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  1. I have begun going through this series. I used to sim about 10 years ago (FSX) and enjoyed VOR flight and drawing up flight plans from printed maps. But I have forgotten most of it now and its good to get a refresher. However I have a question. Other than the joy of plotting a VOR / NDB route and using the panels to navigate (or autopilot - never got into that but want to now) should flights now be planned GPS to replicate real life ?
  2. Well I have downloaded FS 2020. Tried P3D but could not get my PC to work with it (plenty of horsepower but wouldnt play) . My FSX will stay on the PC for jaunts and developing skills but now on the learning curve for the new app. It loaded really fast but the updates are taking an eternity. Not looking for Add ons just yet but anyone have any Noob tips to pass on ? Thanks
  3. Having revived my interest in fs via FSX on steam I looked at the offerings and decided to give p3d a try. It may not be as ‘pretty’ as MS FS 2020 but its clear purpose is to be a simulator first and entertainment (important as that may be) second. I run a TUF gaming PC with Ryzen 7 , 16GB of RAM and RSX GPU but the P3D keeps falling over on startup. I have asked for a refund. Any ideas ast why it wont run ? Have I done something daft ? Thanks
  4. Thanks to all. I cant understand why P3D caused problems , I have ryzen 7 and a rsx GPU, may be me but cant get it to run. MSFS 2020 does look good but I want to make sure its not style over substance , I liked the idea of P3D as its purpose is a flight sim not a pretty xbox game on PC (or is that last statement ill informed ?)
  5. Hello . I played around with FSX years ago but my computer was a bit underpowered so the bug left me. I now have a gaming PC and have purchased fsx steam. Am having good fun and the information available now e.g YouTube is staggering . I tried running P3D V5 but my set up (despite its Ryzen 7 and 16gb of RAM) just would not run consistently . My question is should I invest time and money in FSX or bite the bullet and just download 2020 ? I s there a future in FSX ?
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