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  1. Thunderbolt44


    I wanted to give some feed back on my progress. First, Radar Contact is now working the way it is supposed to. What a relief to complete my transition to P3D. I want to set forth two items that may be of use to other flight sim pilots in the future: 1. A few days ago I took my PC into our local internet service provider. Jesse, the repair fellow, ran some type of scan and agreed the file was not a MS file, and was not on my PC. I had copied a couple of the above threads and left these with him. It took me about 30 minutes to get home, and as I got out of the car, he called me telling me my PC was ready to be picked up. When I got there he loaded a flight and opened Radar Contact. I couldn't believe it. Here is how he got the .dll file: The file is available in Exchange-2000-Tool-PST2GB a Microsoft tool that can be found here: 2.A hint for a project like disconnecting your PC, WiFi routers & extenders or wiring a house. Home Depot sells a Wire Marker Booklet by Ideal at a very reasonable price where you can mark the wire you have and the port it goes to. They will stick forever. Then all you have to do is match letters. This booklet is made for electritons and will last a life time. So, the above was the best $50 I've ever spent. Take care, Mike PS: Not including the booklet, I already had that.
  2. Just when you think you are done, a new problem. A couple of weeks ago or so, I had everything installed into P3D v4.4, to include Radar Contact. All was just great. A couple of days ago, I uninstalled FSX SE with REVO Uninstaller which seemed to get rid of a lot of folders and files. The next day I set up a cross country and clicked on Radar Contact to open it. Clicked on the flight plan window and got a Runtime Error 713 reflecting Class not Registered, and I needed to install the file. Ran a CP sfc/scannow which didn't find any violations; and a DISM /Online /Cleanup=image /Restore Health which said it was successfull. I have spent the last two hours going over a couple of threads regarding this Subject and I feel at this point I am drifting off course. I went thru the CP %systemroot%\ systemwow64, enter and then regsvr32 msstdfmt.dll. I was treated to a Reg Svr 32 window stating: * the module msstdfmt.dll failed to load. *Make sure the binary is stored at the specified path or debug it to check for problems with the binary or dependent .dll files (I haven't a clue what this means). * The specified module could not be found. Radar Contact must be the only program using this file. Everything else in my new P3D setup is working great. RC worked great until I uninstalled Steam. I have run searches all through this PC with out locating the file. I'm going out to the barn now and do the treadmill. The wife is demanding I come out of the study. Thanks guys, Mike Nicholson, Jetline Systems PC, 4.20 Intel 4 Core i7-7700k CDU, Nividia GTX 1060 6GB card, 32722 mbs memory, Windows 10- 64bit, Prepar3D v4.4
  3. Thunderbolt44

    Problem with recent RC installation into P3Dv4.4

    Ray - I owe you a big THANK YOU! I checked Play Waves and Pilot Auto Reply in Radar Contact. Checked Message Text in P3D Options and checked the multi-line block in FSUIPC5. When I hit Start, there it was, just like always. I finally have Radar Contact working perfectly. Appreciate everyone's help. Take care, Mike
  4. Thunderbolt44

    Problem with recent RC installation into P3Dv4.4

    Ray, I'll keep all this in mind, especially the Show Text. MIke PS: I checked P3D Options, and I do not have Message Text In the Misc test section checked. I checked it!! Won't try it till morning though.
  5. With the help of this Forum, I recently installed RC in my new P3Dv4.4 FS with FSUIPC5. I just directed RC to my P3D root folder and it seemec to install fine. I have the Lorby Scenery.cfg, the Lorby Scenery Export.exe & MakeRwys.exe in the root folder. I also see r4.csv, r5.bin and r5.csv files. Now, Radar contact is working almost fine. Somehow, In my P3D files folder, I have my fsx files which has all my saved .pln and rcd files. I've copied all the .pln flight plans into the P#D flight plans and they work. I was just thrilled when RC opened and I am flying cross countries with it now. Now for my problem. Under the general heading of RC, I have not been able to get the Display Text to work. When I check it, Pilot Autoplay greys out and I still don't get the small box with the text on my monitor. So, I have been flying with just the Pilot Autoplay Play & Pilot Wavs (still not sure what these are) checked. I can get thru a flight just from the numbers I remember, but I can't remember changing checkpoints, lower or higher altitudes, changing rwys, etc. I especially miss not being able to request the full approach to a certain runway. In reading thru the forums, I saw one today where Ray advised a fellow to just install a fsx.txt file into the root P3D folder and then change it to an .exe file and point RC to it. I didn't do that, I just directed it to the P3D folder. I made this too long, all I want to know is how can I get the Display text and Pilot Autoplay checked. I do have the Multi line checked in FSUIPC5. Thanks in advance, Mike NIcholson. PS: In the 10 plus years I have used RC, I've never had a problem like this - I guess I've messed up somewhere.
  6. Thunderbolt44

    IPC Timed Out All Retries

    I'm sorry I didn't get back with the final story and close this out. In my last post above I had everything working but the text. For some reason, the next time I used RC a day later for an IFR cross country and everything, including the window, worked fine. Life is Good. Mike
  7. Thunderbolt44

