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  1. They suck. Hands down. The runway environment and lights from the airplanes are spot on but the earth and clouds are trash. The flight dynamics are different from the real plane too. It aint the end all be all.
  2. No it doesnt. It gives you v speeds but you have to calculate the rest.
  3. Ive seen those dark clouds since initial release. Ugly, but i think its due to the way the shaders work for cloud lighting.
  4. Hello, Ever since I upgraded to SU9, the ground textures when using bing data are absolute garbage. They are a blurry mess and then there are pockets of ground that look like the sim used default textures. I am using a wifi connection at around 70-100 Mbps. Has anyone else seen this? Any recommendations? Thank you.
  5. Using GPS is safer than having VOR for navigation. Why? If the airplane has the equipment to monitor it, the airplane can actually assure much higher navigational precision with GPS that it cant do with VORs.
  6. It seems you have an agenda with the arrogance of your post so ill bite first. I don’t want to live forever, why the hell would someone want to live on this planet longer than than their natural body would allow? Do you want to live longer? If you do? Why?
  7. You’re arrogant and your’re wrong! A freakin win for you!
  8. “Bobby Dazzler?” What the heck is that? Secondly, oh Im stealing this! This is awesome hahaha overall, i agree with all your points.
  9. The engine spool up dynamics when applying takeoff thrust. Theres no EGT rollback when there should be. the pneumatic behavior during engine starts as well. One they did seem to model are the differences in flight characteristics between flaps 30 and 40.
  10. You must be under a rock. Look at what FSL has done with their airbus in P3d. Thats for starters. They cleaned up some things with this 737. However there are still things blatantly wrong with this version. For the most part, i think they did a decent job with the 737 in msfs. However, they could have done more.
  11. You know theres other airplanes out there that are airliners. You aren’t forced to go back to GA in the sim. Just sayin.
  12. Thanks foe the quick help! Really appreciate it.
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