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  1. “Put” is the wrong idea. In our flightsim, if seasons, lunar activity and sun activity are a true thing, then the eclipses would happen “organically” within the sim. All this because the moon and sun interact with the world that we are flying over. It would pretty much showcase the coding and design of an active earth, sun and moon relationship within the sim. Instead of faked stuff.
  2. Finished the article then. Stop trying to get us to “nanny” you. Start doing your own work. Sounds like a typical ops employee.
  3. I’ve said what I said. No need to say anything else to someone who gets annoyed by a video game screen. What a joke.
  4. Oh man! Pure gold. Your first sentence says more than you could imagine.
  5. Avsim never disappoints! Are y’all going to start shaking your fist at the clouds outside next? It’s a loading screen of a video game. Sounds like everyone has some fragile egos. Does the dune screen make you all feel like less of a make believe pilot? seriously, this thread is hilarious.
  6. I’ll be the first to actually care about your complaint and how this ruined your simming experience. Hey man I get it. There’s a very limited amount of time to get on the sim and fly. As a result, things like this can ruin the experience. It sucks when the smallest of things prevent you from using the sim. Who knows, maybe flying is the one break you get from life, kids, work or whatever it may be. To me, it all makes sense. It’s frustrating as heck! With all that being said, I’m sure it’s a calibration issue. Keep us posted.
  7. That’s a logic thing and you can’t pick which one happens from what I believe. A certain set of parameters determines what happens in the FLAP 1 position.
  8. The CRJ was nick named the Canadian Reset Jet at my old airline.
  9. I’ll be buying day 1 as well. Or at least when I have the time to literally press “order.” However the only thing this guy seems to talk about is the landing gear. Good grief, we get it, wheels turn on the ground and go up and down in the plane for landing and takeoff.
  10. I totally get it. Good on your for helping. That’s also a commodity these days unfortunately.
  11. I like that. “ lost my AP on approach.” …..then hand fly it…
  12. That’s a pretty cool idea. Like your chill time before the flight.
  13. Why do you want to wait 10 mins between fueling and boarding?
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