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  1. Merlspiers

    How to land the Bombardier

    I find the bombardier easy to land. But if you want to land it properly just come in with full flaps and the spoilers out. Make sure the nose is slightly up and just before the planes going to stall flare the throttle.
  2. Can you please program it so that other devices can be used as a map or other virtual instrument ? Thanks
  3. Merlspiers

    Err guys your missing the basics!

    You should somewhere be able to access the vital information to fly the plane, such as checklists. A landing checklist with stall speeds would be great because it would allow me to fly a real slow approach and touchdown. Also some planes in real life allow you to reverse the thrust in flight such as the c17a and 747 to shorten the landing distance. Also please please make the fuel burn and then you will be able to have fun setting the right amount. A final point would be great if you could allow the flying.between the two liveries of London and Paris.. I also get fed up of making my own missions in my head. There is for example many night flight between London and the East Midlands cargo- Royal Mail operate this route as well as many other firms. It would be great if the maps were bigger. I'm using the ipad5 so surely if you were to push the 64bit processor it could do more.