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    Pro ATC X current thoughts

    Great discussions here. Very helpful. Spent a bunch of time this weekend looking over all three programs websites. This old pilot is slowly making his way from the piston age to the turboprop age. Nearly 2K hours of DC3 logged hours I figured it was time for some "variety". Got my Q400 airworthy. PFPX loaded and learning. Fighting getting AviliaSoft EFB demo up and running, but I'm sure we will get there. At this point I'm drawn toward PF3, mostly because of the well written manual I read through and the fact I would prefer an ATC that is just an ATC, not another Swiss Army knife program that wants to do what PFPX and my EFB already do. I also like the concept of separating the SID/STAR from the plan and having choices. Reading all the "lively discussion" here this makes the most sense to this old pilot. This piece of my Flightsim environment is a bit down the road, but I needed to ask this. Should I decide, install and get stable any AI program FIRST before looking to add an ATC program? I'm also intending to fly my Q400 with a VA, but this may be a great way to get some good training and get more proficient with ATC. Again, great informative discussion, you gentlemen have helped this "old school" simmer out a great deal. Thanks!
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    C47/DC3 (Manfred Jahn) VOR display not working

    I have had the VOR inop problem a time or two over the years. Turned out there was a conflict with my Master Battery Switch key and its assignment to another key or button.Go in and look very closely at all your key assignments to ensure one is not assigned to the Master Battery that you are not aware of. Other times the battery simply is not on. Makes you feel real smart. Use the pop up windows Shift 2,3,4 to look over the status of your battery, generator etc. Keep at it, you'll get through it. Worth the time! Cheerio,
  3. After quite a series of CPAN/hardware issues, FSUIPC conflicts and operator head space I FINALLY have my Q400 up and flying. Over the past few weeks I have gone through the Airline2Sim Cadet training and am now flying a few flights a day between KSEA and CYVR. Going fairly well. I think I might be on my way up the learning curve. VNAV even works. I need to come here with crumbled up aviator hat in hand and ask a few questions that I have jotted down that I can’t seem to find answers to. Hopefully some of the experienced Q400 pilots can shed some learning light on these items. In the Airline2 Sim videos they press the format button to bring up the course deviation image on top of the terrain map to prepare for landing. It is inop until LNAV goes to Heading Mode. I have tried every combination of settings and cannot bring up the overlay. Any ideas what I might be doing wrong? The voltage on the far right side of the electrical panel shows .15 all the way, top and bottom. Video’s I watch show .25. Should I worry about this? The last issue is not the Q400, but the Aurasim web app used to determine V speeds. I bought a 2 year sub for $5, however I cannot figure out how to enter data to get the calculations. Whenever I click on the Airport tab a blank larger box comes up that will not allow any data input. If I press another button I get another overlay on top of the text already on the screen and the app crashes, completely inop. I attempt to send Aurasim an email asking for directions/instructions but their message input web app is broken too. Spooky. "word not allowed" away $20 for Topcat along with my PFPX purchase. Learning to use it. Somewhat quirky, but I’m getting there. It’ll teach me to look a bit more before purchasing some of these goodies. No Q400 profile for Topcat. Other than that I’m having a grand time learning to fly this beautiful AC. A few more weeks and I’m going to start logging some VA hours. Bought some nice airport scenery for KSEA. Might not be the last time I have to come here with hat in hand for some directions. Lots of reading, watching and flying. BTW, yes… I have folded it into a ball of aluminum more than once over the past few weeks. That’s how you learn. Appreciate any thoughts. Cheers,
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    PMDG Expansion 747-8 or QW 787

    I'm getting a tingling feeling down my leg just thinking about it. Cheers,
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    Q400 RNAV approach questions

    EXCELLENT video series. I’m far into my third attempt to master the Q400 over as many years. I’m making a transition from nearly 20 years of piston AC, most notably the DC3, into turboprops first, then the jets. Have put a wheelbarrow full of cash into the endeavor building out hardware and software. Many difficulties along the way, most notable the Q400 controls and my hardware, but all is worked out now. I am DETERMINED to fly this AC well. I’m not stretching this stat, I believe I have at least 40 to 50 hours of YouTube Q400 video logged. Many of them multiple views. I’m finally at the point where I’m quite pleased with my confidence to begin to fly regular VA flights. ALL of my simming time is now in the Q400 and will be for the next 6 months or a few hundred hours before moving up to a B737. Just like in the real world. I have watched these Airline2Sim video’s over and over and over. Each time I watch them I pick up something I missed. The value lies in the fact that they are planned, scripted, and detailed in extreme detail and are well executed in addition to having a real Q400 pilot in the cockpit giving you the “real deal”. Not to take anything away from some of the other video’s out there, but few come anywhere close to the expertise provided in this training. The two pilots take the training and the flight VERY seriously, rather than saying “screwit, that didn’t work, move on, it’s only a sim”. Worth the price? Beyond any doubt. Hope I’m not highjacking the thread, but I did want to offer an opinion on the buying or not buying decision and if they are worth the money. I have a few questions regarding some of the procedures taught and what I can get done, but that is between my ears and should be another post. THANK YOU for doing these Ben! Very professional and worth the purchase price. This opinion from a retired GA pilot in the real world. Cheerio! Radial9
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    Radial 9 Pilot Experience

