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  1. The September release was mentioned on the SWS Discord channel.
  2. I enjoy it as well and fly it at least a couple of times a week. It's certainly not "study level" or whatever the buzzword for that is now, but for some reason I absolutely love this plane. The SWS PC12 should be impressive. I think end of September is the latest release date.
  3. I haven't seen lightning in probably a year but flying out of Memphis (KMEM) this afternoon, there it was. Took me a second to realize it since it's been so long! Perhaps a server-side change has been done?
  4. I talked with him briefly also (seemed like EVERYONE was trying to get a word with him lol) and agree that he comes across as a genuinely nice guy who really wants FS2020 and FS2024 to be everything they can possibly be. As I understand it, the success of MSFS2020 has convinced MS to give the FS team more resources- not only money, but access to bigger servers, more data, etc. as it develops 2024. The upcoming year should be very exciting!
  5. Just got back and it was incredible. According to the folks I talked with who had attended previous Expos, this one was by far the best. I'm certainly planning on attending upcoming ones!
  6. Hi 1Wolf. I highly recommend Pilot2ATC. I usually use it for IFR, but I believe it handles VFR as well. There's a forum for it here at Avsim too. It has somewhat of a learning curve to it, but once you learn it its hard to fly without it! DP
  7. Figured it out- I've never used the "Ignore Battery Switch" and "Ignore Avionics Switch" settings on the P2ATC Settings page. For some reason (maybe the AAU1 update?) they now need to be enabled. Learn something new every day!
  8. I'm a long time P2ATC user, but I've run into a problem that has me stumped. As of today, I cannot hear any controllers, or even the ATIS and although the PTT indicator turns green, it appears my voice isn't being picked up. When I go into the Voices tab, I can hear the "test" voices and when I go into the Grmr Help practice section, it picks up and replays the audio from my microphone. I haven't changed any computer audio settings since I last used P2ATC and am completely at a loss as to what the problem may be. Does anyone have any ideas? This is with MSFS2020 and Windows 10 if that makes any difference.
  9. If you use a program like SPADneXt or Axis and Ohs, you can assign a button press that will move the throttle into the Beta range, although you can't adjust the Beta amount like you can with an axis.
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