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  1. Wouldn't it be easier to pitch up to the max allowable nose up pitch attitude and then just take the extra performance? Clean up the airplane on the normal schedule and go from there...
  2. ahsmatt7

    Licence Tranferr FSX to P3dv4?

    Either way...just trying to lighten the mood
  3. ahsmatt7

    Licence Tranferr FSX to P3dv4?

    The problem is that this has been said plenty of times.....just no one listens lol
  4. No one knows the exact details of the incident including the weather at ooetuinak airports, the time at which the events took place and where the events took place. Until we do, no captain worth his weight in Gold is going to risk the lives of all the other passengers just to save one passenger. It stinks that you have to take a utilitarian point of view when these things happen but it is what it is. I had a scenario like this on a CRM portion of an interview. It's a tough scenario to be in when you are in charge of the entire operation. That being said, some of you are so unbelievably self-righteous that all you are doing is showing your insane ignorance.....just stick to flight sim. You'll keep the world much more safe.
  5. This post reminds me of crew rooms.....which is why I avoid them at all costs... Your boss is always listening in on conversations... There always other pilots trying to convince others they are right about.....evvveeeryytthhiinnggg... And then there's that one guy/gal who acts like they have the ONLY secret to a happy life... Except this post is about flightsims... not that fancy 4 day that no one can ever hold.
  6. ahsmatt7

    Caution from LM re Texture_Size_Exp

    No...that's the right way to do things....
  7. ahsmatt7

    PMDG FSExpo Announcement

    I wonder if it's one of those aircraft specific simulator locations RSR has mentioned in the past....
  8. Couldn't have said it better myself! I feel the exact same way!
  9. Just out of curiosity, why did you not go around?
  10. ahsmatt7

    The MaddogX in P3Dv4 experience

    You can't hear the engines from the cockpit in real life. I remember the first time I jumpstarted on an md88 3 years back and the first thing I thought was...."hahaha it sound just like leonardo's maddog hahah" I actually cracked a smile when we rotated because it sounded like flightsim lol.
  11. Whats wrong?...you a cat person? lol
  12. ahsmatt7

    Flying on one engine

    If it has autofeather....it will feather once torque has been lost. It all depends on what prop system the F50 has....
  13. ahsmatt7

    Can anyone land the plane?

    With all due respect....how much of a help do you really think a flight attendant can be. They are in no way trained to do ANYTHING up front. They would be a huge hindrance instead of any help whatsoever. I have to disagree with you on every point you have made. Respectfully of course. Flying a transport category airplane is much much different than a Cessna. Lift/thrust/drag......yeah you're right, it's all there....however, it's all happening so much faster with an airplane that feels so much more heavier. They also react much differently too. I dont thi k anyone could really land an airliner with their only experience being flightsim. They definitely could get into a level d simulator and under near to perfect conditions land the sim.... Even a cessna...they would most likely seriously impress the instructor.
  14. ahsmatt7

    No flare with auto land

    They dont.... Airlines expect their pilots to do what's safest in any given situation. Which in a lot of cases....puts passenger comfort well behind many other more pertinent concerns.