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  1. You could also try this. I copied this from a prevoius post, and it has worked for me, when I started getting random CTD. or lockup. Sorry, I don't know who posted it anymore, so cannot give credit. Make sure you read the bottom instructions if you do not have it installed in the default location. Also, I only have the store version, so I do not know if this would apply to the Steam version. Just wanted to share this one, in case it helps anyone who is getting CTDs after a Nvidia driver update; I updated my Nvidia drivers to the latest version last week. I immediately started to get lots of CTDs, at various phases of using MSFS. I tried a few things, such as resetting all of the settings in the Nvidia Control Panel back to the Nvidia defaults, but nothing seemed to help. I was even driven back to X-Plane for a couple of days! Anyway, I contacted Zendesk and was advised to delete both the usercfg.opt file, and the flightsimulator.cfg file (both residing in the 'LocalCache' folder). Apparantly the [Display] settings in the flightsimulator.cfg file has some references to the specific GPU drivers that are being used. So I deleted both files, booted up MSFS (which regenerated new versions), reset the settings in MSFS that had been put back to default (it wasn't all settings, just the graphics ones) and I literally have not had a CTD since! I even went back into the usercfg file and made my preferred adjustments (eg. film grain off) and again, no issues. So if you change GPU drivers and have problems, make a back up of both of these config files and then delete them. Sure worked miracles for me. Also DONT delete your usercfg.opt file. Open it then delete everything but leave the bottom line. ( if you installed onto your C drive then fine but you should not have done that anyway) } InstalledPackagesPath "D:\MSFS" If you delete the file and its not installed in the default location, MSFS will not see where its installed and will want to download the 127gigs of data. You can just re-direct it to where its installed and it should not require a re-download.
  2. Are you using FSUIPC and with the save turn on? This causes about a 5 sec freeze everytime it saves. Athough there are no CTD
  3. I agree, If it cannot authenticate because of internet issues, or like in this case, a problem with the Xbox servers, it should let you continue for at least a day or so before it refuses to run. I finally have a few free hours tonight to fly, and cannot because of this. Anyway, in the last 4 years with MSFS, this is only the second time this has happened to me.
  4. Xbox services are having issues. When you run MSFS, it checks your Xbox account to make sure your a valid owner of MSFS. Since the Xbox service is down, it cannot authenticate, so you get the "insert disk message" Nothing wrong on your end. Just have to wait it out till Xbox service is back up and running.
  5. Well, at least its one more thing you can eliminate as as the cause. I also only fly in VR, but I do not have the Quest, so I don't know much about that unit. As you know VR his very demanding and puts a higher load on your system. I still think you have a power issue, or something shorting out. For your PC to instantly and completely power down, with no indicator lights, is usually some sort of power issue.
  6. GPU would be my next suspect since you already swapped Ram, PSU. Maybe a GPU issue. OCCT really tests the CPU and memory, but I don't think it really stresses the GPU that much. Try 3Dmark or FurMark.
  7. Some are saying the P3D version sounds are better then the MSFS version, but are they actually more true to life? Sounds from the flightdeck, only a real world T7 pilot could really answer that question, the rest of us are just speculating.
  8. Indeed, my first RW flight on a T777-300 was from CYUL to CYYZ (Montreal to Toronto). A one hour flight.
  9. I fly only in VR, and so far have not had that issue. Just did another flight this evening, and MSFS loaded up just fine, with all my settings. Is your MSFS installation in the default location? If so, I wonder if you have a write permission issue. The default location, are Windows protected folders if I recall. Try running MSFS as administrator and see if your save settings remain.
  10. Both my computers are plugged into a UPS. My PC is shut down every night. With the way I have it set up, high performance, EMP, etc, it does not want to go into sleep mode anyway. I don't bother with turning off the Powersupply, Never really had an issue. My iMac, I put in into sleep mode everynight and maybe do a reboot once a month. Been doing that for 15+ years. There are pro's and con's for both routines, and I don't think it makes much of a difference, unless you live in an area where your power is unstable.
  11. A lot of people here have indicated that they will take a wait and see, or plan on not going to 2024, but I predict that on day one of release, the servers will be swamped with people trying to buy it. I will be one of them.
  12. Same. Had the same problem with payment. Had to run MSFS with or without Admin rights. Cannot remember which one worked.
  13. Yes, I use it in VR. As long as you know what to say. It is very simular to Pilot2ATc if you ever used that. Mic key assigned to a button on my yoke.
  14. After reading all the comments, I decided to be purchase the EA . My first impressions was very good. Easy to set up, No voice training. It even had my trigger button I use on my yoke for voice, already mapped. I did a flight from KLAS to CYVR. It worked very well through all phases of flight. It did change my landing runway from simbrief from RWY 13 to 08L on approch. It did keep me a bit high on approch with some strange vectoring, but it did vector me for ILS 08L. I always fly in VR and used Pilot2ATC. I find BATC to be very simular to Pilot2ATC, but with much better voices and sounds (radio noise). I used the same phrases I use for P2ATC, and it understood everything I said the first time. So far very impressed with my first flight. For me, flying in VR, I like the fact it beeps to let me know i have pressed the PTT button and it understood what I said.
  15. For the most part, I have moved to MSFS and do enjoy it quite a bit. It's the Majestic Q400 and the FSL Concorde that keep me coming back to PD3 occasionally. You really should try out the Q400. It's a great aircraft to learn and fly.
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