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  1. ahsmatt7

    Avg fps for pmdg

    I am running an i7-8700k OCed to 4.8GHz. I paired the CPU with the 1080ti running at 4k. 16gb of system ram. In the 747, I get min 35 fps on the ground at most earosoft airports with rainy and cloudy weather. At all flightbeam/ flytampa/ fsdreamteam airports, I'll get mid 40s to upper 40s on the ground with the same weather. In the air, I. gettinf 60+ sometimes into the 80s. At both awrosoft and flightbeam airports with partly cloudy skies, I'll get lower 40s to mid 50s. Depending what airport I am located. All the above figures are during the day time and during the night time without aircraft lights on and dynamic lights enabled. During the night time with the aircraft lights on and dynamic lights enabled, I get a fps fluctuating from high high 20s to mid 30s...sometimes high 30s.
  2. ahsmatt7

    B747-8 Beta Program Bug Report- FULL DISCLOSURE

    Classic!! Funny stuff. Glad to see people can find humor while keeping it serious.
  3. ahsmatt7

    Windshield rain effect

    Thanks for proving my point! Lighten up! Good grief!!! Haha
  4. ahsmatt7

    Windshield rain effect

    I always love these types of threads! Someone asks a question, then states their opinion. Then, PMDG complains that someone calls them out on something... Then here's my favorite part.....word not allowed come in to the rescue of pmdg like a mother tending to her child. Great entertainment guys....seriously is hahaha
  5. ahsmatt7

    Roll in speed at the gate

    Do what your comfortable with. I can promise you it wont be too fast for anyone. The car example is perfect. The worst part is when the marshallers go from waving their wands to an 'X' in a single motion no matter how fast your are going. I tend to park "slower" than most people because it's much easier to stop smoothly when they throw up an 'X' in a billionth if a second than when you are coming in at a normal walking speed.
  6. ahsmatt7

    Improvements in V4.3

    Marketing does play a part in overall costs. Does it not? That's part of doing business......marketing your product.
  7. ahsmatt7

    Improvements in V4.3

    They refuse because you only give them 200 dollars every two years. Thier real clients are the concern and they shell out millions.
  8. ahsmatt7

    Much better performance in P3D V4.3

    I don't know how in the hell you know my setup in terms of what software I run and if its updated or not. What software have I not updated for v3.4? Rob isn't the end all be all to the FS world. I don't care if hes a beta tester for boeing. What I know is, is that I have a MASSIVE improvement with the performance pertaining to dynamic lighting. Just because you don't and Rob doesn't doesn't mean a thing. You are so mad and bent on letting everyone know how you feel... Spend that time on something more constructive.
  9. ahsmatt7

    Much better performance in P3D V4.3

    You can call what you want....but dont accuse me of lying. I could only get about 20fps in the pmdg 747 at flightveams ksfo at night with all the aircraft lights turned on as well as dynamic lighting enabled for the airport. Now I'm getting rock solid 30 fps. At FBs KMSP at night with the maddog I could only get maybe 15 fps. Now I'm getting high 20s. All these numbers were noticed while in the VC. if you do a lot of spot plane viewing....sorry, your performance wont be much better. Its apparent that you're bitter for whatever reason, maybe because your computer still csnt handle the sim. Who knows. But I would be glad to post some screenshots of what I'm seeing. Look at the frame counter in top left. I can only report what this upgrade is giving me. These are my results...
  10. ahsmatt7

    Much better performance in P3D V4.3

    Sorry to see that you are having s bad experience with 4.3 When it specifically comes to dynamic lighting, I have seen at least a 40% increase in fps; with some scenarios giving double the performance. This is on an 8700k OCed to 4.8 GHz and a 1080ti running a 4k monitor.
  11. ahsmatt7

    My uncle is a fed-ex pilot.....

    Not worth it....
  12. ahsmatt7

    CPDLC explained

    Your right. I used to jumpseat on a lot of Airbus and maddogs. Rarely on a 73. But notw that I'm thinking about it, with the 73s, the width was 8.5 but the length was never anything close to 11. It just depended on the length of the messages I suppose. At the end of the day...who cares, I'm glad I dont have to commute anymore lol.
  13. ahsmatt7

    CPDLC explained

    About 5ish years in 121. Totally forgot a lot fo 737s use those huge printers. I stand corrected.
  14. ahsmatt7

    CPDLC explained

    Unless you plan on using a receipt printer....its not realistic at all. Stuff printed from acars is formatted in a way that fits on a nice, concise small piece of real estate. I could only chuckle at someone printing off acars stuff on a standard 8.5×11 sheet of paper.
  15. Will there be deferred items and what not? Aircraft "can" and mx logs? I would lllooovveee to give an airplane to some with a deferred APU in Dallas In the summer. 🙂