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  1. I've read that unless you are using the PCI-E bus, you arent going to see much difference in speed. I use my m.2 nvme drive for p3d and w10. It boots up in about 12 seconds or so. I've noticed that the terrain exp tweak set to 10 increases loading times quite a bit.
  2. ahsmatt7


    2015 huh? I wonder if it will include 10r/28l.... I'm sure it will have runway 33 instead of it being SS now?
  3. I thought we were talking about PFPX though...
  4. ahsmatt7

    747-8 Old Toga sounds in Cockpit

    It seems as if he is referring to the sounds of the engines. I could be completely wrong though
  5. ahsmatt7

    Why the World is Running Out of Pilots

    Tell me there is a pilot shortage when there arent 12000 application on file for every major airline in the us. Not only that, but most airlines around the world arent clamoring to hire expats either. The only shortage is with airlines like the regionals here in the states.
  6. Is that list of updates only for the -8? I'm not buying the expansion anytime soon and I'm wondering if I need to install this just for the -400. I still haven't even installed the stand alone installer when the -8 was released. I'm lazy and I have a 4 day coming up....I dont want to mess around with reinstalling stuff at the moment.
  7. You haven't mentioned anything about the elevators being out if wack. I know for a fact that that should be raising an eyebrow for you as well.
  8. He said his controller only travels 45 degrees...
  9. I see your point but a number of have already told you how to fix it. Even if we disagree with you. Just lower the sensitivity of your controller through fs. Or, just get a new controller. I picked up a thrustmaster warthog a couple days ago. I switched from a 10 year old x52. Even though it doesnt deflect a full 90 degrees, flying on the sim now feels much more close to reality than it ever did with the x52. Getting a new controller may help. Another thing as well, like I said before, learn to fly with YOUR yoke. I have over 4000 hours and more than half of that is in airliners. I have never felt that a joystick or a yoke that never fully deflected felt any less real than an airplane. I never have had issues over controlling an airplane in the sim. I mean hell, it takes very very little co trol input from the yokes in real life to initiate any change in attitude in a real airplane. I dont see why totes having such a problem with your yoke.
  10. I'm am sincerely not trying to be rude.... However, a little common sense goes a long way here. You have a physical controller that is limited to 45 degrees of deflection. The only reason you see the yoke in the VC moving to 90 degrees is because that's the max deflection for said airplane. In order for you to be able to move the control surfaces in the sim to the max allowed for said airplane, you are just going to have to live with the fact that your physical yoke doesnt go past 45 degrees. Learn how to fly the sim using your yoke. Now to answer your question about getting them to match up, you'll have to lower your sensitivity for your aileron axis within the sim until the yokes match up. But because of this, you'll never get the full range of motion from the flight surfaces that the airplane is rated for. Your essentially making the airplane leas maneuverable.
  11. ahsmatt7

    Plane spotting in KSAN

    I dont. Sorry... I'm sure you can find others that do though. I actually reverted back to the stock p3d reflections.
  12. ahsmatt7

    Plane spotting in KSAN

    Depending on how high you are and your dynamic reflection settings....you will see ground reflections and what not.
  13. ahsmatt7

    Plane spotting in KSAN

    Sorry for the late response everyone. Yes, as stated above, tomatoshade with the reflections enabled. In all honesty, the reflections are really nice...but only in specific circumstences. In a lot of the cases while at the gate or on the ground, they look really bad at certain camera angles and the dynamic lights from the airport get overexposed on the airplane so it doesnt look too good.