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    Vertx DA62 has launched!

    Well... this is certainly going to bust a hole broadside into my flight training schedule.
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    4.2 to 4.4?

    I did just client from 4.2 to 4.4. Worked fine. Updated shaders, new config and display drivers.
  3. Last week I ordered a MCP and an EFIS from GoFlight. There are rumors running around GoFlight is shutting it's doors. The phone numbers have been removed from the website and Tony is not returning my emails. Anyone hear anything? Thanks! Bob
  4. Just received an update email from Tony at GoFlight. They expect my order to ship end of this week beginning of next. Cheers, Bob
  5. Paul, thanks for asking. I'm considering doing exactly the same thing. Getting ready to retire and will most likely buy a new high end i9 rig from Jetline Systems rather than build my own as I have done in the past. Their systems come with a 1080ti. I already have one in my rig now. Great info here Ron. Thank you for the efforts and the sharing! Cheers, Bob
  6. I upgraded just the client following the silent movie era video pinned at the top of the forum. I have read elsewhere some other people are deleting their shaders folders and config file after doing so. I do remember doing so for previous updates per the instructions provided by Poppet. No mention of it on the video. Should I have done so? , and... if so, should I uninstall 4.4 first, reinstall 4.4 and delete immediately delete these files and let them be rebuilt or is it OK to do it now after a few flights in 4.4? Thanks!! Bob
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    First reactions to P3Dv4.4

    Of note, I just upgraded from 4.2 to 4.4. Never got around to 4.3. I know......I know.. Anyway, this morning I'm starting the left engine of my MJ C47 in my backyard, KRSW, to do some patterns to ensure my OBS gauge is working as it stopped working when I BRIEFLY configured my new F1GTN for it. As I fired up my left engine with the sun just coming up over the back of the AC, I could VERY clearly see clear prop shadow as I have NEVER seen it as the engine began to turn over. Maybe I have just missed it before this clearly, but I don't think so. Very impressive. Much smoother flight model too, no doubt. Not just a placebo, it's there. Great work LM!! Cheers, Bob
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    First reactions to P3Dv4.4

    K.I.S.S. works for me. Uninstalled client, downloaded and installed new client. Installed flawlessly. Q400 and PMDG 737 load just fine. Took the time to install latest video driver and noticed ORBX Vector had an update. Downloaded, installed, took a good 4 minutes to reconfigure but the sim came back up just fine. All seems to be operational. Chaseplane works. MUCH easier than what I had anticipated. I'm back to my regularly scheduled program in less than an hour. Cheers, Bob
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    First Career Jetliner

