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  1. Same here. Cannot launch MSFS. Asking for disc.
  2. I had my first flight in VR. Works great and with payware airports. FlyTampa CYYZ to FlyTampa KBOS. The very first time I engaged VR it was very studdery, even when I moved my head slightly, but once I rebooted everything, It was just a smooth as PMDG and FBW for me
  3. According to the FAQ on Discord, if you have power to the EFB but cannot log in, and you have no power to the aircraft, It maybe because the Fenix app was not launched with admin rights and the MSFS was. I had the same issue, and one I launched both with admin rights, it worked.
  4. According to the instruction on Discord, you do not direct the install to the community folder. It will do that automatically
  5. Just did my first flight in VR. It was excellent. Love how everything is available in the EFB
  6. The Market usually dictates the price of goods sold. I personally think the Maddog is well worth the price, even at $100 Canadian. It is one of the most detailed, and modeled aircraft for flight simming. Even at this price, its still quite a bit cheaper then the P3d version. I know, for me, it will give me years of enjoyment. A developer that puts in years of work and development to bring us (the hard core simmer) a highly detailed aircraft, that takes modern filight simulation to the next level, deserves to be paid for their hard work. I know that MSFS has a much larger market. That should help spread the cost of development over a much larger group, but I wonder how much of that new market are just casual simmers. I would expect a lot are. This plane is not for the casual simmer unless they are willing to learn the complexity's of setting up and flying, by the book a, if I dare say, a study level aircraft. I suspect that if Leonardo do not get the sales results they are expecting with this release at the current price, they would adjust the price accordingly to increase sales. Business 101.
  7. No noticeable decrease in performance for me, using VR, SU9 beta
  8. Just checked. No issues here. Using the latest SU beta
  9. I have no issues paying for a high fidelity airliners. I never liked any of the default airplanes in FSX or P3D. If paying $100+ for an airplane that brings me several years of joy, to study and fly as close to real world as possible, than that is a small price to pay for years of enjoyment. I just paid out $200 for a 3 person dinner at the Keg last night, and that only lasted 2 hours. I see my flight simming experience as a hobby, and hobbies cost money to enjoy. If you see flight sim as just a game, for some fun once in a while, then I understand people not wanting to pay more for add-ons then they did for the sim itself. Everyone values things differently.
  10. Are you running MSFS as the Administrator? if so, try running MSFS without admin rights. I know its a strange suggestion, but I cannot purchase anything on Market Place when I run MSFS in with Admin rights. It fails every time. I know this is not the same thing you are experiencing, but it could be related and worth a shot.
  11. I have similar hardware as you do, and I agree, there is a certain fuzziness with MSFS with some instruments that I don't get with P3D or X-Plane. However, the smoothness I get from MSFS beats P3D and X-plane by a long shot.
  12. I have done one flight so far in VR. I did not notice any performance loss. Was very smooth for me. My hardware stats are listed below. I use a toggle on my yoke to switch views from the Pilot seat and the engineer seat. Works great. The only thing I noticed on my end was how small the fuel gauges are compared to the X-plane version of Concorde.
  13. I have joined every MSFS beta that has been offered. So far I have never had to do a re-install. I have the Store version, but I keep my main MSFS folder on a separate SSD. I have been prompted a few times, once the beta finished, it wants to re-install everything to the default MSFS path, but as long as you make sure you redirect it to your custom MSFS folder, before hitting OK, it sees all the files and does not do a re-install. I suspect this has happened to several users, and they end up with two installations. But there is always a first time, so having a backup of your main MSFS folder would save you the long downloads again.
  14. I am not offended at all. Don't know where you got that from. What you do to your PC is your business. All I was saying (in general) was that we all have to trust software to some point or we would have nothing on our PC's including addons for our sims. I can still go to the website and see all my orders and download them, as of right now, its still available. Update: Just checked again and my downloads need to be done by the app. So I guess we don't have a choice.
  15. Then don't use it and continue to use their website. Don't think their website is going anywhere. The App is just another option. Its nice to have choices. You have to put some trust in the programs you use, otherwise, your computer will be very limited. Been using the app since release. I have been using Simmarket for many years, with 102 orders dating back to 2008
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