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  1. Whats your favourite place to fly in Xplane 11?
  2. cptCaptain

    Papua New Guinea X-Plane 11

    Yes. Xenviro v 1.06
  3. cptCaptain

    Papua New Guinea X-Plane 11

    Thanks. You can find this great airports at: http://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/forums/topic/113341-susi-air-scenery-package-under-development-in-indonesia-x-plane-11/
  4. Some random shots of Papua New Guinea....
  5. Same here with the IXEG. Waitet for 5 days to reset. 3 Posts where deletet without further comment, a PM to Cameron was never answered. This is not what i call a good support.
  6. cptCaptain

    X-Enviro is OUT

    One of the best addons for Xplane so far...
  7. cptCaptain

    X-Enviro is OUT

    First i bought Skymaxx (with discount), i was really disappointed in XP11. Black clouds at sunset, just cumulus, and so on. I don't want to bash against Skymaxx. Its a great product, but if one want to fly more than just GA below 10k feet, X-Enviro is the better product. Today i couldn't resist, and bought X-Enviro: Just WOW. This is how the sky should look like.
  8. Ok thanks Cameron. So i just wait for LR to solve this issue.
  9. Now this is what i want to see. But all i get ist this: Even at the highest settings. As you can see in the map, there should be clouds to the horizon, but all i get is a "circle" of clouds around my plane. And this is at 25k feet.
  10. Ok, so far i am a little bit dissapointet. Contrails disappear over white clouds, and if you want to fly above FL300 with clouds to the horizon, you have to choose the highest cloud draw distance, which results in low FPS. And my map stopped working, but i don't know if Skymaxx broke it or its just a Xplane bug. This is what i can say after one hour flight.
  11. cptCaptain

    X-Enviro is OUT

    Where to buy? Can't find it in the org store
  12. Default Cessna C172+KPDX from MisterX6
  13. Can anyone do a short trip around LOWL? I'd like to see how the autogen in Austria looks like.