    Six months ago I endeavored to expand my flightsimming from nearly 15 years of piston AC to turboprops and jets. After those six months I am settling into routine flights with the Majestic Q400. It did not go nearly as smoothly as I had envisioned, but I’m starting to reach a good comfort level with originating and flying regional hops for the VA I joined. I tend to stick with an AC for a long period of time to really learn it. I have logged nearly 2000 hours with DC3 Airways. Once I reach that milestone, I am going to focus more on regular routine daily flights with the Q400, most notably learning the HUD and advance navigation. I’ll also crack open the manual and spend some time in the manual of the jetliner I need to choose. Most of my Q400 hours are on Vatsim as I’m trying to learn proper procedure and ATC. I just completed the Vatstar P1 training and will proceed through P4. Always learning. My intent was to concentrate my flying on Vatsim through what I believe to be a great VA. Now I’m not so sure I want to go the Vatsim route totally. I have been following with interest the various threads the past few months discussing ATC programs and AI traffic programs. Not ready to make the plunge yet, but I think it’s getting closer. Anyway… that was some background for the real reason I’m posting this. I’m trying to decide which jetliner to begin with, the Leonardo Maddog or the PMDG 737NGX. I have both. When I bought the 737 I also purchased Mike Ray’s books which I highly regard. I have watched countless hours of YouTube vids on both AC. Either will be a challenge, but that’s the whole point. This is for the long haul. I’m going to buy a new 9th gen pc this next year along with a new yoke and throttle. Just installed my Crosswinds (nice!). I have 6 Go-Flight modules and am considering buying an EFIS and MPC over the next few months to go with them. I also just bought the X-Plane 11 DVD set. Looking over the Pollypot site to configure my Go-Flight gear I came to the realization that X-Plane was the way to go if I wanted to slowly learn Linda and LUA or even utilize some of the user contributed profile files. I have some programming experience, enough to be dangerous, but learning them will keep me off the streets and out of the pool halls. Anyone venture an informed opinion on which to take up first? I like the idea of moving with history from the DC3 to the DC9 and then taking on the glass with the PMDG. I just want to make sure I’m not biting off more than I can chew. I’m hopeful the Maddog will give me a solid foundation before moving into Mr. Boeing’s world and eventually the Airbus series too. No sense being closed minded about it. Airbus makes some fine AC from what I can see. Any informed thoughts and opinions from the commercial jetliner veterans out there? If you were to do it again, what decision would YOU make, and why? Support? Community? Other factors? Retirement is drawing close. Flying heavy metal and working on my short game is beginning to become front and center. Hope to be able to spend more time learning and contributing to this FINE community. Thanks! Bob
  10. I'm about to embark on the 737NGX learning curve. I had hoped to spend considerable more hours flying the Q400 turboprop before taking this task on, but the landing gear retraction bug has rendered the AC unpredictable for online live ATC flying. I'm sure they will eventually get it sorted out and I can continue to accumulate regional hours, but it's time to move on, for now. I purchased the PMDG 737NGX in the fall of 17. Just now getting it operational. I noticed I had no OPS Center on my start menu. I'm thinking, no worries, the reinstall will fix that issue. Read the installs section of the manuals and a few months of posts here and determined I would be wise to uninstall using Control Panel and reinstall the AC. The uninstall and reinstall went just fine. The OPS Center came up, two notices informed I needed a livery fix and an update. Did both, all OK, closed the OPS Center. Started up P3DV4.2, AC loads just fine. However, I still have no PMDG listing on my Win10 Start menu. Any suggestions? Might I be doing something incorrectly? No biggie now, I have literally tens of dozens of hours of reading and learning ahead, but it might come in handy down the road. And.... I'm using ChasePlane. One of my first tasks before starting the tutorial flights is getting a good Chaseplane views set up and running. Anyone recommend a good premade set from the community they like for a starting point? Thanks... Bob Tonkin
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    Missing OPS Center in startup menu

    No worries Dan. THANK You for the help!! Bob
  12. Radial9

    Missing OPS Center in startup menu

    I believe I did mention that used the control panel to uninstall my previous version of the 737NGX from late 2017. I did download the current product executable folder zip file from my account and ran the XX.exe file as an administrator afte unzipping it. I'm hopeful that is what you meant by "current installer" and not some separate program from PMDG for installing the executable. I did locate the OC on my C drive. If I have missed anything, I apologize for my ignorance. I did not find any "installer" mentions on the PMDG website. Maybe just a communication and wording issue. Cheers, Bob Tonkin
  13. Purchasing a new flightsim computer sometime in the near future. Probably going with Jetline Systems and a new I9 overclocked CPU’s once they get them on the bench and stable. I’m moving into flying commercial jets after years of flying piston AC. Going to retire here shortly and I intend to fly heavy metal and work on my short game. I have a TM Warthog HOTAS and Throttle now. I dabbled for a while in DCS but found I was not as interested in learning weapon systems and blowing XXXX up as I thought I would be. I do enjoy flying the Spitfire and will probably return to it at some point in time. I also GREATLY enjoy flying my Manfred Jahn C47. A LOT! I pulled the TM Warthog off the system and put the CH yoke, THQ and Rudder setup back on. The TM setup is setting off to the side, collecting dust. I do believe the majority of my flying will be jets going into the future, but I know I will still fly vintage war AC and general aviation (read A2A Bonanza) too. I’m thinking of buying a Yoko yoke and TQ6 to go with the new rig. If I decide not to buy them how much of a compromise is it to fly the Q400, the PMDG 737, 777 and the Maddog MD80 with the TM setup and not buy the yoke and TQ6? I suppose I could have both setup full time, but it would make for a crowded desktop and front office. I guess it sounds like I want it all, but I'm concerned flying heavy metal with the TM setup will be filled with shortcomings and trade offs that I might not be able to accept. Would appreciate any opinions on the decision. Thanks!! Bob
  14. Gentlemen... Thank You for the opinions offered. It sounds like I should wait a bit to buy both the yoke and throttle set up to get Hall sensors in both. Perhaps by waiting too the Intel 9th gen processors will be shipping in quantity. I ended up ordering a Crosswinds last week.When I looked at the Thrustmaster Pendular early last week there were 7 at that big warehouse in the sky. I went back to look Thursday and they are now back ordered 60 to 90 days. I believe I will be pleased with the Crosswinds. They have already shipped. All in good time. Now I have the next big decision to make. After making my target hours in the Q400 do I move next to the 737NGX or the Maddog. I'm leaning heavily toward the Maddog. Both are sitting in the hanger uninstalled. I put a few hours in the C47 today. It has been a month or two. It's like slipping on the best pair of warm slippers you have ever owned on a cold winter morning. Just relaxing flying after shear terror after terror in the Q400. Thanks Again! Bob
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    Chaseplane worth it?

