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  1. Thanks for the reply Matt. Sometime stuff happens.
  2. I just got v.2.66 when I enter registration key it fails. I tried going to SimTweaks.com and it fails to load. All other websites load fine. Need help
  3. I am building a Boing 777 home cockpit and I am using some Hispapanels for the mip. I ordered the landing gear panel believing it would come with some kind or assembly instruction but it didn't. I contacted Hispapanels and it seems their are no assembly instructions for this panel. Has anybody bought one of these panel and can you give me some kind of assembly instruction? These are the parts I have B777 Landing Gear Panel 4 tactile switch Rafi19 1 black push button 1 big ON-OFF toggle switch with black guard 1 12-positions rotary switch
  4. Thanks for that tip. I renamed the BGL for KIAD and added MyTraffic back in the scenery library then run the vox indexer and it worked. I haven't intalled the addon airports yet so this was happening with the default airport but everything is good now.
  5. I to had this problem at KIAD which was one of my addon airports so I decided to remove the sim and all addons and reinstall them and test after each addon was reinstalled. Everything went fine until I install MyTraffic thats when the problem started again. All the other airports were fine except KIAD. To fix this I just removed MyTraffic from the Scenery Library. I ran the sim and still had the AI traffic like normal and they were following the taxiways in the correct way.The drawback to doing this is when you have to run the VOX indexer you have to add the MyTraffic scenery back to the scenery library or you will loose all your AI until you do add it back.
  6. Thanks for the reply. I have been flt simming for years and have seen that option a million times and never thought of it. I might be getting Alzheimer's.
  7. I am using the native ATC in prepar3d v3 when I ask fo to get clearance not only does he ask for clearance but the native atc asks to. It's like I just clicked on native atc window to get clearance. Is there any way to remove the native atc from asking for clearance?
  8. I appreciate the reply I am having issues with a windows update so I will need to reinstall all my flightsim programs and then try again.
  9. I have tried everything I've read in the manuals and on the forum about how to get MCE to interact with ATC with no luck. I have tried all the voice's. Microsoft Zera and MCE Lorna Request IFR Clearence but I get no response. I have tried the native ATC and PF3. Even Zera and Lorna start to get frustrated with the lack of response. Is their not one manual that explains in detail on how to set this up? I have included my MCE.ini [WINDOW] Left=412 Top=132 NoActivate=1 //(1 to make sure MCE doesn't take the focus out of the sim, when the UI is clicked, 0 otherwise) NoSound=0 //(set value 1 if you want to cut the various UI sounds emitted when clicking buttons or MCE minimises) NoFullScreenDraw=0 //(set to 1, to avoid the occasional graphics artefacts than can happen when MCE UI tries to draw, and the sim is in full screen mode) StartToTray=0 //(set to 1, and every time MCE starts, the UI will not appear unless you click on the icon in system tray) [FEATURES] ExecuteCaptainOrders=1 ReadCheckListWhenAsked=1 PilotSpeaksToAtc=1 CopilotReportsFailures=1 EnableInterfaceVoice=1 [OPTIONS] Debug=0 //(only set this to 1 when instructd by support) PilotIsBVI=0 //(must be set to 1 for Blind Visually Impaired Pilots) UIlanguage=1033 MikeTuneOnStartup=0 EnableOptimizations=1 AutoStartWithFS=0 MinimizeToTray=0 MoreResponsive=1 TrainingCompleted=1 RandomFailures=0 TweakFsConfig=0 AtcMikeUseIvao=0 ForceCopilot=1 AudioIn= AudioOut= PilotName=mitchell ShowCommands=1 ForceCommands=0 //(deprecated. Do not use) DisplayTime=3000 UseMacros=1 //(must be set to 1 For VoxKey to work) UseNarrator=0 LoudData=0 EnableAnnouncements=0 UseVoxScripts=1 DisableNagging=1 GroundServicesMode=Native NoBadLanguage=1 NoFMAcallouts=0 //(set this to 1 if you don't want FO to monitor FMA (Flight