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  1. warning23

    Windows7 and a fresh FS9 install

  2. warning23

    Coolsky Fleet Coming to P3Dv4

    Unlike the maddog developers maybe coolsky at least consider homecockpit builders and attach some 2d panels with the plane.
  3. warning23

    ATR Progress?

    the ATR 600 comes only with Thales. It is an only FMS based aircraft. The 500 is the one with honeywell or no FMS at all.
  4. warning23

    ATR Progress?

    Well thanks anyway. At least it is a consideration!!
  5. warning23

    ATR Progress?

    Can you guys reléase the plane with a set of 2d panels?? ( overhead, dash, fgcp + lateral auto/man speed magenta and the ewd+mfd+radio/nav controls below the throttle quadrant and below the mcdu´s would be sufficient ) So far planes like maddog and others have completely disregarded multimonitor homecockpit builders and it is a shame.
  6. Ok, fixed, in the config tool had to invert the axis and get rid of all dead zones
  7. anyone with these pedals?? Have fllowed instructions but the airplane wont barely brake plus brakes are reversed. Tried the config tool and nothing
  8. So, after buying Saitek Multi panel for Flight 1 atr in FSX and discovering FSUIPC and macros the bug of building myself a better cockpit has bitten me. Of course i would like to do it in P3DV4 but just discovered that LM doesnt support macros in this versión. if so, how can i make my own modules and controls ( rotary knobs, push button, switches ) etc made asignable with p3dv4? LVARS? Linda?? Is there any video or tutorial that explains this nicely? Thanks.
  9. One of the problems with FSX and P3d is the airports are from 2009. Is this fixed in FSW?
  10. If the knobster feature in latest air manager versión could be implemented without air manager itself , that and the touchscreen would be almost the perfect solution
  11. warning23

    2d panels for Maddog p3dv4

    Would like to know if there are any plans to realease a 2d panel pack for the p3dv4 versión. I left a comment in the Facebook page some months ago but cant find it anymore. I would use the 2d panels from the fsx versión but they are not compatible gauge wise since its 64 bits. For us multimonitor users and home cockpit simmers 2d panels are the only option. Exdok is unrealistic compared to what we do.
  12. This will fix it: http://uraster.com/en-us/products/usbenhancedpowermanagerdisabler.aspx
  13. Found the solution for the auto throttle switch. Updating to Spad 0.5.1 ( i was using 0.5.0) And assigning the autothrottle switch to a key press instead of a joystick button.
  14. My multimonitor setup is really catered more for realistic procedure flying. In fsx the graphics are maxed but there is no orbx scenery so the performance isnt that bad. IN p3dv4 it definitely improves, but again, no orbx. Im using a gtx 970 for the nvidia surround with three 16:10 monitors in 1680x1050 each and another 7 series nvidia for the other accesory monitors which only carry the 2d panels Tried Daddybooks solution and FSX now doesn´t CTD but three of the displays are not showing a black screen so i cannot move 2d panels to them. His solution only Works in windowed mode which is unacceptable to me.
  15. I really need true fullscreen, i need to overlay some 2d panels oover others.