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  1. I have wondered about this button for some time now. After browsing thru some of the forum threads, I just decided to satisfy my curiosity with this thread. When the Lorby Scenery Export first came out, and you had to run it yourselve, I thought it was a nightmare. Then, Pete Dawson came to my rescue and came up with a way to include it into just dropping an .exe file along side the makerwys.exe file and a LorbyScenery.cfg file appeared. Running the MakeRwys.exe file now takes awhile since I have installed a number of the Orbix files (no individual airport addons), but I thought the Rebuild Scenery DB Button had been now passed up. Do I still want to run this button? If I do, it seems to just sit there, and I finally click on OK and it moves on to the next one. Whats the low down on this Button? Mike Nicholson, Jetline Systems PC, 4.20 Intel 4 Core i7-7700k CDU, Nividia GTX 1060 6GB card, 32722 mbs memory, Windows 10- 64bit, Prepar3D v4.5 Pro FSUIPC5 and MakeRwys 5.11.
  2. When I open my P3Dv4.5 Options – Key Assignments page, my Controller Name lists four Controllers as follows: Mouse Yoke, Mouse Look, Logitech Joystick and T.16000M The Number window lists these as: 0-Mouse Yoke, 1-Mouse Look, 0-T.16000M, 1-Logitech G13 Joystick. I fly six different aircraft in rotation for IFR cross countries. Every flight opens with the G-13 settings, which are actually the old Logitech Extreme 3D Pro joystick settings. I have to open the Options key assignments page, where it reflects the G-13 as the controller and click on the T.16000M controller – then I’m good to go. Before I installed the Thrustmaster Joystick , the T.16000M, I flew with the Logitech Extreme 3D Pro joystick. That’s gone now. I have not a clue how the Logitech 13 Joystick got into this. The G-13 is not a joystick – it is a Gaming Pad. It gives me 22 more key assignments . It has no settings in the P3D Controller settings. You merely use the same assignment keys into the G-13 gaming pad and it stands alone. So, I’ve been living with this for sometime now. Everything else is in such good shape I am finally getting to this problem. I don’t know where the Mouse Yoke and Look came from, but they seem not to make any appearance anywhere. Seems like if I could delete the G-13, it would solve my problem. Any suggestions as to straighten this out will be appreciated. By-the-way, my Flight Mode setting is Normal. Mike Nicholson, Jetline Systems PC, 4.20 Intel 4 Core i7-7700k CDU, Nividia GTX 1060 6GB card, 32722 mbs memory, Windows 10- 64bit, Prepar3D v4.5 Pro Top
  3. Ark, No I haven't. If I use these sliders, then I'm assuming the other five aircraft sound levels will be affected. These other aircraft all have file changes you can make to adjust the volume. I'm just asking if there is a way to adjust sound levels in the Lear? Mike
  4. I fly every flight with Radar Contact. My only problem with the Lear 35A is the cockpit sound levels, especially engine and possibly wind noise, seem to be set so high I really have trouble hearing ATC. Is there a way for me to lower these levels? Mike Nicholson, Jetline Systems PC, 4.20 Intel 4 Core i7-7700k CDU, Nividia GTX 1060 6GB card, 32722 mbs memory, Windows 10- 64bit, Prepar3D v4.5
  5. Hi Bert, I was just loading the aircraft, figuring I would check the PFD one more time, and looked at the the GTN MFD. Daylight in the Swamps! I just set the RA into one of the user fields and there I was. I remember the first full scale with a RA. It was as great as sliced bread. I still think for scan, it should be in the PFD though. Take care, Mike
  6. I just reinstalled the Phenom 300 after a long break from it. It is flying fine, especially with the F1GTN. In searching around I'm led to believe there is a Radar Altimeter. However, I have not been able to find it. First ? Is there a Radar Altimeter? If there is, where is it? If there isn't, is there away to install one? Thanks, Mike Nicholson
  7. Ray, I have had UAC turned off for ages. I'm going to turn this problem over to my IT guy first. This problem is occurring with non flight sim programs that are on my D drive too. With the exception of RC, I do not have any problem with any other flight sim program. If I haven't then removed this problem, I will remove P3D from the Program file. Also, I will have my IT guy look at Jim's advice about getting rid of Windows Defender. I now see how you can do that. Winter is on the way, and I'll have more time to play with this stuff as the weather will be less conducive to flying my model airplanes. You all take care, MIke
