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  1. I also had the problem. Deleting the FSUIPC.INI and letting it build a new one fixed it.
  2. I do believe there is an error at the moment resulting in some posts being double or triple posted, rather than the user him or herself doing it intentionally.
  3. JohnN just to remind you it is a requirement here to post your full name either in the signature area or on each post. Best regards, Alexander Speer
  4. Guys, I'd be grateful for some help please. I have just bought the PMDG 747-8i and I can't install it due to the error (see attached picture) I do have the PMDG 747X (boxed version) and have reinstalled the base -400. PMDG tech support only said to re install the -400 or to downgrade to Windows 7 and can't offer anymore help -_- . I have friends who have the -800 working on Win 8.1 (the OS I am using) so the fact that Win 8.1 is the problem is rubbish. This is turning out to be a waste of $. If I cannot install this then I'd like to get a refund (preferably to the install option without refund is the best option). Thanks for your help. Kind regards, Alexander Speer
  5. I can't - I just spend my money on PMDG 777, PFPX & REX4 Also I like the simplicity of the CLS 767. I don't really want to move
  6. Nope. Not there. There is a manual & paint kit but no easy FDE, and no mention of it in the Just Flight manual for some reason? Never again CS. Not after their pathetic customer service during a buggy 777. I have never moved from one developer (CS) to another (PMDG 777) so quickly
  7. When I downloaded it from Just Flight, it only gave me a .EXE flle, no .ZIP file
  8. I have searched all over for it. I can't seem to find it. I have watched it a million times over, and have been stabilized on all my approaches, using both visual on some and ILS on others. Thanks. I might get the LDS after the release of the PMDG 777-300ERX.
  9. Thanks for the quick reply. I have all the SP's installed, because it was bought yesterday, everything was installed at once (base, then expansion and then the SP's). Same order after reinstall. I have contacted Just Flight, but I came here because the people here are friendlier than support teams usually I have read about a "easy flight model" but cannot find it anywhere. I have been over the internet any beyond Thanks, Alex :-)
  10. Hello. Today I bought the Just Flight / CLS 767-200/300 with expansion on Just Flight. I cannot seem to find the easy flight model anywhere. Could someone please tell me where it it? THe reason I need it is because when landing, I am flying at 145 kts (as said by FMC) and when I get to 50 ft and I begin to flare, the plane does not and instead "slams" into the ground ar around -1500FPM. How the hell can I land this plane please? I even try flying faster than the given speed, to around 160KTS, with same result. If I try to flare earlier than 50FT to compensate for the slow rising nose, the plane takes off again! I have wasted several hours on this cr@p flying fine, and landing botched. I have already gone through 3 installs. Thanks for your help, Alex :-) PS. BTW is buying it on Just Flight, the same as buying it on CLS? Are they the same? I see the developer is "CLS/Just Flight".
  11. Guys. Thanks for your help. I deleted the FSUIPC4.ini file and rebuilt it. Here is a screenshot of it all working now Thanks, Alex :-) http://s848.photobucket.com/user/Alex_Speer/media/Untitled_zpse6ab1e13.png.html
  12. Thank you for the links Mike777, after I land my A380, I will delete the FSUIPC4.ini and let it build a new one. Hopefully my "flaps will retract". Come to think of it, on one of my "mid air near stalls" the EICAS and FLT CTRL page showed flaps up, gear up and spoilers retracted, but the PFD showed the green "UP" as a reference (just like on T/O during retraction).
  13. If I did pull back on the throttles, even just a bit, my aircraft would loose the last bit of airspeed & lift it had and tumble into the sea just off the end of RWY 12 :( Ok, thank you, I will have a flick through them now :-)
  14. I will try the FSUIPC.ini delete method in a few hours when I land my A380 in YSSY. I will pop the results here then Nope. Still in "indicated air speed". After I had the problem, I just changed to an A380 and it flew fine to YSSY, so I'm thinking it is the ACFT itself rather than the weather. FSUPIC is at latest version. I'm not sure how to stop engine redlining. If I pull the engines from the TOGA detent, the aircraft WILL stall into the sea, As said above, the fuel config was when I did a fuel "dump" (just changed the fuel on the FMC) to see if I'd get the A/C to clmb when light, but because I was dealing with a stall, I couldn't look up and turn the C fuel pump switches to OFF. The people on the Vatsim Facebook page couldn't help, but the told me to disable SB weather and use FSrealWX lite Indicated airspeed. I'm sure it can't be the flaps, because I changed it to an A380 without closing FSX, and it is flying fine (still flying atm to YSSY)
  15. Lot's of replying to do so lets start! (Thanks for your help guys!) I will give you a screen shot of the OHP later. The only problem what that I did a fuel "dump" (just changed the fuel on the FMC) to see if I'd get the A/C to clmb when light, but because I was dealing with a stall, I couldn't look up and turn the C fuel pump switches to OFF.
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