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  1. Hey guys, apparently, in the newer versions of nvidia inspector, the profile is no longer MS Flight Simulator X, but Microsoft flight simulator 10. I lost quite some time troubleshooting until i realized this, so i thought i would post it here, maybe if tabs had the chance it would be good editing the original post... Cheers!
  2. Yes, that is exactly what i thought, i prefer spending more now and have my computer to be good enough for many years than spending about 500euros on a computer wich will be outdated in a few years... For me the biggest problem is getting my parents to allow me to buy it, they'll for sure start with those "don't spend your money on stuff like that" conversations...
  3. REALLY 1000 euros is enough to buy a desktop wich will allow me to do all those things i mentioned above? :Just Kidding: thats actually much less than i expected, wich was MINIMUM the double!
  4. Hi guys, i currently don't have a great computer and i feel that for my current needs in FSX i need a new pc, but i don't know how much i need to save and i'd like to have an idea before i talk to my dad ... So i'd like a computer wich would allow me to run simultaneously the NGX or the 777, demanding add on airports, a wheather engine with grafics like REX or AS, and fly on VATSIM with traffic, i'd be happy with constant 20 FPS... It would be fine to be a desktop since i know it is cheaper. If someone could give me an idea of a price in Euros i'd appreciate! Thanks
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