  8. Ray, I have rcv4x and rcv4 installed as separate folders on my c drive. I hate to admit it, but I have P3d installed in Programs from my c drive. When I installed 4.4 I just let it go where Prepar3d wanted to go. Most of my non flight sim stuff is on another drive. I don't understand why I have the two rcv4 folders. I have debated on deleting the rcv4 folder. Also, it seems Windows 10 can download an update at any time. You can control when it wants to restart, but other wise you are at MS's mercy. I saw the other day, that I could turn off the updates for up to35 days. I did that a couple of days ago, and since turning it off I can open P3d, Quicken and all the other programs I couldn't without turning my Anti virus off. Have to go, my wife has summoned me to dinner. Mike
  9. Hi Ray, I have executed exceptions for all my Flt Sim stuff. They don't seem to effect my problem at all. Mike
  10. For some time now I have had this problem with Real Time Protection (RTP). I just am curious if anyone else has had it, and have they had any luck resolving it. All my flights are cross countries controlled by RC. For a long time, I have not been able to open P3Dv4.4 and now 4.5 with out first going to Windows Defender and turning off RTP anti-virus. I never turn any of the others on. In Addition, I am unable to open RC, Quicken, Revo Uninstaller, and a few other programs without first turning off the RTP anti-virus. I always do it when downloading and installing any flight sim program. The problem is that my flight sim and RC work fine when I turn off RTP, but it does not always stay off. For one reason or another it just turns itself back on. Microsoft tells you in Windows Defender that you can turn it off, but it will reactivate at some point. All I want to do is turn it off and have it stay off for a flight. I have recently started turning my eithernet off for a flight, but it appears the anti virus just turns itself back on by itself. Other than the problems described above, my PC is working like a well oiled machine. RC is the only program that I'm having a problem with. And every time, RC quits cold, I get a Runtime 76 or 75 (I can't remember which now), and when I open Windows Defender, RTP is back on in all its Glory. Any comments will be appreciated. Take care, Mike Nicholson, Jetline Systems PC, 4.20 Intel 4 Core i7-7700k CDU, Nividia GTX 1060 6GB card, 32722 mbs memory, Windows 10- 64bit, Prepar3D v4.5
  11. I have not been able to find the answer in the REX forums tonight, so I thought I'd just ask it here. Is their a P3Dv4.5 WX Advantage Radar release out for the Falcon 50? Mike Nicholson, Jetline Systems PC, 4.20 Intel 4 Core i7-7700k CDU, Nividia GTX 1060 6GB card, 32722 mbs memory, Windows 10- 64bit, Prepar3D v4.5
  12. I just upgraded from 4.4 to 4.5. I'm somewhat surprised that 4.5 seems to be a fair amount better. For some reason the scenery files look a lot better, and so far I have held off installing any add on textures. I kind of like not adding all these huge programs. Now, my question is: Has anyone used ASCA with just the P3D 4.5 weather engine. I always set my own weather, and I kind of think just using the P3d weather settings works pretty well for me. I would like to use some Cloud program though to sort of spice my clouds up a little. Any comment or advice is appreciated. Mike Nicholson, Jetline Systems PC, 4.20 Intel 4 Core i7-7700k CDU, Nividia GTX 1060 6GB card, 32722 mbs memory, Windows 10- 64bit, Prepar3D v4.5
  13. Hi Ray, It seems like when I use a program for so long, I fail to check the manual. I had the interact with AI checked, but I also had the AI chatter checked by mistake. I flew an IFR flight this morning with my DC-6 without AI Chatter checked. The approach phase worked fine although we just shot an ILS Rwy18 approach into KDAY, Dayton, OH so that is not as busy as a lot of places. We'll continue to work this out. As always, your advice is appreciated. Mike
  14. Hi Ray, I only have A-1 Chatter checked, and I don't get much chatter. I'm not sure when you ask for a %; however, this morning I was on an IFR cross country from KMSN, Dane Co Regl-Truax into KSDF, Louisville Intl. It was better. Approach responded fairly quick. When I hit 4 I got a stand by. After more time than you would expect, I didn't get the window to verify the approach, but directly got the window to select the runway. Turned out it was a VOR Approach, but I had no trouble just flying the ILS. For the first time, Approach handed me off to the Tower at the OM. Tower answered right away, cleared me to land and handed me off to ground after landing. I know P3D says you do not need to reinstall addon programs, but I have always run into miner problems and it seems it is a lot just easier to do a fresh reinstall with several programs, RC being one I have always reinstalled. I have always thought in the past that RC has improved as you use it. This has really been true this time. I will try not using the AI Chatter next flight. Who says you can't teach an old dog new tricks? Take care, Mike
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