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  1. Beautiful pictures of a great city! Just so you don’t make the same mistake again and I would want someone to tell me this too... There’s a Pittsburg, Kansas and a Pittsburg, CA but there’s only one Pittsburgh, Pa. You have pictures of Pittsburgh, PA. Once again, darn good photos! Shoot some more.
  2. At 4K too! I’ve always wondered about the total volume of vram.
  3. Good to know. Most likely why my airline doesn’t have that.
  4. If they don’t have a VNAV mode on the MCP, then no, you can’t fly an rnav approach hands off like in a Boeing or Airbus. if they do have a VNAV mode on the MCP then I think you can have the autopilot fly you down but I’m not sure because my airline doesn’t have that option installed on its airplanes. I have never seen or heard of a crj that has VNAV. I’m sure there are some out there though. we have to manually change the altitude and use v/s mode. when it comes to minimums, I can only speak for the operations i am familiar with but we can’t fly these down to LPV minimums, only LNAV minimums. LNAV mins are still charged minimums, just not as low as LPV mins.
  5. It won’t fly an RNAV approach in APPR mode. secondly, the CRJs I fly don’t have VNAV so you have to use NAV mode as well as V/S mode for altitude. also, for an RNAV approach, you have to be in white needles the entire time.
  6. Whoever told you that on the forum is correct. with that switch enabled or the service switch enabled on the ground crew panel, the dc service bus is powered thru the service TRU I believe. you are correct in thinking the ground cart is AC power only. but yeah to reiterate, if you have ground cart hooked up and it’s providing correct power AND the DC service switch is enabled or the service switch is enabled on the ground Crew panel, the cabin lights will be powered.
  7. I mean, I guess if they have never been exposed to EICAS.
  8. You should get three caution messages telling you that stab trim, Mach trim and yaw dampers are not engaged. Did you get those? If not, it’s a bug.
  9. Where did I say that the gentleman was not ALLOWED to post his view points? I never said that. when it comes to courtesy, at some point as an adult, one has to be able have enough self control and say “this conversation isn’t for me, they know my views and those have t changed, I’m going to pass on this one. I don’t agree with them, but I’m going to let them have their fun.” Is it not allowed to expect that on some level? Are we all incapable of showing some restraint? Hell, I do it every day reading some of the word not allowed on here. I’ve not posted for weeks or months because I know what I say won’t actually add anything constructive to a thread or conversation. I said that he needs to go to the right avenue to be heard instead of going to a place where nothing will come of it. I also added that eventually his constant complaining in every thread is inconsiderate. It’s like going into random conversations and just spouting off his view points with complete disregard for the current conversation. he’s more than welcome to start his own thread. What he’s doing is the equivalent of a passenger going up to a pilot to complain about how the airline lost their baggage during a connection. How in the world is the pilot going to fix that problem? What the pilot is going to do is direct said passenger to the CORRECT avenue in which their problem can actually be solved and their complaining won’t fall on deaf ears. Is the pilot telling the passenger to go talk to customer service a form of censoring? No, it’s helping the passenger to be more efficient and effective with their complaining.
  10. You unsurprisingly missed my point. Sigh....:I never said you aren’t allowed to express your personal views on things. No one is censoring you. Calm down now...
  11. Well we aren’t asobo and you didn’t pay us so actually try to complain to the group that can do something....because avsim can’t do a darn thing for you. It’s all about efficiency and you aren’t being very efficient right now. or it’s just about plain courtesy towards others on this forum. These forums don’t completely revolve around you and your view points. mad a reminder if your only though process is the fact that you feel you can jump into any conversation and share all your feelings purely because you can, that’s blatant narcissism. Nobody likes that. Don’t be that guy that actually thinks people want to always hear what he has to say.
  12. Push buttons until all the overhead lights go out and nothing but two green reverser a red indications and no smoking and seat belt sign status messages are on ED2. Seriously though, that’s the quickest way to get it in the air. I wouldn’t recommend that in real life though. it’s an easy airplane to learn. You’ll get the hang of it relatively quickly. The FMS is very similar to that of the CJ4. my resume...4000 hours of flight time in the thing.
  13. This post wins the internet. Freakin hilarious.
  14. Oh no, i haven’t been able to even use my computer since mid feb. I didn’t think it would be productive to ask for support when I couldn’t do anything to help along the process. Especially if they needed me to check something or test something on my end. my GPU tanked and I can’t get my hands on one at the moment. My job also doesn’t allow me a lot of time at home to be on the PC and what not. I do truly hope that this will be a smoother integration process and my specific issues are naturally ironed out. Like I said, good luck to the team and I’ll even add a congrats to them.
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