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  1. Fixed. (RTFM). I was running the 9.0 nocd with a 9.1 install. Good Luck to all. Jim
  2. I've gotten everything I want to run in WIN10: FS9, FSBuild, FSUIPC, Active Sky Evolution, iFly 737NG, USA Roads and SunSky PHL. The only thing i have not gotten to work is panning with the mouse in the virtual cockpit. It does not work in default FS9 nor with AC2004 (registered successfully). Any thoughts or ideas on how to get this to work? Thanks. Jim i7-4790 ASROCK Extreme6 Corsair Dominator 16GB EVGA GTX-960 4GB
  3. Misha K, Welcome Back. Thanks for posting this! I, too, am coming back to MSFS, this time FSX. I used all of my budget for the hardware so I'm watching this thread. I just downloaded FSUIPC for FSX. I hope all goes well for you! Kind Regards, Jim
  4. Thanks All! Your responses are appreciated. Jim
  5. This question is specific to airline jet ops: If the wind is calm at an airport with parallel runways (EWR, PHL, MCO, STL, HOU), is there a documented general direction ATC will direct aircraft to takeoff in? If so, where might that be documented? Thanks! Jim
  6. Thanks All. For Real World, I'm old school and like the "steam" guages. I'd still do my flightplan and charting by hand and WX by DUAT. As far as WX enroute, that would still be by radio and by cellphone on the ground. The GPS and charts would be loaded to back me up. Regards, Jim
  7. Hi All, I've been pondering the purchase of a tablet for a number of reasons. I thought I'd start here becuase the use of a tablet would be for aviation. The iPad is expensive but both my wife and I are familiar with the iPhones. It would not be too much of a learning curve plus I like the zoom factor (bigger letters) For real-world flight, although not certified for it, I'd use the tablet for secondary reference to GPS, charts, airport / taxi diagrams and WX. On the ground, I'd use it for Aviation videos, like Sporty's training vids. For Simming, I'd use it for airport / taxi diagrams, SIDs/DPs, Arrivals, and IAP's. What tablet are you running? Regards, Jim PPL-ASEL
  8. My personal opinion is that you guys should include PMDG tissues, not PMDG pretzels, because my eyes seem to well up with joyfull tears at these annoucements. We in the community have many things to be thankful for. Warm Regards,
  9. Stick & Rudder - Langewiesche, Flight of Passage - Buck, Flight of the Intruder - Coonts, Fighter Combat - Shaw, Anything Machado, Anything Boeing - Mike Ray.
  10. I haven't read the entire article yet but I think Mike Ray has written something along what you are looking for in the free version of "Computer Pilot" from AVSIM's front page.I have two of Mike's books, several of his articles and cannot wait for his NG book.HTH,Jim
  11. Welcome Eures.What packages have you tried? I use FS2004 and was just updating my WOAI AI installs. There is a forum at http://www.world-of-ai.com that might be able to help.Describe what you are not seeing.Jim
  12. Where should I post a request for testers? Is there a specific forum? Thanks. Jim
  13. The news is reporting they are. Dover AFB and DE ANG at New Castle have been evacuating throughout the day. Jim
  14. Hi All,I thought I might share two links I found that I've started using in my scenery (for myself).Federal Colors: http://www.colorserver.net/fandeck/FS595 Specs: http://www.fed-std-595.com/FS-595-Paint-Spec.htmlRGB information: http://www.perbang.dk/rgb/BA160C/ Airport Design (US/FAA): http://www.faa.gov/airports/resources/advisory_circulars/index.cfm?template=Document_Listing&Keyword=150/5340-18&DocumentSelected=1Airport Design: http://www.faa.gov/documentLibrary/media/Advisory_Circular/draft_150_5340_30f.pdfLighting designs (old): http://isddc.dot.gov/OLPFiles/FAA/006029.pdfI hope these help someone.Jim
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