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  1. Rene Billiani

    Wrong Default Transition Altitude in 737-8/900

    Thanks, Kyle, I assumed, that PAGE 2/11 – FMS DEFAULT TRANS ALT does the trick alone. Now I know, how the system works.
  2. Rene Billiani

    Wrong Default Transition Altitude in 737-8/900

  3. Rene Billiani

    Wrong Default Transition Altitude in 737-8/900

    I have to open up the case again, because it is not solved for me: 1.) Changed in FMS Settings DEFAULT TRANS ALT to 10000FT 2.) Saved Panel State as MYPANEL and defined MYPANEL as Startup Panel State. 3.) Restarted Prepar3Dv4 ---> FMC still shows 18000FT And yes, I started Prepar3Dv4 as Administrator.
  4. Rene Billiani

    Prepar3D v4.0 Hotfix 1

    Prepar3D v4.0 Hotfix 1 published:
  5. By update automatic activated "RB Pan & Tilt" killed my right mouse button.
  6. Great job, Yuri! Thanks René
  7. Rene Billiani

    Strange effects

    I really do !!! Thanks !!!
  8. Rene Billiani

    Strange effects

    Yes! And I found a solution! Deleted the content of the Shaders Folder did the trick: C:\Users\User\AppData\Local\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v2\Shaders\ They have been automatically been rebuilt starting P3D the next time ... and the effect is gone!
  9. Rene Billiani

    Strange effects

    Other addons: REX 4 Texture direct REX Soft Clouds ASN Next Interesting find: The effect occurs also without rain. And it is HDR Lighting connected. Turning HDR off, it's gone!
  10. Rene Billiani

    Strange effects

    Yes, twice!
  11. Rene Billiani

    Strange effects

    PrecipitFX Prepar3D v2.4 Hi guys, I have noticed these strange rain effects, does anyone else have seen this?