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  1. Um, am I the only one that can't see the screenshots of the profile settings? They were here when I was tweaking around with my settings a couple weeks ago but I'm not seeing them right now.
  2. I love the NIMBY stuff. It's always cracked me up. I grew up under the approaches at MSP... I went through a little phase where despite being two thousand miles from the nearest fault line I was terrified of volcanoes (I went through a similar thing after Jurassic Park came out.) and I'd lay in bed terrified thinking a volcano was erupting in my backyard when the NWA 747s and DC-10s would come by. Planes got a lot quieter, since then, though, and I was far enough away that in the area now you really can't hear anything anymore.
  3. I heard it said once that if the DoD made a car, it would have a capacity of 1, would get 2 miles per gallon, and would cost $850,000.
  4. There's always a bottom 5% in any group of people... people with crummy attitudes, people with questionable job skills, people you suspect are secretly constructing a woman skin suit in their basement like the guy in Silence of the Lambs...
  5. $4400... yikes. The computer I have all priced out is something like $1800.
  6. Yawn, when are we getting a 757? Okay, even I didn't think that was funny. I'm freaking pumped! Take my money.
  7. I've been using Active Sky for ages so I don't know (or really care, just bought AS16) but... does REX support the PMDG W/X radar? Someone on the fence might like to know.
  8. I was landing at SKBO the other day... I lined up the cursor on the knob, and then flipped my mouse over and rolled the scroll wheel on my desk three feet at a time.
  9. I think they should halt production on the 747v3 immediately and get on this. I can hardly bear fly my NGX with the knowledge that there's a new option available for the 737 since the NGX came out in 2011. As soon as I start thinking about it, my skin gets all clammy and I'm sobbing under my computer desk. While they're at it, maybe they can add a second ADF and peel off those INOP stickers.
  10. I don't disagree with you overall. I think it's an alright-looking VC for a 2008 product... when people were still migrating from FS9 and 2D panels were still all the rage. I think the VC compares very favorably to most of what was on the market at the time. However, like you say, there's all kinds of little things that make you go huh? in that cockpit. Most of the systems are just XML hackery (I even edited a few of them that were bothering me the most). If they spent as much time getting all the important stuff right as they did animating window shades and crap like that, it'd be a way better airplane. Again I'd love to see the 757 done up the way she deserves... if for no other reason than that the CS757 is more FPS-hungry than the PMDG 777, on my system at least. I agree with you that it's one of the coolest looking airliners out there... when looking at it straight on from the nose, I always thought it looked like it's wearing sunglasses and smirking at me. Out of curiosity, is that on Win 10? I haven't had FS9 installed since I upgraded to 10 and it looks like some people have trouble getting it to run. I was thinking about loading it up again to play with some of my old freeware stuff.
  11. Like I said, I flew the crap out if it, and their 767. The 757 is one of my favorite airliners, and I liked flying those long, oddball routes that the 757 serves - lots of routes from PHL and EWR to smaller airports in Europe, or some of those routes Icelandair likes to fly. I imagine those routes will disappear when the 757s get retired... they're too long for the B739 and A321 and too small to merit a widebody. The exterior model is nice, and the VC is pretty high quality for the time it was released. After a while, though, some of the flaws just get old - little easily repaired things like the fuel gauges are in kgs but the FMS is in lbs. As a company... well, I don't want to sit here and snipe at them, but from what I've seen, I think they've fairly earned their reputation.
  12. I'd love a 757 - the Ultra-Medium Haul airliner - but as noted, that's unlikely. I have my suspicions of what's next but we'll see. Whatever they come up with next, I'm sure they won't disappoint... of course, they could announce the PMDG De-Icing Truck and we'd all be wondering if the Cummins and the Navistar engines will be in the same package or released separately, and we'd be mashing F5 on release day with credit cards in hand waiting for it. Wilco E-Jets aren't bad if you don't mind their age. There's enough systems modeled to keep it interesting, the FMS is functional enough (and different enough from the Boeing FMS that it takes a little time to learn), and the flight dynamics aren't bad - they captured the sort of weird nose-up rollout pretty well too. Downside, it's old and obviously an FS9 port. That, however, means it's extraordinarily FPS-friendly. CS757 was the first addon plane I ever bought. I flew the crap out of it. However, the more I got into the hobby, the more its weaknesses showed. The systems are mostly XML sleight of hand, and it's an FPS hog out of proportion with its level of detail. The last time I had it out, I paused the sim, and realized the APU was still burning fuel. After that, I X'ed out the sim, and haven't touched her since.
  13. Sign your posts please... I'm sure there'll be a Southwest livery. It probably will be the most downloaded -700 livery, in the US at least. Reminds me... I think Aerosvit has some -800 and -900 orders but none in service.
  14. So I guess the gist of this thread is, make every livery NOT on the list...? Heh. Most of the liveries I'll be flying are already on the list. And the ones I'd want for the 6/700 and ER variants will all be pretty obvious. As for fake liveries, I have no problem flying it in place of A320s for airlines that don't fly the NG. I'm sure someone will end up making liveries for most of the big-time airlines, NG or not. And I try to get the old grey and red NWA colors on all of my addons.
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