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  1. Yes, I see it in your own videos of that area, I just didn't see the issue in his video.
  2. Is it just me, but I can't see any issue in this video... The guy even sounds impressed with how good it looks, and how dense the building coverage is around the 2:53:40 mark.
  3. If I get chance, I'm going to fly there myself (presuming it's close to airport OEJN) and see what happens for me.
  4. Okay, let's try something else. I'm sure in your first video, when you scrolled through your settings, you had terrain vector set to medium. Set this to ultra and see what happens. I'm fairly sure terrain vector is connected to how the sim places trees and other objects on the landscape...
  5. I obviously misread. Yes, that image is showing the VRAM of the integrated CPU graphics, because that's what your laptop will dynamically switch to when other software is running, or just sitting on the desktop.
  6. Well, there will be power management settings on your laptop somewhere that control whether your laptop will default to using the integrated graphics built into the CPU, instead of the dedicated GPU. On laptops often an energy saving mode will do this, but there could be other settings dictating that the software uses the integrated CPU graphics. To put it another way, I strongly believe your issue is that the sim is running on integrated CPU graphics. And I believe this because you said only 128MB of VRAM is being used, which just happens to be the amount you would see when integrated CPU graphics are in use instead of the dedicated GPU... So, you really need to focus on investigating your laptop's settings to stop it from using the CPU for graphics instead of the GPU. I can pretty much guarantee that is the root of your problem. You should also be able to force the laptop to always use the dedicated GPU via BIOS settings, if you're confident enough to change them.
  7. I agree with this statement, but currently have no choice in the matter 😅
  8. Do you have power settings on your laptop that might be throttling performance? Like others here I'm sceptical that it's an issue with the software itself, because the overwhelming majority of people, with vastly different hardware and internet connection speeds, don't have this issue. For example, I have a tower PC with i7 CPU and GTX 1070, running on ultra settings and LOD 200. It looks incredible with a much further draw distance than your videos show. If it were an actual bug, I'm sure the issue would be extremely common across various hardware, if not affecting every user's machine...
  9. And thus my cautionary tale about using outdated drivers came to pass 😉
  10. My suggestion is to delete your modified config file, let the sim rebuild it, and use the in-sim settings to adjust LOD to the highest they will let you and see what happens. Go from there.
  11. Internal testing happens constantly, every day, by the programmers themselves (a whole day sometimes turns into bug fixing). And Microsoft have their own testing team working on this sim. It seems difficult to understand, and understandably, that bugs are simply missed, they are accidentally introduced last minute, they sometimes only show up on live builds, and when bugs are reported by public beta testers (or any tester) the developer doesn't always have time to eliminate them for an update release, or they simply struggle to track them down to the cause, or are not always able to recreate them to begin tracking them, at least not immediately. There are professional third-party testing companies used by many publishers who often miss bugs. But it's often presumed that Asobo don't do internal testing, that Microsoft don't do any testing, just because there are bugs to begin with or even at the end result.
  12. It's no bug when the aeroplane pulls to the side (always left?) on the runway. I've seen numerous pilots (in forums and video interview) explain that it's realistic behaviour. If it goes perfectly straight, then there's something wrong with the handling/physics model.
  13. Sure. There's always implementation to some degree anyway. The main point of my reply was that the evidence isn't really there that the glitches were caused by physical VRAM running out (primarily), which seems to be the conclusion most have landed on, because there are people reporting the same glitches with half or less than half their VRAM used.
  14. I don't think the glitches were caused by VRAM being exceeded per se. First reason being that people were reporting the glitches whose physical VRAM was far from being utilised. Usually, all that happens when you exceed physical VRAM is you will get a frame rate/frame time hit as it switches to using slower virtual memory and main RAM, which you might not even notice if you were already capping performance at low frame rates. This switching is usually handled by the main operating system, to the best of my knowledge. As you know, the glitches were assets (trees, etc.,) being displayed in the wrong place at the wrong time, which strongly indicates memory calls being mixed up, stacks not being cleared, etc. -- which is also memory management.
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