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  1. Upgrading hardware

    Thanks for the quick reply. My new card will be here tomorrow. Clint Carpenter
  2. Upgrading hardware

    I have a new graphics card on the way and thought I read somewhere in these forums once that I need to uninstall my PMDG's before making a hardware change. Is that true? Just a side note. I have VR and sitting in the cockpit of my NGX is awesome. The detail put into this plane is truly realized when your actually sitting in the plane in VR. Thanks. Clint Carpenter
  3. SIMstarter for FSX and PREPAR3D (formerly FSXstarter)

    I do have the pay version and what happened is I started the profile I created and changed the aircraft and did not click save. When I did save, it worked fine.
  4. SIMstarter for FSX and PREPAR3D (formerly FSXstarter)

    Okay, here's one for you. I am using P3D v3.2. I used simstarter yesterday for the first time. Created a profile and it started the sim and everything was fine. Today I use it and it started the sim and the sim went to running as a background app. I closed simstarter and started my P3D and it opened ok. Tried simstarter again and again the sim ran as a background app. When I first started simstarter today, it did update to a newer version. Don't know if that had anything to do with this.