    Vic closed the real world pilot thread after seven days so I did not get a chance to add to it. I was traveling and never got around to making the post before it was closed. Hopefully this will stay up. I made my solo flight May 5, 1990 at PAJN, where I lived for almost 33 years. My brother was an AP there for quite some time. Our first AC was a Stinson 108 Voyager. It was in pretty rough shape and not airworthy at the time of purchase. The owner was leaving town and wanted $6500 for it. We ended up giving him $1500 literally two hours before he got on the ferry to leave town and not knowing what to do with it at the airport. We spent almost a year getting it airworthy. We had to send a jug out of the Franklin engine to Franklin Indiana, the only place in the world that would take the repair. We were quoted $900 for the rebuild, ended up having to give them $2300 to get it back to Juneau. Had less than 250 hours when I traded my AC for a family. Good trade. In those pre GPS days it was VERY dangerous airspace. Literally NO navigation aids anywhere and an always closing ceiling. I have some experiences I would never put in a public forum, or a private one for that matter. Lost four good friends over the years to SE Alaska airspace. Two Mother Earth swallowed and never gave up. But I have had the blessed experience to fly over and see some of the most beautiful places on earth. Cheers, Radial9
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    Chuck's Guides for Prepar3d/FSX Aircraft

    Absolutely Outstanding! Dare I say "Works of Art". If the flightsim community were ever to present a "Humanitarian Award", you da man!! I use your A10C and P51D guides over on DCS regularly. You're unofficial statemanship between the two platforms is truly nice to see. I have been banging my head against the wall using the Q400 tutorial from the Majestic user page that has outdated and useless airway info from 2013 trying to enter a FLP into the FMC. Your Q400 guide is truly "mana from heaven!" A tutorial flight that works. What a concept. You asked for input. I'm almost ashamed to suggest given the level of work you have put into the Q400 Guide. However... a page or two in the guide that covers throttle control settings in the Majestic CPAN I believe would benefit many virtual sim pilots making the transition from piston slappers to a jet. I had bookmarked half a dozen forum posts about the issue and with the meltdown at Majestic and the Q400 forum here going "poof", I believe the need truly exists. Ohhhh... BTW as you are surely aware many of us warbird enthusiasts own a TM Warthog Throttle. Using it as an example I'm sure would benefit most everyone (sounds a bit self serving, I know). Anyway.... thank you again for all your VERY KIND work for myself and the community. You make the world a bit nicer today. Cheers,
  8. Bought beta 6 weeks ago. Started out OK. Took the time to read what passes for a manual and set up one aircraft, Mafred Jahn's C47. Tooks some learning but I was able to set up various panel views to get flying. Chaseplane started crashing occasionally about 3 weeks ago. Steadily got worse until it started to not only crash but bring P3D down too. When I did not run CP, everything ran fine, flight after flight. I have been fly 4 to 8 hours a day for the past month. Same plane in P3dV4. I also run Active sky. That is the only addon I run with it. As of 2weeks ago it began crashing on schedule about 20 minutes into a 3 hour flight. Started it back up and it would finish the flight. Last week it started crashing pretty regularly every 20 minutes or so. The past few days it would crash as soon as it loaded. This morning I am attempting to load the program and it will not give me a user interface window. It loads, I get the splash screen, but no user window. I reboot, multiple times. I am positive I am running as admin. I uninstalled the app and reinstalled. Still will not provide a user interface window. Task Manager says it's running. "Relatively painless". Really? Any suggestions would be most welcomed. I do have .net4.62 installed on computer. I have read most of the support topics here. Thanks Radial9
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    Chaseplane Broken

