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  1. Hi, Thanks for your assistance. I located the standard.xml thing and added these lines, but they didn't work... <Entry> <Key>NUM *</Key> <Down>TOGGLE_BEACON_LIGHTS</Down> </Entry> <Key>NUM -</Key> <Down>TOGGLE_NAV_LIGHTS</Down> </Entry> <Key>UP</Key> <Down>TOGGLE_TAXI_LIGHTS</Down> </Entry> <Key>PGDN</Key> <Down>TOGGLE_DME</Down> </Entry> Note all these commands are for the numerical keypad. Key BCN lights brings up differential braking. Here's a new problem (fortunately I backed up the stanbdard.xml file in advance) - adding the above assignments reset the my xml file to default, and all the keypad commands vanished. Thanks
  2. On FSX, just A320 using default A321 panel, plus default B737, and also a third party DHC-8. Didn't have this issue in FS9 as the keys seemed to work across the board. Long time ago since I did this in FS9 and needed a recap. Thanks again 🙂
  3. Hi, Thanks for your response 🙂 The keys are for: Aircraft exterior beacon lights Aircraft exterior nav lights Taxi lights I was also having trouble with the BAC course button, which seems to activate both APR and FD autopilot buttons. 1F02 appears in the in the main gauge thing with the horizontal indicator/airspeed/altitud bits on it. The DME button also seems ineffective. Those are the main issues at the moment. Much like FS9, selecting keyboard shortcut for ALT hold during climb resets the preprogrammed altitude to the prersent aircraft altitude, but that can be sorted on the main screen switch thingy. I see FSX has new key assignment names compared with FS9. Thanks for your assistance which is appreciated 🙂
  4. G'Day Folks, First post here! So, I wanted to assign a new keyboard short cut, but there flight deck switch isnt located in the FSX key assignment list. So, how do I generate a keyboard shortcut for something not listed? Thanks folks
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