    What he said. +1
  16. As of a week and five flights ago I have lost the ILS option as a NAV Source on my Q400. I tune my NAV Radio and know I am close enough to the ILS, however, cycling through the NAV sources I only get the two FMS and VOR choices. No ILS. I have tried various airports and runways with the same results. I have updated my Navigraph cycle to the latest for all my addons. I created several new flights cold and dark and flown them. Although I no longer lose my FMC flightpath display, which also started to happen mid flight, I still cannot choose ILS for as a NAV Source for the approach and landing. ILS simply is not there as a choice. I am at a loss to know why. Any suggestions or corrections or opinions would be much appreciated. I have posted the query over on the Majestic support forum. The post has been up for four days now with no feedback Yet there has been regular feedback provided in various threads from Majestic staff. Not sure what’s going on there. If I’m going to embarrass myself by missing something repeatedly over and over on the checklist, so be it. That’s how one learns. Cheers,
  17. Radial9

    ILS Gone as NAV Source on Q400

  18. Radial9

    ILS Gone as NAV Source on Q400

    By hovering the mouse over NAV Source button and either right or left clicking it I cycle through FMS, VOR or ILS 1 and 2. Each of these modes displays in the bottom right corner of the PFD. FMS1 and 2 in magenta with same color needles, VOR 1 and 2 in light blue with same color needles and ILS 1 and 2 blue needles (course needle) when tuned and in range. When I'm on approach I ensure the ILS radio is tuned to the localizer. I switch from NAV to Heading mode for decent and approach vectors. Once on runway heading I press APPR and I have been cycling the NAV source to ILS 1 which displays ILS, the frequency and DME info in blue on the bottom right PFD. Repeated cycling through NAV Sources no longer presents an ILS option. There is only four choices, not six. The two ILS1 and ILS2 are not offered as choices as I click the NAV Source button. Am I having a "senior moment" here? I believe this is the way I have been landing the past two months. The ILS will not show up as a NAV source upon near final of the approach. Thanks for the inquiry. Appreciate it!
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    Current thoughts on ATC programs

    Great discussions here. Very helpful. Spent a bunch of time this weekend looking over all three programs websites. This old pilot is slowly making his way from the piston age to the turboprop age. Nearly 2K hours of DC3 logged hours I figured it was time for some "variety". Got my Q400 airworthy. PFPX loaded and learning. Fighting getting AviliaSoft EFB demo up and running, but I'm sure we will get there. At this point I'm drawn toward PF3, mostly because of the well written manual I read through and the fact I would prefer an ATC that is just an ATC, not another Swiss Army knife program that wants to do what PFPX and my EFB already do. I also like the concept of separating the SID/STAR from the plan and having choices. Reading all the "lively discussion" here this makes the most sense to this old pilot. This piece of my Flightsim environment is a bit down the road, but I needed to ask this. Should I decide, install and get stable any AI program FIRST before looking to add an ATC program? I'm also intending to fly my Q400 with a VA, but this may be a great way to get some good training and get more proficient with ATC. Again, great informative discussion, you gentlemen have helped this "old school" simmer out a great deal. Thanks!
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    C47/DC3 (Manfred Jahn) VOR display not working

