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  1. If this is true then this is probably one of the strangest bugs I've ever seen. Right up there with invisible walls 😄
  2. That would be problematic when it comes to the fact that they want to sell it. Part of the product would not be their work.
  3. Unfortunate news but it's pretty much to be expected, as long as it hits the usual PMDG standards it'll be worth it. Could be worse - it took them 4 years after FSX to release the NGX so anything sooner than that is ideally very good, especially for a brand new platform.
  4. People seem to be pushing for the whole sim to be perfect in such a small timeframe. This is crazy.
  5. Indeed. The main point I was jabbing at there was that P3D cost me $200 and it doesn't even come with any aircraft that are worth using. At least MFS has enough content to mostly satisfy VFR flying. P3D has literally nothing. I bought a skeleton and the organs are DLC.
  6. I didn't realise P3D was actually worth $US200 until now. Let me just buy a $US100 NGXu to go with that, $40 GSX and $50 Active Sky, oh and two airports so $50, and the region they're in so another $50. Yeah I'm gonna have to go back to math class. At least XP is way cheaper. But then there's only the Zibo. Although I hear the ini builds is quite nice these days 🙂
  7. As a general rule of thumb with MFS, if it's in the Bing imagery it will be in the sim. Some of the imagery is due for renewal (it's old) and as that happens they will update the airports as part of the world updates.
  8. If 5.1 improves TrueSky enough then I'll finally buy P3Dv5. I just need something to prop myself up until NG3. I open v4 and just go sorta meh but still enjoy Vatsim.
  9. Great update! Now to login to P3D forums for their weekly - oh wait
  10. I quite like how the controls feel. I use 1:1 scaling and it doesn't feel twitchy, the small inputs work really well. Until force feedback makes a proper return it will be really hard to feel the controls. In a normal aircraft that operates the controls via cables, as airspeed increases the controls become more effective and the force required for full deflection increases. Whereas in our sims we can literally apply full deflection with the same effort that's required at all times. It can be very deceiving when going from flying slow, to flying fast where the same deflections suddenly does a whole lot more. Hence it all comes full circle and I make my point - can we get some new force feedback stuff that won't make us bankrupt. Cheers.
  11. You'll find in sim however the tiling from imagery is less pronounced because of the way the AI processes it. As a result, I have noticed some tiling but I typically need to look a little harder. I think as they improve the AI and just get newer imagery in general tiling will become even less pronounced.
  12. The avionics issue I would rate about as bad as crashing into invisible walls on final lmao.
  13. Wow. Oslo looks REALLY impressive https://flightsim.to/file/624/oslo-airport-2020-engm
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