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  1. Thanks for the reply Matt. Sometime stuff happens.
  2. I just got v.2.66 when I enter registration key it fails. I tried going to SimTweaks.com and it fails to load. All other websites load fine. Need help
  3. I am building a Boing 777 home cockpit and I am using some Hispapanels for the mip. I ordered the landing gear panel believing it would come with some kind or assembly instruction but it didn't. I contacted Hispapanels and it seems their are no assembly instructions for this panel. Has anybody bought one of these panel and can you give me some kind of assembly instruction? These are the parts I have B777 Landing Gear Panel 4 tactile switch Rafi19 1 black push button 1 big ON-OFF toggle switch with black guard 1 12-positions rotary switch
  4. Thanks for that tip. I renamed the BGL for KIAD and added MyTraffic back in the scenery library then run the vox indexer and it worked. I haven't intalled the addon airports yet so this was happening with the default airport but everything is good now.
  5. I to had this problem at KIAD which was one of my addon airports so I decided to remove the sim and all addons and reinstall them and test after each addon was reinstalled. Everything went fine until I install MyTraffic thats when the problem started again. All the other airports were fine except KIAD. To fix this I just removed MyTraffic from the Scenery Library. I ran the sim and still had the AI traffic like normal and they were following the taxiways in the correct way.The drawback to doing this is when you have to run the VOX indexer you have to add the MyTraffic scenery back to the scenery library or you will loose all your AI until you do add it back.
  6. I used your instructions here and voxatc works great now with the exception of the FO not changing radio freq. Thank you.
  7. I received an email on the 16 of Nov. basically saying the same thing "The next release of VoxATC will support P3D 3. It should be available in about 6 weeks or so." This would be A good Christmas gift to myself.
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