    I have had the VOR inop problem a time or two over the years. Turned out there was a conflict with my Master Battery Switch key and its assignment to another key or button.Go in and look very closely at all your key assignments to ensure one is not assigned to the Master Battery that you are not aware of. Other times the battery simply is not on. Makes you feel real smart. Use the pop up windows Shift 2,3,4 to look over the status of your battery, generator etc. Keep at it, you'll get through it. Worth the time! Cheerio,
  21. After quite a series of CPAN/hardware issues, FSUIPC conflicts and operator head space I FINALLY have my Q400 up and flying. Over the past few weeks I have gone through the Airline2Sim Cadet training and am now flying a few flights a day between KSEA and CYVR. Going fairly well. I think I might be on my way up the learning curve. VNAV even works. I need to come here with crumbled up aviator hat in hand and ask a few questions that I have jotted down that I can’t seem to find answers to. Hopefully some of the experienced Q400 pilots can shed some learning light on these items. In the Airline2 Sim videos they press the format button to bring up the course deviation image on top of the terrain map to prepare for landing. It is inop until LNAV goes to Heading Mode. I have tried every combination of settings and cannot bring up the overlay. Any ideas what I might be doing wrong? The voltage on the far right side of the electrical panel shows .15 all the way, top and bottom. Video’s I watch show .25. Should I worry about this? The last issue is not the Q400, but the Aurasim web app used to determine V speeds. I bought a 2 year sub for $5, however I cannot figure out how to enter data to get the calculations. Whenever I click on the Airport tab a blank larger box comes up that will not allow any data input. If I press another button I get another overlay on top of the text already on the screen and the app crashes, completely inop. I attempt to send Aurasim an email asking for directions/instructions but their message input web app is broken too. Spooky. "word not allowed" away $20 for Topcat along with my PFPX purchase. Learning to use it. Somewhat quirky, but I’m getting there. It’ll teach me to look a bit more before purchasing some of these goodies. No Q400 profile for Topcat. Other than that I’m having a grand time learning to fly this beautiful AC. A few more weeks and I’m going to start logging some VA hours. Bought some nice airport scenery for KSEA. Might not be the last time I have to come here with hat in hand for some directions. Lots of reading, watching and flying. BTW, yes… I have folded it into a ball of aluminum more than once over the past few weeks. That’s how you learn. Appreciate any thoughts. Cheers,
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    PMDG Expansion 747-8 or QW 787

    I'm getting a tingling feeling down my leg just thinking about it. Cheers,
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    Q400 RNAV approach questions

    EXCELLENT video series. I’m far into my third attempt to master the Q400 over as many years. I’m making a transition from nearly 20 years of piston AC, most notably the DC3, into turboprops first, then the jets. Have put a wheelbarrow full of cash into the endeavor building out hardware and software. Many difficulties along the way, most notable the Q400 controls and my hardware, but all is worked out now. I am DETERMINED to fly this AC well. I’m not stretching this stat, I believe I have at least 40 to 50 hours of YouTube Q400 video logged. Many of them multiple views. I’m finally at the point where I’m quite pleased with my confidence to begin to fly regular VA flights. ALL of my simming time is now in the Q400 and will be for the next 6 months or a few hundred hours before moving up to a B737. Just like in the real world. I have watched these Airline2Sim video’s over and over and over. Each time I watch them I pick up something I missed. The value lies in the fact that they are planned, scripted, and detailed in extreme detail and are well executed in addition to having a real Q400 pilot in the cockpit giving you the “real deal”. Not to take anything away from some of the other video’s out there, but few come anywhere close to the expertise provided in this training. The two pilots take the training and the flight VERY seriously, rather than saying “screwit, that didn’t work, move on, it’s only a sim”. Worth the price? Beyond any doubt. Hope I’m not highjacking the thread, but I did want to offer an opinion on the buying or not buying decision and if they are worth the money. I have a few questions regarding some of the procedures taught and what I can get done, but that is between my ears and should be another post. THANK YOU for doing these Ben! Very professional and worth the purchase price. This opinion from a retired GA pilot in the real world. Cheerio! Radial9
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    Radial 9 Pilot Experience

    Vic closed the real world pilot thread after seven days so I did not get a chance to add to it. I was traveling and never got around to making the post before it was closed. Hopefully this will stay up. I made my solo flight May 5, 1990 at PAJN, where I lived for almost 33 years. My brother was an AP there for quite some time. Our first AC was a Stinson 108 Voyager. It was in pretty rough shape and not airworthy at the time of purchase. The owner was leaving town and wanted $6500 for it. We ended up giving him $1500 literally two hours before he got on the ferry to leave town and not knowing what to do with it at the airport. We spent almost a year getting it airworthy. We had to send a jug out of the Franklin engine to Franklin Indiana, the only place in the world that would take the repair. We were quoted $900 for the rebuild, ended up having to give them $2300 to get it back to Juneau. Had less than 250 hours when I traded my AC for a family. Good trade. In those pre GPS days it was VERY dangerous airspace. Literally NO navigation aids anywhere and an always closing ceiling. I have some experiences I would never put in a public forum, or a private one for that matter. Lost four good friends over the years to SE Alaska airspace. Two Mother Earth swallowed and never gave up. But I have had the blessed experience to fly over and see some of the most beautiful places on earth. Cheers, Radial9