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  1. No. That's the normal way it's suppose to be.
  2. Are you saying that your free will is more important than someone else's? Your first sentence seems to heavily imply that your free will Trump's everyone else's.
  3. Are you talking about my post above this one that I quoted? I called myself dumb and criticized me own post. Did you seriously take offense to what I said? Come on now ....
  4. You know what? I'm dumb. I didn't read the OP fully lol.
  5. What do you mean that if they update for p3d v4 that you won't be able to install it for v5.
  6. No, you can't. I'm sure he is 100% capable in defending himself. If he can't defend what he wrote, then he should t be writing things at all until he's done his homework. Plain and simple.
  7. This "I have no experience with gamepass" argument is word not allowed. Be an adult and do some research for yourself on how it works. Take the time to learn about it. Good grief
  8. You guys have no clue about how these subscription based gaming things work. It's simple...it's like EA Origin or Ubisoft Uplay. When someone paid for a subscription to these services, they get access to A TON of games. That's exactly what they are paying for. A subscription to a service so they can choose what games they want to install on their computers. They aren't buying a subscription to just one game. Flight simulator will just be a choice within the subscription. Also, like many have posted, anyone can go ahead and buy ant game they want outright. It's that simple. Also, for as many smart people we have on this forum, im surprised that many of you are not seeing this for what it is....a huge advertisement campaign for the Microsoft subscription service! They are just using a brand new and highly anticipated game to lure people to actually pay for the subscription service monthly. They are most likely hoping people will see the new flight simulator title and then check out this gamepass thing and see all the other titles that are offered and then subscribe to the gamepass service. It has been said many times a subscription is not needed. There are a ton of people letting huge confirmation biases get in the way of logical reasoning. Just because things may seem unclear, doesn't mean the sky is falling and Microsoft lied to us.
  9. It sounds like you know something we don't. Care to elaborate?
  10. Has anyone had the issue to where they can't login to the insider website? Everytime I click login, it sends me back to the same home page on the msfs website.
  11. Do I have to purchase UTL v1 to have access to the beta for v2? I assume I would have to. It looks like it's better to wait until version 2 is out before purchasing a traffic utility. Do you all agree?
  12. Out of curiosity, how do you know that PMDG didn't communicate with HIFI and not get any communication back? By the way, did you two purchase the 747?
  13. They're fake trees in a computer game. Seriously.... This is truly the most amusing thing ever....
  14. You mad bro? You need to get out more. Seriously, the fact that you are on a forum about make believe airplanes and getting worked up about fake trees is embarrassing to watch. Well, it's quite amusing actually.
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