Generic (1 throttle, 1 prop, 1 mixture) for the rest of my GA fleetGood Luck, we're all counting on you...Jim
  11. Active Camera has been one of the most used addons I have bought.HTH,Jim
  12. Two Saitek Throttles (six levers) from AMAZON ($99)Jim
  13. Thanks Sidney. I started with Bill's tutorial. The GMAX tutorial looks good.Jim
  14. Hi Sidney,Thanks for the reply.What I did is re-create the grouped-objects into one line object with an extrude of a specifc height. This gets me halfway there, all of the windows will be the same size on one object, but not across multiple objects (Two "buildings" can't have the same windows).This has created extra steps and the results are OK but it's extra time I didn'twant to spend.Regards,Jim
  15. Hi All.I've started texturing a terminal (KIAH) and I am having an issue and I think I have found the issue. It is a matter of scale when creating the UVW in the UNWRAP.Since the terminal is made up of 5 separate polygons, all 8meters in height, they vary in length and width. I want to use the same size windows on all of the textures on each polygon. When I create the UVW, I use the largest dimension to create a "cube". When I do that I use the largest dimension for each individual polygon.So, my scale is different for each UVW.My questions are:1. Should I use the largest dimension across all of the polygons to keep a consistent sized UVW?2. If I attach or weld the polygons together and then create the UVW, would this help in texturing all with the same size window?It is the sharing of information on this great website that pushes me further to try new things. I thank everyone who has helped me thus far.Regards,Jim
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