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  1. Hey guys, Have anyone here built something like this? I'm trying to figure what is the cheapest and still usable hardware you would need for this purpose. Anyways, I would love to read your experiences, thanks in advance!
  2. Lucas777

    Is this a fake?

    How can a plane (especially a massive one like the AN225) to fly below the power lines? 😶
  3. Lucas777

    P3D v4 vs FSX acceleration

    Thank you guys
  4. I'm sorry I guess it is a very basic question but I've been away from flight simulation for years. My question is, how much improvement can be expecting when migrating from FSX SP2 to the latest P3D version? I'm mainly interested in performance and stability but I would like to hear about anything you guys think is worth to mention. Thanks in advance!
  5. Thanks Tony and Gnacino, will try both!
  6. Come on cockpits builders! How do you guys handle this?
  7. HI, I'm planning to use 2 extra screens for PFD and ND (PMDG 737NGX). Wonder if there is a way to automatically load the gauges on each screen every time I load this plane in FSX. Thanks in advance.
  8. Thanks, I'm not sure if it suits my needs but anyway I contacted them some time ago and it is just too expensive, I can't afford it. Getting back on topic, I guess my questions about xplane have negative answers, or I would have received some answers on their forum. It seems P3D is the only choice that left
  9. Hi! Yes, PDMG 737 is great but FSX is not, I just need a more stable platform Hardware is custom, I'm building the panels myself.
  10. Hey guys, I asked on xplane forums but I had no feedback so I will try here. I've doing some work in a B737NG cockpit with FSX and simconnect, I have made some progress but FSX is really unstable, and considering is not longer being developed that can only change to worse. So, what I would like to know about xplane is: - Does it come with a SDK? - Does it have a decent B737NG? (Either default or addon). Thanks in advance!
  11. Hi Tony, that seems promising, I can wait I'm not in a hurry. I just need a platform that include a SDK because I plan to build some panels. Not sure if that the case of Xplane.
  12. Thank you Greggy, I guess I will able to use the addons I already own, right?
  13. Alright guys thanks for the feedback, but, is FSX Steam a improved version of FSX Acceleration? I mean, in terms of performance and stability.
  14. Hey, I've been away from flight sims for a while, can you guys share what has been going on? Is there any new platform? Does people still use FSX? Did P3D succeed in rewriting FSX core improving its performance/stability? Thanks in advance for the updates!
  15. Never found a fix so I just hardcoded this by simulating a "G" keystroke, which switch the gear up/down