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  1. Froze for about 30sec and continue. It was around 3h into the flight. I thought fsx crash but after a few second it return to normal. Never had this problem before sp1.
  2. Thanks sir i will try it out soon. So i just let pfpx create the FLT plan for pmdg 777 and untick the rest? Eg( flight plan, winddata) under pfpx
  3. I have a FP in ASN but my weather forecast is outdated and refuse to update during cruise or after takeoff
  4. I have asn. And i have my flight plan created using pfpx with asn. There is a .wx under pmdg/wx. In this case ( WSSSOMDB.wx) And its updating every 5 min with asn as per weather. But every time when i request a a new forecast or wind, i keep getting the same result as i get on WSSS.
  5. yes. Use derate thrust or temp ( using topcat or aurusim efb which is coming soon hope its not dead)
  6. Its impossible to miss the register part. A box will pop up right after you select a pmdg 777 plane.
  7. Thanks for getting back to me Well done So now its up to pfpx to integrate this? If so thats awesome. Have a great holiday Steph and Cheryl
  8. Steph PFPX said they will look at it again. Any progress at your side?
  9. My issue is : Can i save cost as opus is using the same weather station as pfpx?
  10. Much appreciated, may i know where can i find the flight plan report file?
  11. Rob can you link me to the "removal of external model" Here is my fsx.cfg https://www.dropbox.com/s/cjzqgt36j406ktp/fsx.cfg
  12. i have opus and made flight with auto cruise not more than 8x. At 16x the aircraft refuse to go back to 1x
  13. I understand that both program use the same weather source, But for pfpx its only for 1year after that you got to buy another server subscription. So since i have OPUS can i use to provide pfpx the weather data like as2012 ?
  14. my bad was trying Prepar3d 2 before going for my trip last minute Just came back yesterday change to FSX in OPUS and now its working sorry bout that
  15. just compared asn trial with my opus at EGLL at 50m visibility asn gave me a nice effect while opus gave me quite a clear sky i can see all the way down to the runway. while i cant in asn. Can anyone explain to me?
  16. Met some friends at the facebook aviation lovers group and he told me to fly online. Now at 57h IVAO and counting!
  17. LOL OLLI The max i flown is 7h trying to find time for this SEXY
  18. You will see people using ngx in p3d 2.0 as long they dun update it or pmdg force them to update
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