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  1. Yeah, after all we have been put through. I don’t want to tempt fate either.
  2. Okay, than I will. Merry Christmas and may we all have a much better and joyous 2022.
  3. Wow. I never knew how much went into his flights every Christmas Eve. I mean, sure, I got a taste of it watching The Polar Express growing up, but I didn’t think of that much! And 650 miles a second, that’s faster than even the asteroid that killed the dinosaurs 65 million years ago. And here I though that chunk of rock was fast, streaming in at 40,000 mph and hitting the Yucatán peninsula. I never knew how many tons he’d be carrying. Mind blown…!
  4. I myself have flown on American Eagle, America West and Continental.
  5. Maybe once, but I was only 18 months old back then, so that memory is a bit fuzzy. Up till now, aside from the ‘60s Rudolph the red nosed reindeer and frosty the snowman movies, the only Christmas movie I have really seen all my life is Jim Carey the grinch, primarily because he is so funny in that. And for some reason, even now, the cat attack parts always make me laugh!
  6. What color do you think it was before it turned white?
  7. Warp speed? Someone told me he’d need at least Mach 1.4 and cruise at 45,000 ft.
  8. Hi all. In the spirit of Christmas I figured I’d ask the members here who are pilots and ones who believe in Saint Nick; in your opinion, on Christmas Eve what speed/Mach, and altitude do you think Santa Claus flies at to get to over 6 billion houses in just 24 hours? I myself have wondered this myself every Christmas since I started my flight training. And it’s mystified me a lot. Merry Christmas everyone!
  9. Hi recently finished watching a news piece from on American Airlines flight 2292 encountering a UFO while crossing New Mexico airspace back in February and I may be new to this but I wanted to ask, If these truly are aliens why are they so interested in our planes? and what could they be doing aside from observing them? Let me know what you think down below, I’m just as curious and perplexed as the next person. Here’s the link:
  10. All good points. And very helpful might I add, and I’d like to thank you all for these factors in flap settings. Knowing this I’ll be able to plan with ease, and I’m trying to fly by TWA procedures from a downloaded digital copy of their 767 flight manual.
  11. Yeah, I was specifying the -300ER, and out of curiosity how long of a runway would flaps 20 get you off of?
  12. And did this cover the PW4000 powered -300ER?
  13. So, flaps 20 normally? And would the takeoff data include V speeds?
  14. Hi new to this part of AVSIM and wanted to ask what would the absolute normal takeoff flaps setting be for the Boeing 767-300ER? I’ve looked for a few times on Google but never got a definite answer. Anything would be of help. Cheers!
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