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  1. Is it possible to install the 430W on both Sim Environments P3D/FSX and X-Plane in the same time without any special steps? Of course assuming both a licensed.
  2. Coupon states that it is valid until 31st of March 2022, but Website says it should be valid until April 30th, 2022.
  3. Current Sale Offer downloads invalid Coupon (for 2020) -> rxp-athome-2020.cpn Please fix. I would like to order the GTN750 for X-Plane @RXP
  4. The update will come. Meanwhile I wait and fly manual.
  5. I will contact him with that request from the eMail that I used for my recent purchase. Tomorrow its Monday and I am sure he will respond to that issue.
  6. Hi Frank, Sorry, but what you write makes no sense. Lets not continue that. I will ask JL directly about that. (btw: The license is what proves that to have the right of use and not the setup files. Thats why you can offically Download any Image from Microsoft.)
  7. Hi Frank, What is the problem with downgrading? There is the exe and my lisense files in the setup directory. It was recommended to save that. So there should be no problem to reinstall with a older version?
  8. If somebody has the Installer for 2.3.8, please PM me. I just bought the Software yesterday....
  9. Thank you. Then its not everyone. Hmmm. (Will continue testing too)
  10. Hi Frank, I was not precise enough with the term "It worked for others". In fact Bert just updated and has the same problem. For now it seems it is a problem with the newest Version (Version until somebody could confirm otherwise. @all : Please post if Version works. Q: AP in GPS Mode (flying RNP/GPS procedures on Autopilot) works or for you or not?
  11. Hi Bert, That is "fantastic". Now we can agree that has a Bug. I hope this Info helps the Development. Its not a big Deal, Bugs are the everyday Business of Programming ;-) Do you know where the affected Users can Download the last/a Version with a working Autopilot (in GPS mode)? Would it be enough just to overinstall? Best, Paul
  12. Fails exactly the same way with the original database. I will try to reinstall. Maybe the problem is somewhere on my side. I works for others....
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