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  1. rickjake

    virtual reality

    I personally don't use the keyboard a lot once the sim has started. Even before I got into VR, I did not use key commands much. Too many to remember and they are not the same between different sims. Most of the key commands I have mapped to my controls on my GF yoke, throttle quadrant, and rudder petals. The rest I use the mouse. I don't have the VRS Superbug for P3d, but I do fly the hornet in DCS. Again, most of what I need is mapped on my Thrustmaster HOTAS system. The mouse for the rest. You develop muscle memory to where everything is while wearing the headset. Flying a jet like the FA-18 and looking around for your bandit in VR while pulling some G's is a totally different experience then doing the same on the monitor.
  2. You would normally just install your Add-ons just like you did with FSX Gold. I would visit the sites you purchased your add-ons and download the latest installers. Most developers have updated their installers by now, to automatically recognize FSX steam addition on your computer. If not, the installer might ask you where your FSX is installed on your PC. Just redirect it to where the steam addition FSX is located, and it should continue to install.
  3. rickjake

    virtual reality

    I'm a very happy Vive Pro user. Have use it in P3D v4.3 and now P3d v4.4. X-plane 11, DCS World and the new Fly Inside Sim. Hard to go back to my 4k monitor.
  4. rickjake

    FF A350 Update.

    X-Updater-Client.jar is an Java script found in your x-plane/Aircraft/Airbus A350 folder (or what ever you named the folder when you installed it). Its a method that Flight Factor uses to update their aircraft. It requires that you have java installed on your PC for it to work.
  5. rickjake

    FSLabs A320 update for P3dv 4.4 available

    Yes it is. I have already downloaded it and installed it. Its working fine in P3Dv4.4. I also had to update spotlights. Lefteris quote in the second post under Announcements "We released a quick compatibility update (v266b) for our 64-bit A320-X and A319-X products for Prepar3D v4, to make them compatible with v4.4. This is an interim update, no changes in the code other than to ensure compatibility with v4.4. The upcoming larger update is being tested and will find its way to you soon. "
  6. rickjake

    FSLabs A320 update for P3dv 4.4 available

    The title says update for p3d v4.4. I made no mention of any new features, however, I did mention in my post that the FSX and P3Dv3 updates where also available, and they do include new features.
  7. As the Topic Title says, the FSLabs A320 update is now available for P3dv 4.4 along with the FSX and P3dv3 versions. See the FSLabs forum for more details.
  8. rickjake

    P3dv4.4 slow to start

    Wow. 8-9 minutes and it was almost double that with 4.3?. I have noticed that 4.4 is taking longer to load then 4.3 did for me, contrary to what others are experiencing. I guess I should consider myself lucky, as it takes my system about 3 minutes, and I thought that was long.
  9. I've been down this road. Sales guy at Best buy told me the Vive Pro headset alone would be fine for flight sim if I didn't want to use the controllers. So I bought it. Once I open it, I could not return it (unless it was defective). Good thing I did some research on the internet before I opened it, and found that you need the lightboxes for the headset to track. This is not included with the Vive Pro headset only. I returned it and bought the complete Vive Pro kit. Very expensive ($1900 Canadian). The kit comes with the generation 2 lightboxes and 2 controllers. Apparently, the original light boxes and controllers. ver 1. will work with the Vive Pro. It might be cheaper to by the original Vive kit and then just buy the Vive Pro headset. Although expensive, I don't regret it. Its very immersive. The feeling of actually sitting in the cockpit is very cool.
  10. rickjake

    Prepar3D v4.4 Is Available Now ! 

    At the few airports I have tried so far, SODE seams to be working OK.
  11. rickjake

    Prepar3D v4.4 Is Available Now ! 

    I just did a quick startup, taxi and takeoff with Q400. Everything seams to be working OK. Although, I haven't done a complete flight yet.
  12. It was FSLabs for me as well. I just renamed the file add-on.xml file (located in Documents/Prepar3d v4 Add-ons\FSLabs folder) to something else. Ex. "OFF_addon-on.xml" so it would not load when starting P3D. At least until FSLabs have an updated version. Hopefully soon.
  13. rickjake

    Prepar3D V4.4 Add-on Compatibility List

    There is now an Announcement at the FSlabs Forums with an update roadmap.
  14. I bought a Samsung 47", Series 6, 4K Curved Monitor a couple of years ago and its supports 30 Hz. I'm really happy with it.
  15. Glad you got it sorted out.