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  1. http://forum.avsim.net/topic/438427-01apr14-pmdg-777-200lrf-feature-preview-wx-radar/ This is interesting?
  2. I have used rto only once. I forgot to turn on my flt dir and by mistake and AT was not on. In a panic i use full RT and i got overheated brakes
  3. sorry give me a min i will load up my fsx under equipment. crew awareness
  4. In other word apply spoiler and when the spoiler is no longer needed FMC msg will just disappear and then retract the spolier. Just do what you are told ! :ph34r:
  5. Sometimes the aircraft is maintaining its speed but got to descent more to follow the glide path. So its asking for more drag to help to maintain the speed and descent at a greater fps
  6. Guys how do i start with COLD&DARK with ground power already spawn?
  7. You guys should hand it over to us as pilot
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