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  1. I wish they just took the old FSX price and adjusted it for inflation. $79 would be reasonable in my eyes. Only reason I bought it is because I don't know if I'll ever get to fly one in real life, but the career is just beginning so who knows?
  2. It's just what they are calling their product. For example Qualitywings has their Ultimate 787. The NGXu is a simulation of the 737-800, 737-900 and 737-900ER.
  3. Yeah ngl, their forum is blowing up. Quite amusing seeing the complaints. It will probably release on P3D afterwards anyway, considering they had it somewhat working in a screenshot from a while back. But if you're that willing to spend more money on a platform that is being overtaken be my guest. Albeit I was ready to buy NG3 for P3D but that was going to be my last purchase until I see how Flight Simulator handles itself.
  4. I'll just dump some fresh news on this thread. The new NG3 is coming to Flight Simulator as a Flight Simulator only product (if only initially). It will also include the NG and MAX variants (yay!). PMDG also shared that they anticipate bringing the 777 and 747 product lines to Flight Simulator (nothing but awesome). Considering the level of skepticism PMDG displayed at the reveal of Flight Simulator, Microsoft/Asobo must have done some serious communicating to get them this onboard. This should only be good news for us. At the end of the day PMDG is a business and they wouldn't do this if they weren't fully convinced it would work out for them. Next year will be interesting. But for now, it's 2D cloud sprites for a little bit longer... (for me anyway)
  5. Well everyone's different. For me at least, a good soundtrack can add mountains to an already amazing game. Same goes for flight sim but due to the genre it's an optional and really only applies to the launch menu.
  6. Turns out I was pretty wrong, kinda angry at myself for never minimising the sim and only tabbing out. Big Facepalm 😅
  7. Take a quick tangent here, my P3D does not do that. CPU usage stays high when minimised as if nothing changed at all. What's your actual usage? If it drops by more than 20% I'll be impressed (for you) and angry (at mine) that my sim doesn't "work".
  8. If you look at it objectively, even if Flight Simulator launches without seasons it's still a monumental advancement over landclass scenery. I understand the opinion that seasons are really important, and I agree. But the point I'm trying to make is that if seasons are not there at launch (seems likely), then we are still not going backwards.
  9. Ah, I see it now. If the bank was corrected it wouldn't be too bad at all then. Hopefully it's just 'alpha things' what we're seeing right now.
  10. Care to point out the differences in attitude during the spin here? Genuinely curious because they look pretty similar to me (comparing to the insider video). Different aircraft will spin differently too of course.
  11. There would definitely be a market for a FF3. I'd welcome it because without FF it's quite hard to feel the plane like you can it real life, it just takes it that little bit further.
  12. I think a lot of the questions here will be answered by the next episode: aerodynamics.
  13. Good luck testers, I'm sure it will be nearly impossible to keep this sim under wraps but you must do it! For the greater good! I'm sure that a lot of us will have a kick at an alpha down the road and I'm looking forward to it. GLHF!
  14. Fortunately 7 year old satellite imagery still beats landclass any day of the week. Whew!
  15. This was actually really cool to see. As expected, the Azure AI isn't perfect when compared to areas Google has photogrammetry for, but what I do see, is something that looks convincing. Even if 90% of the world uses Azure for buildings, I still see a great upgrade coming up.
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