Mode Annuciator)) NoEngineStartCallouts=0 AllowActionOnEvent=0 V1CalloutIsGO=0 //(Enable this to follow Lufthansa standard call-out procedures. PNF calls-out Go instead of V one) ReduceChatter=0 //(Enable this if you want to cutout on the amount of FO speech. FO would be more concise) [PROFICIENCY] Level=3 [sPEECH] Volume=100 CpuUsage=75 SpeechPace=750 InprocReco=1 DisablePitchChange=0 MaxConcurrentTasks=4 NumLockKeyMutesReco=0 [sKILL] Tol3=030,030,400,900,100,100,100,050 Tol2=020,020,200,700,075,075,075,030 Tol1=010,010,100,500,050,050,050,020 Tol0=005,005,050,300,025,025,025,010 [VOICES] Voice0 =Lorna,0,0,0,1 Voice1 =Trav,0,0,0,1 Voice2 =Stella,0,0,0,1 Voice3 =William,0,0,0,1 Voice4 =Microsoft Zira Desktop - English (United States),0,0,0 [ATC] Mode=Native PreventNativeATCCancellation=0 UseRadioNoise=1 StaticNoiseLevel=1 SecondaryNeedAtcWindow=0 atc1=0 atc2=0 atc3=1 atc4=1 atc5=1 UseRadarContact=0 IgnoreRC4Registry=0 //(Set this to 1 when RC4 isn't installed on the same machine as MCE) RC4path= IgnorePFERegistry=0 //(Set this to 1 when PFE isn't installed on the same machine as MCE) PFEpath= IgnoreFlightPlan=0 FlightPlansPath=C:\Users\Main\Documents\Prepar3D v3 Files [sIMCONTROL] FsPanels=1 FsMenus=1 FsDialogs=1 FsKneeboard=1 ViewsAndViewpoint=1 [GAMEPAD] JoyManID=Pro Flight Yoke JoyProdID=Pro Flight Yoke JoyButton=2 UseWithVoxATC=1 //(set to 1 if you want to use the same joystick assignment with VoxATC. It will ensure FO doesn't listen to your speech while the joystick button is held down using VoxATC) [GO-FLIGHT] Use=1 //(set to 1 for MCE to monitor the manual radio dialling process. Whether you do that via mouse-clicks or by rotating Go-Flight or other hardware modules) TimeOut=3000 //(sets the amount of time in milliseconds that must elapse after you last click on the radio switches in VC panel, or physically rotate a button on the radio rack, before MCE assumes you are finished with dialling. Values between 2000 and 5000 are accepted) [CHECKLIST] NoStateCheck=0 //(when set to 1, co-pilot will just read the checklist aloud, wait for any answer and move on, without challenging you on any item. Useful for people running simpits with hardware switches. It can be difficult for FO to read these) Strict=0 PMDG 777-323ER American Airlines=C:\Multi Crew Experience\ChkLists\PMDG_777_check.txt [MECHANIC] PushWithGSXandAES=0 [RAMP] NoRampToOfficeTalk=0 NoPaxDoorsAutoHandling=0 NoCargoDoorsAutoHandling=0 [PACE] ActionDelay=1500 //The simulated delay that takes place before FO takes action. Values from 0 to 4000 milliseconds) MCPdial=100 //The pace at which FO increments or decrements MCP values from 100 to 250 milliseconds). Doesn't apply to some aircraft where the value is hard coded ButtonPress=800 //The simulated time in milliseconds it takes the FO to flip a single switch. Values 500 to 2500 are accepted VoxKeyAction=1000 //The delay in milliseconds between two consecutive VoxKey actions. Valid entries 0 to 4000. [sPLASH] NoSound=0 [VATSIM] NotifyPTTstate=0 [PILOTS] [MISC] Path=C:\Multi Crew Experience [TERMINATE]
  10. If MCE won't interact with VOXATC then which atc program will it interact with. I have P2ATC, PFE, RC4 and VOXATC. If need be I will buy another as long as it will work.
  11. Thanks for that info I will make these change and hopefully that will fix my problem.
  12. Can someone please tell me the steps to get the FO to talk to VOXATC? I changed the MCE.ini use voxatc to 1 and had the FO do the comms. but he still contacts the native P3D atc. I would also like to know how or if the FO can change radio freq.on his own. I don't know if you can tell but I'm new to MCE so I will probably be asking more questions. Any help would be appreciated even if its to point me to the right manual. P3D 3.5 PMDG 777 300er FS2CREW [Turn Off] VOXATC
  13. I changed voice back to an mce voice and changed a the way I had the call sign setup for the aircraft and now when fo says the call sign he says American 28 and when he says off it sounds like off instead of aww. Thanks for the reply
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