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  1. The world doesn't disappear in MFS if the internet is pulled, it still has landclass like P3D or you can just cache the region. On the other foot, I think XP P3D and MFS will continue to be heavily used by many users depending on what they want to do. But I do agree with some of the other posts in here, not seeing a lot of news lately but hey, sometimes no news is good news?
  2. Will be keeping my eye on this for sure. Doing ANZ hops would be awesome. Also, I spy RF legs in one of those screenshots - nice.
  3. Unfortunately, the coming summers will only be hotter. The climate is entering a spin that may very well be unrecoverable soon. This century is going to be very interesting to say the least.
  4. I can sort of see how some people would think that. I purchased the NGXu in the first week and only bought it because of the credit deal. The credit was stated to be only for the NG3, if the NG3 didn't cover all the credit then it is what it is, I still have used a fully upgraded NGX for more than 24 months so I don't see any loss in value there AND I would be getting the NG3 for free. Again, I could kind of see how someone would be upset, but if you actually used the NGXu instead of using it as a strange kind of pre-order for the NG3 then you couldn't possibly be bothered.
  5. The credit was stated to be for the purchase of the NG3. Should there be credit left over it can't be used for anything else.
  6. At least with the DC-6 that should be the case indeed.
  7. I find the backlash insane! We were all reading the top wishes on the dev updates for weeks. One of the TOP "issues" was and I quote "Dreadful Performance". They increase the performance and yet people complain. Obviously not everyone, but it sure is loud in these forums. Asobo are smart, I'm sure they'll find a way to put the extra fidelity back in the sim but working that in with the optimised rendering will probably still take time. Everything takes time believe it or not. Dammed if you do, dammed if you don't. It would appear with flight sims at least, this is very accurate. Wow.
  8. Another mini-update. 737 appears to be on track. Asobo still very committed to listening to issues and working on them up until the last minute. Very excited to see what they can do in the final half of this year.
  9. Did you update the USA world update in the content manager? I had another 23GB of updates in the content manager after doing the 40GB patch.
  10. Unfortunately the default airport is missing the new runway and taxiways. Had it not been for that I probably wouldn't have bought it. I was lucky enough to have the previous version so I didn't put much thought into pulling the trigger but I was rather shocked after loading in - had I paid full price I probably wouldn't be very happy at all.
  11. I explained that a little clumsily. I should've said we don't use the hold function on the G1000. Instead we just OBS and set the inbound TRK to the hold and manually fly as required, left/right turns, allowing for drift etc. Needless to say, in a non-training environment if you've got it - use it, if you don't - you better know how to do it yourself or let ATC know you're unable. That's at least how I like to think.
  12. Currently doing my IR right now. We don't use autopilot or GPS to fly the holds. We just fly the plane manually. It may have a G1000 but that's a luxury many GA aircraft don't have. Although it's definitely a good thing in single pilot IFR to not have to worry about flying a hold I can imagine. So hopefully it's a feature that comes in the G1000 Nxi that WT are working on.
  13. I think it's the best implementation of RF legs I've seen anywhere. We still are waiting to see how it flies it but again, impressed and eager for next week.
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