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  1. surprisingly there is almost no change in FPS, when I change my settings in the MSFS 3D-Settings...
  2. Right now I locked the FPS within MSFS at 30, and the MR settings inside OpenXR Toolkit are at auto.
  3. Hey guys, i started using VR googles, which demands a lot of performance though. I have a 3060 Ti and an intel 11900K CPU. I'm using the recommended settings from GeForce experience, which give me solid 22 FPS. However, if I change some settings within MSFS (object of detail, reflections), there is alsmost no change in FPS. Do you guys have any tips, which setting inside and outside of MSFS are useful to get more FPS`?
  4. Thanks Aamir for responding! So, is it possible to edit the default panel states? Are there any files that can be edited?
  5. Because it's a waste of energy, why do you need lights illuminating the panel when the sun is so bright, you need to pull down the visors? Well my questions in the Discord forum are always being ignored, god knows why...
  6. Hi guys, unfortunately, the support at Fenix Discord channel isn't that great, so I'm trying to find an answer here. I always fly during daytime, so it's really annoying that I always have to turn the cockpit lights off when starting up the aircraft from the default pannel state. Is there any way to edit the existing panel states? I haven't found the file that holds those parameters. Thanks in advance!
  7. https://www.directupload.net/file/d/5996/oqk4vjnf_jpg.htm Do you guys know whats wrong here with the lightning?
  8. Does anybody know what the hell is going on at T2G? I mean they never react to support issues in their forum and barely give updates of the upcoming updates for P4D....
  9. Hey guys, sorry If I'm playing the wise guy now, but on the side glareshield of the VC on my 747-8 the lettering of the two knobs to adjust the brightness of the PFD and ND says "CRT", but those ain't CRT, the're LCD's. According to the FCOM should say "DSPL" (10.10.67);) greeting Phil Tereny
  10. Just a small question Robert, does the Dash 8 come with its own set of manuals (QRH, FCOM, etc.)? Phil Tereny
  11. Just click at "MY ACCOUNT" at the top right spot. Phil Tereny
  12. @rsrandazzo Does the Dash 8 come with its own set of manuals (QRH, FCOM, etc.)? greetings, Phil Tereny
  13. Hello Guys, I know, this is an issue many people are observing while flying on North atlantic routes to Canada/US, for me, this happened almost everytime, after a flight time of 4-7 hours somwhere in the vicinity of New Foundland (I don't use the timelaps function!), my Simulator (P3D v3 and v4) freezes after a view change or clicking any spot in the cockpit (NOT just the Captains PFD!) and a couple of seconds later P3D terminates and the event viewer tells me an error of the NTDLL. I've tried the suggestions of the AVSIM CTD guide, I also run always the latest driver builds (including my GTX 1080) and I don't use any overclocking at all. Since this happens only in PMDG planes (777 and 747), I'm writing this in here. This have been the bad news, but maybe I got a solution for all this. In a forum (sorry, I forgot where it was) somebody accused the tool GSX to be the offender, so I did the following: So far I performed two flights from EGLL to KBOS, first with the 747 and last with the 777 (each with the BA livery from the OC), but during the climbout of Heathrow I went to the addon menu of P3D and disabled GSX and after a few seconds I enabled it again, and surprisingly, I was able to complete both flights without an issue! Now just to be clear: I know this is anything but significant, this could be totally a coincidence, it takes more tests to confirm / dismiss this theory. Unfortunately I do not have the time to do an atlantic crossing every day, so I'm asking you guys to try out these steps with disabling GSX and tell us here, wheter it works or not, maybe we can get of this problem once and for all. Thank you guys, best regards Phil Tereny
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