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  1. I am running FSX SE with Wind 10 64 bit. In Dec 2017 I received a new Jetline Systems PC with P3d4 installed. I got so frustrated with not being able to enter most of my FSX programs, like Radar Contact, I installed FSX SE and all-in-all I have been quite pleased with it. This morning I entered cross country weather into AS2016 and as usual right clicked to open FSX SE with Admin rights. It opened to the initial screen as usual, but when I clicked on Free Flight, I got a window reflecting Aircraft Initialization Failure Aircreation 582SL. When I clicked on Select Aircraft, all I could get were rotor craft even though All Aircraft was selected. I got all kinds of findings after running a Google search, most of which I was afraid to follow. Here is what I have determined. FSX is installed an a my D drive which is dedicated to Steam. When I open the FSX file and go to Sim objects, I have no Airplane folder! If I go to my C drive, and go down to users and go to Microsoft/FSX and on to sim objects I have the normal Airplanes folder with all aircraft displayed as normal. I was thinking of just putting a copy of my Aircraft folder into my FSX Sim objects folder or just doing a complete FSX uninstall and reinstalling FSX SE. Any insight into this is appreciated. I haven't a clue how it happened. Mike Nicholson
  2. Thunderbolt44


    Hi Ray, Yesterday I got to thinking about this after reading your above post. I remembered when I first installed Steam I had installed a FUSIPC4 compatible with FSX SE into a Modules folder in FSX SE. (Of course Steam was smart. Their core folder leads to FSX. They don't call it FSX SE. Then, when I installed RC, it took forever and finally got me to the activation page which I activated. However, it would not open. In checking the log, it said it had hunted all over for FSUIPC4 but it was an old version and it had ended up connecting with the FSUIPC5 in my P3D drive. I went ahead and deleted RC and the old FSUIPC4 and installed the latest version for FSX into the FSX Modules folder in Steam. Installed RC again and I now have a working copy of RC. Just flew IFR from KBGR to KACY with RC. A flawless flight. I wish Lockheed could buy RC from JD, polish it up, and replace their terrible ATC program. Again, as always, I appreciate your help. It is good again to be able to use FSX SE which takes just about any addon, and mark time with P3D for awhile until some of these addons catch up with them. Mike Nicholson
  3. Thunderbolt44


    OK Ray, I have the thread bookmarked and I have looked thru it. I can certainly understand why the fellow said that his grand kids weren't visiting for a month. I am certainly in the same boat. Do I start at the top of the thread, or is there a further down post I should start with? Mike Nicholson PS: Since I apparently do not have the file in question, will the referenced thread produce it?
  4. Thunderbolt44


    Ray, Thank you for your prompt reply. Last night, I started this thread using Foxfire which was not working properly and I had searched the Forum finding nothing so I submitted my question. This morning I tried MS Edge and it is working perfect including the thread. I'll get on with your directions and advise of my progress. Mike Nicholson
  5. Thunderbolt44


    I am using Windows 10, 64 bit and this problem occurred in my FSX SE drive. This morning I clicked to open Radar Contact, and then clicked to input my flight plan. Instead of the usual flight plan list, I got a window saying the msstdfmt.dll file was missing and needed to be installed before I could proceed. Radar Contact just disappeared. It appears this is a Microsoft file. When I Googled it, there appeared to be a lot of different files and not knowing which one to use I was reluctant to try any. I did delete and reinstall Radar Contact with no luck. As always, any advice is appreciated. Mike Nicholson
  6. Thunderbolt44

    Basic Dovetail Game Question (s)

    Paulopp, In regards to your Add ons comment, A year or two ago I was on a six month trip and installed FSX Steam into my laptop. I was able to download and install my flight plan, weather program, atc and several other programs. Non of these were purchased thru Dovetail, but I was still able to install them. Can you still do that or have they limited it to purchased Steam add ons? Mike Nicholson PS: I did discover the FSX Insider has a great introduction to FSX Steam especially uninstalling FSX and installing Steam. I'll have to look into World too. I sure like it being a 64 bit program. Mike Nicholson
  7. I received a new PC for Christmas. I've used MSFSX for a long time, but have had no luck activating it the new PC. I've taken a look at the Dovetail web sites, but am a little confused over where to start. What is the basic program you first download and where do you sign up for it? I saw some World program and it appeared to be 64 bits. Is that a whole new stand alone program or do you add it onto the basic FSX-Steam program? Does that make everything 64 bit? And most important, can you still add programs into Steam such as PMDG aircraft, etc. Just any general info is appreciated. Mike Nicholson
  8. Thunderbolt44

    Installing RC4 into P3D4?

    Ron, I feel like Ned in the First Reader. I'm sorry for putting you thru the above exercise. After reading your last input, I started checking, and discovered that I had used v4.1.2.0 of MakeRwys. It didn't work and I set RC aside. A week or so ago, I downloaded v484 when I couldn't find any other ATC program I liked. So what did I do? Well, like the Village word not allowed I used the old MakeRws and not the 484 I had downloaded. So, I'm assuming I don't need to hit the reset on the organizer since the scenery files did not get installed, or should I? I figured to go thru P3D and delete anything that did get in from RC. Then uninstall RC and reinstall it. I'm just not giving up on this! Mike Nicholson
  9. Thunderbolt44

    Installing RC4 into P3D4?

