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  1. Matt is still working... he created this: "PTA 2.68 - Latest version for P3D 4.5 HotFix 3 ONLY" can be find on https://www.simtweaks.com/ In General : Matt did what he said : updating PTA so it will be compatible with every update of V4. He never said that he would make a PTA for V5. And FYI : shaders have changed for V5 so it would mean to start from scratch ..
  2. bbuckley, maybe a reinstall off ORBX Trees should solve the prob...
  3. One thing more u can try, for expl, in the PMDG 747 simulation page 7 play with the HDR adjustment level, set it to no or low.
  4. skysurfer, Gerard help me with the pointing to VC Lightning, so open PTA Tool and after load his last preset, find on the left column "Aircraft VC lightning & saturation" and play with it. that's helped me.
  5. Hi Gerard, I realy love your presets and enjoy them alot, But the last two or three my gauges in the PMDG aircrafts are very dark, even when i turn the backlight to full, any suggestion for me?
  6. hi, maybe try this, i had the same prob since v4.4. whenever i moved the mouse over some buttons indide the cockpit, i got very short black flashes. to resolve this, rightclick on P3D icon/properties/compatibility, tick the box called fullscreen optimizing and deactivate it and all should be good.
  7. Thanx for the answer, i never changed something on the graphics driver, but during the wait of your answer i put a preset from QPilot8 on and it doesn't looks so dark on my screen. But i will go back to yours and try to adust it in PTA. And i'm usig this HDR settings
  8. Hello Gerad, i like your pressets,But one question, this is way to blue for me, how i can change this.
  9. Hi, i guess i can answere your question, it right to install LNM on both PC`s, but on you FS PC u just start LittleNavConnect and on your client PC u start LNM and connect it via the Tools Tab. so u just need to update the Navigraph datas on your client PC. hope this helps. Regards Andreas aka Casey Ryback FO
  10. Yes, i'm using ASN b6107 and the funny thing is, i moved after theese shots to EBBT and there wasn't that issue.....
  11. All new stuff set up, and i'm 95% very excited and happy, but the last 5% are this what can i do?? Under 3000ft it looks like ... But over 3000...
  12. Yes, i still think about getting money back, and yes , u are right , nobody hold a gun on my head, but they promised us a never ending game, that's why i aspect to buy something from the game....
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