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  1. I had the same problem at first, but now its seems to be working normally. Don't know what I did (if anything) to fix it. I know this does not help you, but just letting you know, your not the only one.
  2. Sorry Rob. So far, I have not needed to do this with a 4k setup. Only HD. So I have no personal experience on how HDR10 4K at 60Hz would perform.
  3. Hello Rob I cannot comment on the exact ones you have listed, but I have used HDMI over cat 5/6 adaptors many times in my line of work. Hanging monitors from the ceilings and the PC is 30 to 50 feet away without any issues. Some adaptors require separate power on one end, others use the USB for powering the adaptors. As for the USB over cat 5/6, I have never tried it. USB is good for 15 feet. I have used active (powered) USB extender cables that are 25 feet, then using the standard 15 feet USB cable plugged into that for a total of 40 feet without any issues.
  4. FYI. For those waiting for the email, Check your Junk or Spam folder. That is where my invite was. Didn't realize it till 4 weeks later.
  5. They are all compatible. Just download the new installers.
  6. P3D is still based on a 15 year old platform. Although LM has done some great work over the years to improve it and try to take advantage of modern hardware, it will never ever be a modern flightsim that can take advantage of all the bells and whistles without a complete rewrite of the software from the ground up. People seem to forget this when trying to compare it to the new FS2020. I for one, am grateful for LM for breathing new life into the old FSX and allowing us simmers accesses to it. There was a point a several years back, that we all thought flight simulation was dead, Now, the future looks very promising.
  7. In my option. DCS. I find VR in DCS to be very smooth. As stated above, the newer jets like the F18C or the F16, F14 etc, require a fair amount of time to understand all the systems and weapons systems if you want to be affective in combat. There are a lot of good YouTube videos out there to teach you the systems if you don't like reading a 500 page manual. A HOTAS system in my option is essential, especially if you going to use VR.
  8. There have been several reports on the forms of some simmers describing what appears to be hitting an invisible wall on approach to some airports and finding themselves crashed or on the ground.
  9. Its a result of using Direct X 12 that P3Dv5 is now using vers Direct X 11 with the previous version. I am no expert, on this, but using Direct X12 uses VRAM differently, and takes more advantage of VRAM, making the sim faster. Unfortuntaly, it has no check for when you hit the limit of your VRAM and will OOM. I believe LM are looking into this for a solution.
  10. I'm very lucky were I live, Southwestern Ontario Canada. 220mbps down, 35 mbps up. I plan I have is for 300 down and 50 up, but I never hit that level.
  11. Make sure you check all your junk, or flagged email folders. This happened to me the last time. Got an email asking for my feedback, and I was not part of the Alpha group. Then found the invite in my junk folder, that was sent 4 weeks earlier...
  12. That fixed the slightly fuzzy panels I was getting in the NGXu.
  13. I don't have the same card as you, but with RTX 2080Ti my setup shows using 5.9 out of 9.2 with the default Carenado Commander 114 at a gate with Latin VFR Miami and 6.6 out of 9.2 with the PMDG NGXu.
  14. I got it to work with both V4 and V5 installed. I just renamed my Prepar3d v4 folder to Prepar3d vfour. Then renamed my Prepar3d v5 folder to Prepar3d v4. Run the PMDG installer and install as usual. Once done, run the PMDG control center to update the 737 NGXu to the latest version and install any livery you want. Then go back and change the above folders back to their original name. Did one flight with the NGXu and had no issues other then the displays seamed to be a bit fuzzy and brighter in v5. I will just do the same thing again to uninstall it in v5 when the official installer is released. I just wanted one airliner to fly in the new v5. Remember, you are on your own if you do this. No support from PMDG.
  15. I have all three bundles installed in P3DV4. No issues.
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