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  1. Hi recently finished watching a news piece from on American Airlines flight 2292 encountering a UFO while crossing New Mexico airspace back in February and I may be new to this but I wanted to ask, If these truly are aliens why are they so interested in our planes? and what could they be doing aside from observing them? Let me know what you think down below, I’m just as curious and perplexed as the next person. Here’s the link:
  2. All good points. And very helpful might I add, and I’d like to thank you all for these factors in flap settings. Knowing this I’ll be able to plan with ease, and I’m trying to fly by TWA procedures from a downloaded digital copy of their 767 flight manual.
  3. Yeah, I was specifying the -300ER, and out of curiosity how long of a runway would flaps 20 get you off of?
  4. And did this cover the PW4000 powered -300ER?
  5. So, flaps 20 normally? And would the takeoff data include V speeds?
  6. Hi new to this part of AVSIM and wanted to ask what would the absolute normal takeoff flaps setting be for the Boeing 767-300ER? I’ve looked for a few times on Google but never got a definite answer. Anything would be of help. Cheers!
  7. I have considered myself fortunate to have flown these America West Continental (my first airline ever, at just 2 weeks old) And maybe US Airways.
  8. I’ve been following this since news broke last weekend, and it appears not one but TWO blades broke, one in half and one near the base. The PW powered 747-400 use the PW4000-94 inch model and the PW powered 777 use the PW4000-112 inch model, and according to a documentary by CBS from 1990 on the 777 United uses the PW4084 and or the PW4077 on their PW powered 777s. But additional pictures released and shown in Colorado news stations reveal there was a significantly sized hole by the underside of the right wing root. Unless no additional photos are released, it can be feasibly assumed no other damage was done to the aircraft. And after extensive viewing of the available videos it appears the engine was still running and still provided thrust and drove the engine driven generator and engine driven hydraulic pump(s). But the footage shows a continuous suppressed fire by the engine reverser sleeve with white smoke trailing it. And the good news is the process of finding out what happened will be much easier owing to the fact that both blades and all the missing pieces from the cowling were recovered. And after recent announcements, numerous PW powered 777s with All Nippon Airways, Japan Airlines and United Airlines have been pulled from service for emergency engine inspections with Korean Airlines and Asiana Airlines following suit just this morning.
  9. We can try again can’t we?
  10. Chipped in and signed! 🙂
  11. Looking back on my travels, and after recent events, I especially count myself fortunate to have flown on the 747-400 with United Airlines back in 2004, and the MD-80 or Mad Dog with American Airlines for a cruise. Including these two I have flown on these planes with these respective airlines 737-300/500/700 - Southwest Airlines 757-200 United Airlines 767-400 - Continental Airlines Including the airlines mentioned above, I have also flown on these airlines: America West US Airways Delta Air Lines And lastly, the Cessna 172 Skyhawk with relatives in Georgia. and that’s about it. If I remember any other planes or airlines I will submit an updated post.
  12. Alright then. I’ll get started on it as soon as I can!
  13. I have United Airlines Flight Manuals for the 777, and A320 that I can try to scan to get to you but it’ll take a while especially with the surrounding circumstances surrounding COVID-19. Just let me know which one you want and I’ll see what I can do. Good luck!
  14. Hello again and on rather unfortunate circumstances, as you may know, the coronavirus has ravaged the entire world, and upended normal life not only here in Texas or America but everywhere. Any sense of normalcy is completely gone, and I myself am in one of the hundreds of cities under mandatory stay at home orders, but after having gone to check on family and friends, I thought I’d share some personal advice on how to stay safe, at least long enough for the stay at home order to be lessened and you can go back outside. 1. You probably heard about social distancing guidelines suggesting staying at least 6 feet from a person, but i suggest you should if possible stay 10-12 feet from a person. 2. If you cannot find face-masks a bandana will be a good if not better substitute. And blue surgical gloves will be easier to get on and off. Or breathe through your shirt. 3. Wash your hands at least 20 seconds 4-6 times per day and in between meals. 4. Get hand sanitizer the first chance you get or the second you see it 5. Stay in touch with family and close friends regularly 6. Regularly watch news outlets or buy newspapers. 7. Obey your Stay at home orders, the more people do this the sooner this virus will end and life can start getting back to normal. 8. Do whatever it takes to not catch this virus! and lastly, 8. Stay safe and stay alive!
  15. It is with a somber heart that I announce the last survivor of a pivotal point in aviation’s history has died. The sole living survivor of the Hindenburg disaster is dead. One of the youngest passengers at the time, Werner Doehner, has died in the loving company of friends and family at age 90. Despite giving a few interviews, Werner was deeply haunted by what happened to him back in 1937, having the events of that fiery night literally seared into his memory and having not only lost his father and older sister in the raging inferno and suffered severe burns to his face and both arms and legs. Despite the interviews, he took some aspects of the experience to the grave. On a more happier note, for all 747 fans and a380 haters on here, it is with great emotion that I announce that Airbus will be pulling the plug on the a380 in 2021. Since the increasing advent of plastic and reinforced carbon fiber composites in many areas of today’s next gen airliners, twin-jets and increased reliability of jet engines slackening ETOPS rules, airlines have been phasing out the legendary 747 and starting to do the same with the A380. Some have even gone forward to say the building of the A380 was a mistake and the massive losses is, has been and always will be a constant reminder of that mistake. So even though the 747 is also on the way out, the 747 will be getting the last laugh. Happy holidays everyone!
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