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  1. Hi guys, Again, to preface this, I am just in the process of returning to flightsim after a multi-year absence, so maybe I'm missing something painfully obvious. I used to run FS9 back in the days and now on my new rig I'm running FSX-SE. I've been in the process of setting up my sim according to my preferences. My pride and joy of my old FS9 install was the massive amount of realistic AI traffic. So, after installing my favorite addon aircraft and sceneries in my new FSX-SE setup, I started installing all the current AI traffic I could get my hands on, mostly from AIG. I used AIFPv3 to install and made sure the FSX option was checked. Here's the conundrum: I see traffic at KSEA (T2G) and KSAN (LatinVFR). I see GA traffic at ORBX airports (PNW). I see absolutely no traffic anywhere else that I have tried, and that includes EDDF, EDDL, EDDT, LOWW, LSZH, EGLL (all Aerosoft), KJFK, KORD (FSDT), KMDW (FlyTampa), KSFO (Flightbeam), and none of the default airports I've tried. From this I concluyde so far that this does not appear to be an issue with the flightplans themselves or the AI aircraft, as, for example, Lufthansa's daily FRA-SEA flight shows up fine at SEA even though FRA is completely dead; likewise Southwest aircraft show up at SEA and SAN even though MDW is completely dead. At SEA and SAN I see all the airlines I should be seeing, but nothing elsewhere. Is this an AF problem? Don't all these fancy payware sceneries come with proper AFX files? Any ideas? Thanks in advance. Misha
  2. Seems to be an AES problem. Happens with any aircraft on the ground on an AES-activated airport. http://www.commerciallevel.com/base/suppor...46supporter.jpg
  3. No. It happens only in the above situations. There is no blue screen or anything. I can use the internet for hours or do extensive photo editing for hours and nothing goes wrong. It's clearly a very specifc FS issue. http://www.commerciallevel.com/base/suppor...46supporter.jpg
  4. Anyone?http://www.commerciallevel.com/base/suppor...46supporter.jpg
  5. Hi there,As of recently, my computer spontanesouly reboots in the middle of my FS session. This often happens while I am programming the FMC on the Wilco/Feelthere 737, but it has also happened mid flight with teh CS 757. It usually happens while in the 2D cockpit manipulating some gauges. It does not happen on VFR flights, even with complex aircraft such as the Cloud9 Phantom. Any suggestions for eliminating this problem welcome. Thanks in advance. http://www.commerciallevel.com/base/suppor...46supporter.jpg
  6. >Is the UT Ind/Commercial Lancdclass set also deactivated in>your scenery.cfg ?>I suggest to deactivate every Scenery addon within your>scenery.cfg one by one until you see from where this textures>comes. If you have FSNavigator there is a smart tool called>FSNavDBC which can do this very easy or of course within the>FS9 library manager.>In my scenery.cfg the entry for the UT Ind/Commercial>Landclass is called>Ultimate Terrain - Ind/Comm Landclass.>>Hope this helps>>RonUT Ind/Comm is not active and this is not Industriual/Commercial landclass. This is city center, dense urban/European. Deactivating individual addons will not be of any use, because the texture and agn file for this is in the main texture folder. This is showing up all over Europe irrespective of addons. http://www.commerciallevel.com/base/suppor...46supporter.jpg
  7. >Hi,>>FS2004 CD2 MSGAME3.CAB: all the textures from the main TEXTURE>folder>FS2004 CD4 SCENERY/WORLD.CAB all the textures from your main>Scenery/World/Texture folder>>If you extract those in their respective directories, all will>be back to default.>>All the best!>RobThanks, I am aware of that. But since I use replacement textures for some of the stuff in that folder, I didn't want to simply overwrite everything. I was hoping someone here would know how to pinpoint the exact texture (and presumably agn file) I am looking for. http://www.commerciallevel.com/base/suppor...46supporter.jpg
  8. I have UT, but this isn't the industrial/commercial landclass. The "add detailed commercial building areas" option is deactivated anyway. This now shows up all over European city centres, including areas where UT is deactivated (e.g. Scenery Germany 3 & 4) and I haven't changed a thing in my UT configuration. The UT industrial landclass looks different.http://www.commerciallevel.com/base/suppor...46supporter.jpg
  9. Please look at the pic below. I don't think the encircled is the original texture for dense European city centers. It looks horrible. Does anyone know what the original is so I can replace it?Thanks in advance.http://forums.avsim.net/user_files/172557.jpghttp://www.commerciallevel.com/base/suppor...46supporter.jpg
  10. FYI, I uninstalled and reinstalled and now it works again. No idea what the problem was. http://www.commerciallevel.com/base/suppor...46supporter.jpg
  11. I am getting the above error message whan I try to load the PMDG 744. I can't even click it away. The only thing left to do is shut down FS through task manager and restart. What gives?http://www.commerciallevel.com/base/suppor...46supporter.jpg
  12. maxam, If you are looking for military AI traffic stay clear of MyTraffic. Their military models and flightplans are abysmal. The best payware military addons at the moment are JustFlight's Military Plus Paks 1 and 2. These can be run independently of Traffic 2006 and have a number of very good looking models. While the military plus paks are not very expensive, you should know that for the vast majority of models featured in these packages, there are superior freeware alternatives. For example, JustFlight's models of the F-16, Tornado, C-130 or C-17 don't approach the quality level of the freeware AI models of the same aircraft available from Henry Tomkiewicz, Rysiek Winawer and Fernando Martinez. All of these come with state of the art animations and often with a number of different weapons loadouts. You should check out the packages made by Military AI Works (www.militaryaiworks.com). All of these are freeware, use the latest models and are excellently researched regarding paint schemes and schedules. None of the payware approaches this quality level at the moment.Of course the difference between the available freeware and payware is that the freeware packages offer very localized traffic for certain squadrons whereas JustFlight's packages aspire to provide global traffic. If you don't mind tweaking your AI a bit, you can do what I do: I use the available freeware wherever possible and use the JustFlight traffic plus paks to fill out the rest of the globe, while replacing their models with available freeware models. http://www.commerciallevel.com/base/suppor...46supporter.jpg
  13. Holger Sandmann's freeware Alps mesh is unbeatable. It's here in the avsim library.http://www.commerciallevel.com/base/suppor...46supporter.jpg
  14. Thanks. I wil check that. What are the taxiway textures? I recall once having a similar issue with a silly oversized taxiline texture. No, I haven't installed any texture replacements.http://www.commerciallevel.com/base/suppor...46supporter.jpg
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