    IPC Timed Out All Retries

    Well, I have finally solved this problem today. After spending a fair amount of time today searching through my PC and Register, I was able to get rid of the Retries window. At that time the window shifted to 'Cannot link to FSUIPC'. At last I had a specific clue. I checked the rcv4X and saw it was using a FSUIPC4 I had purchased in 2007. I installed the new one in Feb 2018 when I bailed out of P3d and started Steam. I was changing some of my old FSX programs, like Radar Contact, and must have brought the old FSUIPC4 file with it. I don't know how it got there or somehow I did it today with all the checking and deleting of old files. From Feb to yesterday, everything was fine. Just deleted the old FSUYIPC4 exe from my rcv4X file and dropped a copy of the new exe in. The only problem I have now is the text window doesn't open although after flying Radar Contact for some time, I don't really need the text. I'll fly a flight tomorrow with the bug tab active and take it from there. Mike
  8. I'm using FSXSE on a Jetline Systems Win 10 (64bit) PC. Have used Radar Contact for years. PC came in Dec 2017 with P3d 4.2. Got so fed up with it I went to FSXSE in about two months. Radar Contact has been working flawlessly. However, Steam dumped a large update on me a few days ago, and I have had a number of problems. My main problem now is with Radar Contact. When I hit the Start button, I get a window with a red X (no number) and IPC Timed Out all Retries, and the program will not open. I reinstalled Make Runways, and ran the buttons for file path and Scenery before hitting Start to no avail. I haven't a clue as to what the Retries is about as everything else has gone as it should. I'm about ready to just reinstall Radar Contact, but thought I'd try this first. Mike Nicholson
  9. Thunderbolt44

    CDI Glideslope Not Working

    Thanks Rob, Too late to try it this evening, but I will tomorrow. Take care, Mike Nicholson
  10. Thunderbolt44

    CDI Glideslope Not Working

    Let me say I love this DC-6. Everything is fine, except intercepting the GS Approach with the AP and using that to DH. I have the GTN 650 and this is in FSX SE. With the AP I intercept the Loc perfect every time. As I approach the GS I am at 150kts, flaps 20 & gear down. I use the GTN for the Nav 1 fregs with no problem, but otherwise do not use it. I only use the aircraft instruments. The GS indicator works fine. It just doesn't intercept the GS. In fact, I have been hand flying my ILS approaches by hand from the beginning when I couldn't figure how the GS Approach coupler worked. Yesterday, I decided to try it again. Went through the manuals again and just shot an approach onto 10R at KBOI. When the GS needle started to move down, the Gyro Pilot & Altitude Hold were ON, the Mech lever was deflected and we were tracking the LOC. I turned the Mode Selector to Approach and did not have either light activate. As the GS needle centered the VS indicated a soft climb which is pretty normal, but did not settle into the decent -same as always for me. I disengaged the AP and hand flew the rest of the approach. So, am I missing some setting or operation, or is this waiting for a fix? This aircraft hand flys a very smooth ILS approach, Now my only challenge is to get the AP to do it. Thanks for any advise, Mike Nicholson
  11. Thunderbolt44

    JS451 liveries

    I just reinstalled my JS41 aircraft into my FSX SE program. It installed fine, but it appears no liveries are available now. I sure would like to get the United or Delta Express livery. Is there a way to do that? Thanks, Mike Nicholson
  12. I am running FSX SE with Wind 10 64 bit. In Dec 2017 I received a new Jetline Systems PC with P3d4 installed. I got so frustrated with not being able to enter most of my FSX programs, like Radar Contact, I installed FSX SE and all-in-all I have been quite pleased with it. This morning I entered cross country weather into AS2016 and as usual right clicked to open FSX SE with Admin rights. It opened to the initial screen as usual, but when I clicked on Free Flight, I got a window reflecting Aircraft Initialization Failure Aircreation 582SL. When I clicked on Select Aircraft, all I could get were rotor craft even though All Aircraft was selected. I got all kinds of findings after running a Google search, most of which I was afraid to follow. Here is what I have determined. FSX is installed an a my D drive which is dedicated to Steam. When I open the FSX file and go to Sim objects, I have no Airplane folder! If I go to my C drive, and go down to users and go to Microsoft/FSX and on to sim objects I have the normal Airplanes folder with all aircraft displayed as normal. I was thinking of just putting a copy of my Aircraft folder into my FSX Sim objects folder or just doing a complete FSX uninstall and reinstalling FSX SE. Any insight into this is appreciated. I haven't a clue how it happened. Mike Nicholson
  13. Thunderbolt44


    Hi Ray, Yesterday I got to thinking about this after reading your above post. I remembered when I first installed Steam I had installed a FUSIPC4 compatible with FSX SE into a Modules folder in FSX SE. (Of course Steam was smart. Their core folder leads to FSX. They don't call it FSX SE. Then, when I installed RC, it took forever and finally got me to the activation page which I activated. However, it would not open. In checking the log, it said it had hunted all over for FSUIPC4 but it was an old version and it had ended up connecting with the FSUIPC5 in my P3D drive. I went ahead and deleted RC and the old FSUIPC4 and installed the latest version for FSX into the FSX Modules folder in Steam. Installed RC again and I now have a working copy of RC. Just flew IFR from KBGR to KACY with RC. A flawless flight. I wish Lockheed could buy RC from JD, polish it up, and replace their terrible ATC program. Again, as always, I appreciate your help. It is good again to be able to use FSX SE which takes just about any addon, and mark time with P3D for awhile until some of these addons catch up with them. Mike Nicholson
  14. Thunderbolt44


    OK Ray, I have the thread bookmarked and I have looked thru it. I can certainly understand why the fellow said that his grand kids weren't visiting for a month. I am certainly in the same boat. Do I start at the top of the thread, or is there a further down post I should start with? Mike Nicholson PS: Since I apparently do not have the file in question, will the referenced thread produce it?
  15. Thunderbolt44


    Ray, Thank you for your prompt reply. Last night, I started this thread using Foxfire which was not working properly and I had searched the Forum finding nothing so I submitted my question. This morning I tried MS Edge and it is working perfect including the thread. I'll get on with your directions and advise of my progress. Mike Nicholson