    Hi Keven... always good to come back and let you know how events turned out. I have spent most of today downloading, installing and configuring the new 0.4 ChasePlane software since I already had a licence. Seems to be working just fine with my P3Dv4.2. I know you get comments about having cloud based presets. It was a pleasant surprise to have all my aircraft and presets come up just as I had left them 6 months ago. I had thought I would have to rebuild everything. I even took the time to read all the new tutorials and use existing community views for my new Majestic Q400 install. Pretty slick! I was able to assign those community downloaded views to buttons on my CH Yoke and THQ. They work, imagine that! Now I can, with the press of the rocker buttons and front yoke switches access views to learn how to fly this beautiful aircraft without having to struggle with these old eyes and a checklist that had become frustrating as hell to learn in the standard Q400 VC view. Hopefully the software will remain stable. GREAT software when it works. Thanks!! Radial9
  10. Finally have some time to put all my reading and video watching to practice. Spent my ENTIRE day today configuring control surfaces for this aircraft. Disclaimer: I have flown piston ac, mostly the DC3, for thousands of hours. I had a few hundred hours in the CRJ45 a few years back, but it’s mostly forgotten. I have spent considerable time reading the manuals and watching the Airline2sim video series, and ALL the posts here for the past few years. I come to the land of hopeful pity on this soul somewhat prepared. Very frustrating day. My setup: CH Eclipse Yoke, THQ throttle quad and CH Rudder pedals. I’m using the registered version of FSUIPC. All my “stuff” works fine in my DC3 and other aircraft. The biggest issue I am having is getting the throttle and condition levers set up and calibrated. Not as much of an issue with the condition levers, although they could be better I’m sure. The two throttle levers, on the other hand, are driving me bat---t. Here is what I have done and what I’m getting. Set up the Q400 yoke, throttle and rudder in FSUIPC, for calibration to FSUIPC, then calibrate. Seems to go OK doing that. Control surfaces appear to respond as they should. My understanding is the next step is to then go into the Q400 control panel and set that up. I can follow previous forum posts logic, to a degree, but I’m still not getting the desired responses on the throttle. I put the various input values into the corresponding boxes after moving the levers to the correct position. What I don’t know, or understand, is the setting for Denent. This lack of understanding may be the culprit. What I’m getting is a radical jump on the throttle lever when I push the CH lever just past Flight idle, all the way to MAX. Makes trying to cruise a bit difficult. Trying to taxi is a comedy of errors. DISC=0 IDLE=9500 MAX=65536 Full Reverse = -16384 WHAT do I put into IDENT???? This old pilot trying to learn jets is almost a comedy show in itself. I’m determined to stick with this and get it right. Any help would be most welcomed. I’m patient, can RTFM and consider myself somewhat versed in these matters. But this one is a major PITA. Thanks!
  11. After nearly 1400 DC3 hours and many more in other piston aircraft I decided to venture into commercial aviation, VATSIM and a heavy metal virtual airline. The VA chosen allows me to get my obligatory minimum flights in using my DC3 as well as other vintage aircraft, such as the PMDG DC6. Great way to become familiar with VATSIM again and enter the VA heavy aircraft world slowly. My choices as a P3Dv4 user were limited. I chose the Carenado 1900D to begin this transition. I have read every post here and watched about every video I can find, in addition to reading what passes for manuals many many times. I’m getting somewhat comfortable flying the 1900D manually, meaning without a GPS or the FMC. I’m getting a “feel” for flying the aircraft. I wish to put a few questions out here to see if I’m on the right track in my learning and see if there are perhaps easier ways to accomplish flight planning and transitions. I had quite a frustrating time coming up to speed as each video or tutorial was either for FSX or XPlane 11. Nothing for P3D. But there, in theory, should not be a whole lot of differences. My main issue is transitioning from the cruise route to an approach. The only way I can get the FMC, GPS and FD to work together is to assign the highest elevation on the route to ALL waypoints initially before takeoff. Once I have my ILS info and fixes all set up for the approach I press the APPR button in the AP. I IMMEDIALTLY reset the ALT SEL button to maintain altitude. These two button presses are the ONLY way I can see to descend using the ALT SEL scroll wheel ALT setting gauge. I can plan ahead and insure, using pitch and throttle, to get to my desired altitude. I can then switch to VLOC and capture the GS and land, no problems. If I attempt to descend without fist entering APPR mode the AC either will not descend or flies off in some odd direction as it heads for Mother Earth. The issue: It seems “odd” that the only way I can descend from cruise altitude is entering APPR mode. What if I just wish to descend for weather, and then reclimb? Is this the only way? I cannot seem to find another. What am I doing wrong here? Any help would be most appreciated. I REALLY want to start with this smaller aircraft and work my way up, just like the big boys do. It is so tempting to just go buy the new Majestic Q400 for P3Dv4 and start the months of training there. I’m thinking it’s a mistake, perhaps I’m wrong. Any thoughts out there? Cheers!
