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  1. Honestly, it’s trash that you have to use an ad blocker to use this site. You should leave out of protest. Losing someone like yourself because of your reasons should speak volumes to avsim.
  2. Anyone have any possible ideas. I’m at a complete loss here. Thanks I’m advance
  3. This has been going on under a w10 install, a new fresh w11 install, a clean install of msfs and my current install with all of my add ons installed without the AAU2 beta and with the AAU2 beta. Anyways, I am on the steam version and when I start MSFS. It does its quick update check and goes into the screen with the advertisements for the newest world update. The blue bar is loading loading loading until about 75-80% complete. Then the program hangs. The little green steam gpa counter in the upper left corner indicates no change and the game will stay like this for hours. Never gets to the main menu. I end the task and restart the program. Then it randomly finishes loading and gets to the main screen. The next time I play msfs, it hangs at the same spot on the initial load. has anyone else experienced this?
  4. I thought it wasn’t working for me as well. But it was. When you pull up resource manager, it’s going to show all cores being used. However, when I resized the msfs window to allow space for the resource monitor window on the same monitor, the second I started using msfs, the cores parked themselves liked they should. If I clicked back on the resource monitor, the cores unparked themselves. It’s most likely working normally, you just don’t see it. Try what I did and see if the cores are doing what you want them to do. Something to consider….
  5. Like others said, it is the standardization for all the waypoints and airways in the entire world. If you plan to use real life flight plans, charts for navigation. Having the most current AIRAC installed is imperative for a smooth experience within the sim. If you don’t care about using real charts for navigation or waypoints for flight planning, then having the most current AIRAC isn’t as important in the sim.
  6. That’s good to know. Thanks for the heads up.
  7. Your technique isn’t efficient. If you want to descend in VS mode. There’s no need to go into SPD mode before going into VS mode. Just go into VS mode and control your speed with the thrust levers and the VS.
  8. This is from a type rated pilot. In v/s mode…speed doesn’t matter, thrust doesn’t matter. The airplane will do whatever it needs to do to fly the selected vertical speed until it can’t. The behavior of this product is a bug.
  9. I just went to the 7950x3d and I currently have it paired with a 3080 at 4k. I get on average mid 40s FPS with all the high end airplanes (fenix and pmdg) at most airports like ini egll. However, the little clocks that come with the dev mode fps counter say that I’m usually GPU limited now and the timers say the gpu is twice as slow as the CPU. For example, CPU is in the single digits to low teens while the GPU is in the high teens. Having clouds at ULTRA really take away performance. Take all of I said for what it is….just one person’s extremely quick and non scientific response.
  10. Avsim must have a terrible reading comprehension problem… To the OP…I feel bad that no one has taken the actual time to answer your specific question. I don’t have the black square mod yet. I have the king air one and I noticed that the airplane flies better with that mod installed. Hopefully it’s the same for the bonanza.
  11. Dumb move… what’s up with this new generation taking pictures and videos in flight and making a spectacle of it all? Who knows. Putting any liquid in that position is once again….a dumb move.
  12. This is by far the stupidest thing I have ever heard on any flightsim forum. The fact that you choose this as a defense is laughable. What’s next? Are you going to be angry when someone posts screenshots of them using your livery?
  13. I’m getting the one second stutters as well. I’m on a brand new 7950x3d build with a rtx 3080 at 4k and 32GB of RAM. I don’t know if any of that matters. I notice that the stutters are only noticeable at heavy airports like the newer KEWR by the polish people or latinvfr’s KMIA. To be more clear, my dev mode fps counter is showing the one second interval spikes but they don’t get bad enough to cause stutters until I’m at heavier airports. I have been on the SU12 beta the entire time since its availability. I never noticed any stutters with my old 8700k build.
  14. Literally running into this as we speak…for the first time.
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