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  1. The 2024 version isn't out yet but people complain. Just let them cook. 2020 has been the best flight sim I have ever used and it wasn't even close.
  2. I think I know the answer from the product page but to these overhauls improve the systems on the default aircraft also? Or are the improved systems only on the gauge aircraft?
  3. About 30 minutes into a flight in the 737 and so far no issues. Update processed smoothly, all addons working well! The cooperation between Asobo and addon devs is working well for these SUs now.
  4. I still can't find a situation where I felt the conditions were unrealistic. My sim must be broken!
  5. Flightdeck looks great. Thankfully that's where people will spend most of their time since the exterior leaves something to be desired in my case. Cool to still see addons come out for P3D I guess. Impressive what they can get to work in that sim these days.
  6. You'd be surprised how some people 'clean' their aircraft IRL. Smh I hate scratchy buggy windscreens when flying in real life.
  7. The camera doesn't change it actually stays fixed which is a problem since you fly around the ellipsoidal planet. - Drone camera angle changes relative to Earth as you fly - Therefore Earth is round sshh don't tell the flat Earthers!
  8. I agree, that video looks fine. Main artefacts look to be coming from the poor bitrate of the recording / YouTube compression.
  9. As far as my response to the op, I have done a couple flights in this update and have found the aircraft to handle just fine. There are some swings here and there but nothing I have found that you cannot correct with appropriate control inputs.
  10. For those saying flying IRL is easier than in sim. Yes. Absolutely. And it always will be. You will have physical controls with real feedback. You are in the seat. I've always said flying is a piece of cake, it's the laws, and knowledge that is the only hard part about flying. For those good at studying and have good hand-eye, flying is second nature. Flying on a flat screen sim with a few hundred dollars worth of controls will still not come close to how it feels to fly a real aircraft.
  11. If Fenix do an A321 or other A320 family aircraft without another charge I will agree with that statement. But so far their package is the same as what PMDG are offering and they have not confirmed intentions with other airframes yet so this statement is not correct to make.
  12. $63 for 6 airframes and PMDG should cost a bit more for 8. Both very reasonable and good value imo.
  13. Hopefully PMDG can do the 787 after they catch up their catalogue.
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