  12. I7 7700K GTX1080TI recent update to 388.13 32G 3200 ram P3DV4.1 Win10 Creators Edition AS for P3D Full ORBX Install FSTramp Every since the Nvidia driver update my frame rates cycle/bod down to near 4 fps for a nearly a minute then bounce back up to 30-40ish. Keeps doing it every five minutes or so of flight. Wild swings through various frame per second speeds. Lately they are dropping down to 4-5 and staying there for several minuytes. Ran flawlessly for a few months on this new build without issues until now. I have dialed my sliders back about as far as they can go. Run at default settings. Still get the stutters and 4 fps issue. CPU usage is under 10-15% in task manager while flying. GPU running at about 45% I remember hearing about software video driver utility that would completely remove all old drivers. I’m running out of causes for this issue, so I’m going to assume it’s a video driver issue. There is nothing else installed on this computer. If anyone can offer advice or lead me to resources to troubleshoot this, I would be most appreciative. Thanks!
  13. Elaine.... how do I buy you a beer! Spent the day following the above suggestions. Deleting files and folders and letting them rebuild provided no improvement. However.... using the DDU utility, following your instructions and reinstalling drivers in safe mode seems to be what the issues was. I have only flown for an hour or so. My frame rates have increased from the 30-40 that I have always experienced since building this rig to a smooth 80-90. It is smooth as butter and just beautiful. Flying through Gastineau Channel east of PAJN is the most detail I have ever seen in any sim. I lived on the hillside across from downtown Juneau for nearly 25 years. I'm a real pilot with real world PAJN and SE AK hours. Between LM and ORBX I am really impressed. It's only going to get better too. I'm doing cartwheels in the aisle here as you can tell! I cannot begin to thank you enough for being so kind as to provide these suggestions. They worked! For what I paid for this GTX1080Ti it's nice to see what it can really do. Until your better paid please accept my sincere appreciation. It's like getting a whole new set of toys! Cheers, Radial9
  14. Elaine, THANK YOU!! This should keep me busy for a while. Greatly appreciated!!
  15. I have a full compliment of ORBX. Vectors, LC, most all NA, SA and Europe. I had Latin KRSW for a bit, but I uninstalled it thinking it may be the issue. I have removed all my add on software, save ORBX.
  16. Poppet. THANK YOU for such a quick response. I have already tried your suggestion a few days ago. Problem persists.
  17. After years of flying piston ac, mostly DC3 addons, I am transitioning to TP and jet aircraft. Reactivated long (5 years) dormant VATSIM account, joined a VA that will allow me to fly my DC3 while progressing my pilot career, bought some GoFlight panels to go with my CH setup and am enjoying the H out of it all as I near retirement. Looked a Pilot Edge but have decided to pause that for the time being. Using P3DV4.1, AS and more ORBX scenery than my wife should know about. After a few months of cogitating and indecision last night I purchased the Q400. It came down to it or waiting for the new J41. I’m not big fan of GPS click spots, although they are getting easier, I still find them a major PITA for these old tired eyes. The plan is to further my career with both the narrow and wide body Mr. Boeing planes, so it just seems right to get some serious hours in a TP before going there, just like real pilots do. FMC over GPS just made sense, for me. Have transferred training docs to my Surface and am starting the curves upward path. Spent considerable time reading much of the posts put here over the past few years. I believe that effort will pay off “bigtime” over the next few months. So… now that you have my flightsim life story (BTW, I’m a real pilot too), to the question. Wanted to make a pseudo intro as the chances are high I will make at least one additional post here during my Q400 experience. Question for those who know these things. Do I start out buying FSCrew and install it from the get go or do I learn flow and checklists “cold turkey”, then decide to have the addon help get through the flows and lists? Is it a crutch, or is it a beneficial learning tool? Don’t mid sticking with it for future AC if it’s the later. Will of course hold off if it’s the former. Thanks for any opinions!
  18. Radial9