    Hi Ron, I ran the makerws.exe file in the P#D folder. It failed to open with a window reflecting "Failed to make Runways CSV files and Failed to make FStar RC rws file. Next, a search of the P3D folder did not reflect a r5cvsa file. However there is a r4.csv file. This opens into a large file. File properties reflect it was Created: Dec 30k, 2017; Modified: Jul 30, 2013; Accessed: Dec 30, 2017. I then tried to at least see about this rc scenery rebuild but did not find it. It appears to me the above set forth r4.csv is the folder you want me to have the rc scenery rebuild. If it is, or is not, would you clarify my nest step. I'm just tip toeing through this as I don't want to screw it up. Again, Thanks Ron, Mike Nicholson
  10. Thunderbolt44

    Installing RC4 into P3D4?

    My quest to install a working copy of RC continues. Today, my 75th birthday, we came home from church, breakfast & Costco, and I disappeared into my study to install makerys with the Addon Organizer mentioned above. It seemed to work fine. I have the scenery.cfg file setting in the main P3D folder. I have a list of 10 various .cvs files, dtd from 2005 through 2007 reflected in C:\\rc4x\script\data\c4.cvs with nine other .csv files. Also, makerys.exe is in the main P3D v45 folder. I then decided to go for it and clicked on my RC.exe shortcut. It opened but I had a RC box immediately on the opening RC page saying "C:\\rc4x\data\c4.csv not found - download from web". This is a currency CSV dtd: 1/6/2007. It also displayed Run-time error 424 Object Required. I did see in the makerys instructions that it contained a number of csv files. I am under the impression that these were also installed when I added the makerys exe but really do not know, My .csv files are all pretty old as set forth above. So, ronzie, if you can again point me in the right direction, I would certainly appreciate it. Mike Nicholson
  11. Thunderbolt44

    Installing RC4 into P3D4?

    Well, I at least feel like I have made some progress. I have RC installed and successfully registered my key from JD. Now for my question (s). I have FUISPC5 installed. It's installation file says it was a successful installation. It has Module folders in each of my PMDG aircraft and other add ons are working the way they are suppose to. I have RC's main folder entered in the main C drive folder. When I open the RC main folder, I don't see any thing reflecting it is in contact with FUISPC5. While installing RC, it got to the end and wanted to install FUISPC4, but I stopped it. It seemed like in my previous life with FSX that their was something like the FSUIPC4.exe file right in the RC main file. Also, in one of Pete's forums, he said his DDL.XML files should be copied to the RC main folder. Any guidance you all can give me is appreciated. IN the mean time I'm going to Make a few FSUIPC changes and see if I can get the makerwys file installed.
  12. Thunderbolt44

    Installing RC4 into P3D4?

    I ran the installer again this morning. When it stopped at the beginning and said to point it to the FS X (there is a space here), I reset it to the Prepar 3D v4 folder where the p3d4 .exe is located. It went ahead and seems to have been installed although it has stopped and displayed a window where it wants the path to install FSuipc4.exe to. I already have FSUIPC5 installed. Debating on to just put the path into the modules folder and see if it says there is a newer version. I tried to delete the version 4 from the installation choices but it wouldn't let me. I just want to be as careful as possible as I think I'm on the right path and I can get this to work. It would seem the RC installation folder could be changed to allow a choice for RC to go directly to P3D. P3D is the wave of the future. The 64 bit is fantastic for the graphics. Your help is appreciated. Mike Nicholson
  13. I was under the impression you could run RC4 along with FSUIPC5 and the latest version of makerwys. Also, I saw to run Flight 1 Registry fix. I have Win 10 Home 64 bit and P3d4. I knew the Flight 1 fix was only for 32 bit, so I found ngn_regfix which included a fix for P3D4. First, I just tried to install RC4. Right away it said the Registry would not find FSX. Of course the RC4 installation identified itself as FSX or FS2004. I then ran the register fix to P3D4, but with no luck in installing RC4 as it was still looking for FSX. I have used RC4 and the one before that for many years. I fly every sim flight with it. I looked at another new ATC program earlier today and after trying that, I really need to get RC4 working. Any help out there would really be appreciated. Mike Nicholson.
  14. Thunderbolt44

    Nav Data Out of Date

    Well, as soon as I read the suggestion to make sure the simulator date was within the dates for the Navdata cycle, I remembered how I fixed the problem years ago. Normally, I always reset the time to the sim time upon setting up the flight; however, I just wanted to see what the P3D summer looked like and hit Summer. This set it out of the Navadata cycle and hence the problem. So, problem resolved. Thanks, Mike Nicholson
  15. Thunderbolt44

    Nav Data Out of Date

    Just transferred to Win 10 and P3dv4. A handful for me with Win 10 for the first time. The Apps are driving me crazy. I installed the NGX for my first aircraft. Everything went fine and the graphics are great. Only one problem with the NGX, and its more of an irritant than anything else. I installed the latest Navigraph FMS download and the correct dates are reflected on the CPU ident page, but I keep getting the Nav Data Out of Date message. I have re-downloaded Navigraph; with no change. Seems like I had this problem years ago, but can't remember how to correct it. Any advise? Mike Nicholson