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  1. Froze for about 30sec and continue. It was around 3h into the flight. I thought fsx crash but after a few second it return to normal. Never had this problem before sp1.
  2. Thanks sir i will try it out soon. So i just let pfpx create the FLT plan for pmdg 777 and untick the rest? Eg( flight plan, winddata) under pfpx
  3. I have a FP in ASN but my weather forecast is outdated and refuse to update during cruise or after takeoff
  4. I have asn. And i have my flight plan created using pfpx with asn. There is a .wx under pmdg/wx. In this case ( WSSSOMDB.wx) And its updating every 5 min with asn as per weather. But every time when i request a a new forecast or wind, i keep getting the same result as i get on WSSS.
  5. yes. Use derate thrust or temp ( using topcat or aurusim efb which is coming soon hope its not dead)
  6. Its impossible to miss the register part. A box will pop up right after you select a pmdg 777 plane.
  7. Thanks for getting back to me Well done So now its up to pfpx to integrate this? If so thats awesome. Have a great holiday Steph and Cheryl
  8. Steph PFPX said they will look at it again. Any progress at your side?
  9. My issue is : Can i save cost as opus is using the same weather station as pfpx?
  10. Much appreciated, may i know where can i find the flight plan report file?
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