    Chaseplane Broken

    Keven... thanks for the suggestion. At this point I think I will "just watch". I have a licence. I'll wait and see how the beta progresses and giverago in another few months. With the pending P3Dv4.1 upgrade issues and video drivers I'm not ready to go down that road yet. These "fixes" usually end up causing more problems than they fix. If it was something major, I'd go for it. But to get a few new nifty views I think I will just back up a step or to and see how things develop. Thank you for your prompt support. It is appreciated. Good luck with your software.
  19. Radial9

    Chaseplane Broken

    Keven...no. that is not the case. The UI will not come up even if the sim in not started. I shut all down, rebooted and ran the reg file again. What I get now is the functionality of CP, meaning button presses change views, but still no UI. I remembered I also did a small setup with Carenado's 1900D. Same issue there. The four views I set up work, as I used the same buttons. However, no UI. So the problem is not plane dependent.
  20. Radial9

    Chaseplane Broken

    Keven, that did the trick, for a short while. FYI... I downloaded, rebooted, ran your reg file, rebooted. First load it had me reconfigure CP. All went well with the exception of no fuselage on DC3 exterior views. TO my delight it restored my views (thanks for that!). I said OK, lets try it again. Shut all down, rebooted. Loaded P3d and DC3. This time I got an error message that it had found and fixed a corrupt FSXSE config file. I have never ran FSXSE with CP. I have not started it up in over 4 months. Anyway, it then resorted to the previous issue upon completion of the fix. No user interface. I rebooted again and changed my settings to not have CP load with P3D. Program ran fine. Rebooted a second time and I'm back to the same issue, no user interface. I have rebooted three times now, loaded CP and have the same results, no UI. Almost.
  21. Radial9

    Chaseplane Broken

    If I look real quickly at the splash screen it tells me I am using 0.3.69 beta. If you're not quick there is no way of telling after that as there is no user interface. I was hoping to view the change log and see if that could provide some clues, but that's in the part of the program that want's to hide!
  22. I made this inquiry a few months ago and got no response. Thought I would try again. I have a dual monitor setup. I have an excellent C47 from Manfred Jahn which I greatly enjoy flying. However, the control pop up windows that are accessed by Shift 2-3-4-5 WILL NOT easily move to the second monitor. I have a BenQ 4K 32 main monitor and an Acer 27 as the second. I undock the windows and try to slide them to the second monitor. They stop at the edge. After repeated attempts which usually involve VERY quickly moving them, a piece of the window appears on the 2nd monitor and I can then finish dragging the windows across. It is also VERY difficult to grab the windows with the mouse. It is SO FRUSTRATING to set up a flight and have to fight to get the control panel windows off the main screen. Takes some of the joy out of flying this beautiful aircraft. Anyone else run into this issue? It happens with other aircraft too. I fly the Carenado Beechcraft 1900D and the FMC and GPS have a hard time coming across too, but much easier than the C47. Outside of P3Dv4 I can freely and easily move any other apps windows across at will. Thanks!
  23. Mark... THANK YOU!! It worked! Appreciate your help. What a GREAT piece of free software.
  24. I'm running P3Dv4 on a BenQ 32" 4K monitor with a second 27" 1080 for "other stuff" such as FSTramp Teamspeak and a timer. I can move most any window to the second monitor from windows or most any application normally. However, when I run the Manfred Jahn C47 and put the control windows up into the cockpit, they will not move, once undocked, to the second monitor. They simply stop at the right border of the cockpit. The mouse arrow DOES move over to the other monitor. When I switch to the docking toggle, the window sticks to the top right of the cockpit, unmovable. Has anyone experienced this? Is there a fix? Thanks!
  25. Radial9

    FSTRAMP a few questions

    You can evaluate FSTramp for 20 sessions before having to obtain a key for continued full functionality. That is quite a bit of evaluating. It is the same developer as FSNav. One feature, among others, that separates it from FSComander is the ability to both create and interchange flight plans with P3D. That's a biggie for me. You can also drag and drop navaids into the flightplan window right off the map. I'm having some issues with my current evaluation. After looking up origin and destination airport ICAOsI can drag and drop them into the flightplan window. I can then drag and drop navaids into the plan. An issue I'm seeing is the inability to select and move a waypoint up and down the flightplan list. When I select a waypoint and begin to move it up or down, rather than moving the single waypoint line it continues to highlight multiple waypoint lines. VERY frustrating. I'm going to post a support forum item to see what's up here. Repeated attempts at moving the waypoint line eventually work, it just takes a huge effort to do so at this point. I just like the tight crisp feel of FSTramp. I like the moving map options MUCH better than moving around in FSC. FSC just seems to be too cluttered in my eyes, trying to do too many things. A common fault of a lot of addons these days. Just my .02. The pricing is a bit rich, but the developer REALLY works at keeping it tight and improving it. He has decades of experience doing so. Many pilot flinch at spending $25 a year for such a great utility, but will drop $70 in a heartbeat for a glass cockpit to follow a magenta line and push buttons. Not my idea of flying, but I know I'm in the "Old School" minority on that one. Cheers,