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  1. Hi all, I recently just made v2.68 of PTA available which brings compatibility for Prepar3D v4.5 HotFix 3 only. Please note: v2.68 is ONLY compatible with Prepar3D v4.5 HotFix 3, use v2.67 for Prepar3D v4.5 HotFix 2. You can find the download (and all previous versions) via your order page on the SimTweaks website. I know there are lots of questions regarding a version of PTA for P3D v5. I haven't had a proper chance to put v5 through its paces and see what it would take to bring PTA in to v5. It may happen, it may not. Having said that, I promised you all that I'd keep PTA up to date with v4 and I've stuck to that promise, irrespective of all of the negativity and constant "let's attack Matt for the sake of it" word not allowed (there are plenty of nice people too, I haven't forgotten that). I suppose that concludes PTA's P3D v4 journey in it's current state - it's been an interesting one. Thanks, Matt.
  2. Hi Dave, Make sure you're using the correct version of PTA for your version of P3D. You can find which to use in the pinned topic within this forum. If you're still having issues after that, let me know :) Cheers, Matt.
  3. I have applied this tweak several times now to test & I cannot reproduce. Are you getting any red errors in the console at the bottom of the application when you press apply?
  4. Always been a fan of how natural you make your sim look - great job as usual!
  5. I've already explained what the situation is many a time, but sure, I'll explain again. 1) PTA has been rewritten from scratch. It is about 95% completed however due to a failed investment (which unfortunately I had zero control over), the person who developed it didn't get paid and thus wont release the code. We both have come to an agreement that will come to light soon enough. 2) That is point 1... 3) It's fixed. 4) & 5) ...?
  6. Just to add to this, please read here - all is explained... now can we please stop with the unnecessary BS? It's tiresome.
  7. The SimTweaks website & PTA activation servers have been offline for approx 16hrs - they're now back up and running and will continue to be. The issue was actually something that hadn't even crossed my mind until it happened. If you don't know, I run a community project named projectFLY. We use Google to host our servers. I have SimTweaks, PTA Activation & projectFLY on the same Google account, which yesterday afternoon was suspended due to billing issues (It's a community based app which relys on various factors that weren't available to it). As a result, that also took the SimTweaks website and the PTA Activation system offline. I've now separated the two so that should projectFLY ever go down again, SimTweaks & PTA Activation will remain online. It was an oversight on my part & for that I can only apologise.
  8. You can now register - the servers were down for about 16hrs. I had them on the same cluster as another project and when that went offline, it took PTA offline too. I've now separated them so it doesn't happen again.
  9. It's back up now. Thank you to some of you for your incredibly useful input, it's always a pleasure to read /s
  10. Are you ok, Adam? It went offline for less than 24hrs. That's the second time in 2.5 years. Sure, it's frustrating & the timing isn't great but it is what it is. It's back up now, everything is stabilised. Just go outside, take a walk, letting things like the above get to you to that level isn't healthy. I know this too well, I spent most of my 20's getting mad at the most trivial things.
  11. I am working on restoring it now - I am just as frustrated as you are. I think in 2.5 years it's been down once.
  12. By the same sentiment, the last 2.5 years haven't posed a difference in shaders between versions, so why now? Sure it's something I need to be aware of in the future but until it became a problem, I wasn't really ever to know about it.
  13. *** REDOWNLOAD THE 2.67 VERSION *** That *should* fix the issues you're having. Make sure you have clean shaders before trying it.
  14. *** REDOWNLOAD THE 2.67 VERSION *** That *should* fix the issues you're having. Make sure you have clean shaders before trying it.
  15. *** REDOWNLOAD THE 2.67 VERSION *** That *should* fix the issues you're having. Make sure you have clean shaders before trying it.
  16. I can only work with what I have. I used the latest version from the website (pro plus version) to compare the HDR shader (and any others) as I assumed regardless of the version of P3D, they would be the same. That appears NOT to be the case, hence why mine seems to work and a handful of others doesn't. I'll fix it today now I've got hold of the "other" shader. I don't know how I am supposed to test stuff I don't know about 😕
  17. Yeah, noted in another thread. I'll look in to it tomorrow morning - it's strange that a handful of people have a different shader file than the rest... but yet are on the same version of Prepar3D. I'll reach out to LM and see if they distribute different versions depending on some sort of condition. Please bear with me - i'll get back to you as soon as I know more.
  18. Well this is awkward... I do not 😄 My file is from September. I need to do some more digging - it seems to be happening to a handful of people, so there must be something different with the way you're doing it vs everyone else. I will look in to this first thing in the morning and see what is what.
  19. It will fix your red errors, which you get when you try to use PTA with an incompatible version of P3D.
  20. There is your issue. You don't have the original shader - you have one that is from a version back in July. You can reinstall the client to fix this, but before you do, make sure you delete that ShadersHLSL folder.
  21. Go inside that folder, then right click on the HDR.hlsl file and show the properties of it please 🙂
  22. Can you go into your P3D/ShadersHLSL/PostProcessing folder, right click > properties on the HDR.hlsl file and post a screenshot where I can see the file size of it please?
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