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  1. Um, am I the only one that can't see the screenshots of the profile settings? They were here when I was tweaking around with my settings a couple weeks ago but I'm not seeing them right now.
  2. I love the NIMBY stuff. It's always cracked me up. I grew up under the approaches at MSP... I went through a little phase where despite being two thousand miles from the nearest fault line I was terrified of volcanoes (I went through a similar thing after Jurassic Park came out.) and I'd lay in bed terrified thinking a volcano was erupting in my backyard when the NWA 747s and DC-10s would come by. Planes got a lot quieter, since then, though, and I was far enough away that in the area now you really can't hear anything anymore.
  3. I heard it said once that if the DoD made a car, it would have a capacity of 1, would get 2 miles per gallon, and would cost $850,000.
  4. There's always a bottom 5% in any group of people... people with crummy attitudes, people with questionable job skills, people you suspect are secretly constructing a woman skin suit in their basement like the guy in Silence of the Lambs...
  5. $4400... yikes. The computer I have all priced out is something like $1800.
  6. Yawn, when are we getting a 757? Okay, even I didn't think that was funny. I'm freaking pumped! Take my money.
  7. I've been using Active Sky for ages so I don't know (or really care, just bought AS16) but... does REX support the PMDG W/X radar? Someone on the fence might like to know.
  8. I've never really been impressed with the 777 data for TOPCAT. I quit using the takeoff and landing calculations and started using TOPER for takeoffs and ballparking it on landings. The 737 and MD11 data seems pretty good to me but the 777 data is kind of garbage, IMO.
  9. Is it just a specific gate? Does the next gate over have the same problem? EDIT: Never mind, you said it loads fine everywhere else in your first post.
  10. I normally engage it when the SID gets boring to hand fly, and disengage it when the STAR gets interesting to hand fly.
  11. I don't have P3D so I don't know what's changed in this regard, but in FSX I always have crashing disabled because of strange things like this that happen with scenery, particularly when loading up big things like the 777.
  12. You raise a really good angle on this kind of issue, which goes way beyond aviation to pretty much any safety-related field. From a management perspective, if you want people to do their jobs right, you can't really come down on people for self-reporting mistakes that they recovered from. I'm a CDL trainer and one thing all of my trainees hear from me is that doing your job safely is not about being perfect, but rather about being able to quickly recognize and recover from mistakes when you make them - and you WILL make them. Avoiding problems is great, but it's not always possible. The safety gods don't care if you're on day 1 or year 40 - no matter who you are, if something happens you have to react properly.
  13. Check out FS Kneeboard, I think I had that at one point. Charts and some checklists and stuff like that IIRC.
  14. I was landing at SKBO the other day... I lined up the cursor on the knob, and then flipped my mouse over and rolled the scroll wheel on my desk three feet at a time.
  15. A watched pot never boils...
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