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  1. regisb

    No 64-bit P3D coming according to Orbxs' John Venema

    That was his own personal view and opinion...As long as LM has not said it, I will not believe. The future is to move to 64 bit...This will generate new revenue for developers like ORBX and others...Those that say it is not gonna happen are probably behind because it is already happening.... Regis
  2. Interesting....I will check it out
  3. regisb

    [Beta Preview] NGX SP1d

    My hopes are that PMDG will rework the dynamics of NGX, bring that sort of immersion you get with the 777...And also make the plane a bit heavy on the feeling just like the 777 is to a certain degree. It is a bit way to light.... Thanks, Regis
  4. regisb

    2.5 is Out

    Cool and Understood....Let us all move on. I will read the EULA pinned topic. Thanks guys Regis
  5. regisb

    2.5 is Out

    Hi Bill, I don't understand how is this not an appropriate question as we are talking about a release of P3D 2.5. I am asking fellow computer game players and that is in a living room and enjoying a hobby which one they use so that I can buy the same...Just this simple. No marketing just a genuine question....just like for FSX (standard and professional editions). Thanks, Regis
  6. regisb

    2.5 is Out

    Which one of the P3D license do your guys purchase? Thanks Regis (Bambanga)
  7. One world.....Amazing. Gonna try it tonight. Can you please share your Nvidia inspector settings and FSX.CFG ? Can also please share your scenery settings ? What kind of traffic you are using ? Again Amazin man.! Thanks, Regis
  8. regisb

    VAS / OOM and Textures

    I started to read this from page 1....My hopes flushed in the toilett. OOM till FSX2015
  9. regisb

    Question about Aerosoft A318/19

    So the question is: Does it include a weather radar !!!? This weather radar technology is now available in FSX.... Thanks, Regis
  10. VAS....always VAS....again VAS.....More VAS
  11. regisb

    RC1 is out

    Sorry guys is this FSX or some other simulation program ? Thanks, Regis
  12. regisb

    RC1 is out

    RC1 is out ...what is RC1 ????? thanks, Regis
  13. Your shots are like great food...We are never full. Keep on feeding us
  14. As I have said..."special service pack"...You are free to buy it or not. Get it in 3 months (pay 10$) or wait 2 years for normal and free....
  15. Martin-W, you have the malady also.