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  1. Hi all, Envshade has been updated to, compatible with 5.2HF1 now Georges
  2. For people experiencing DXGI crash with aicraft addon using the latest beta trueglass, try this workaround, it seems to work with the Maddog: In P3D5 disable the Vsync in the sim if enabled. If you need to keep Vsync you can enable Vsync in your driver setting (in my case NvidiaProfileInspector) but keep this sim option disabled ! Worth giving it a try ! Georges
  3. In your navigraph addon mappings menu, point out your majestic directory as follow : Your p3d folder path\SimObjects\Airplanes\mjc8q400 Regards Georges
  4. Hi Eric, More simple, if you previously purchased the Duke, you can redownload the plane from there http://realairsimulations.net/ Before any installation, read carefully the licence notes to comply with the EULA. Regards Georges
  5. Hello, I do confirm this issue with SLI configuration and reallight. Also tested with the latest TFDI 717 version and the bug is still there. Disabling SLI solved the problem but had a big cost regarding fps loss, not acceptable for me, even if Maddog FPS are basically very good ! BTW I run p3d v4.2 WIN10PRO i7 3370k@4.7 GTX980x2 SLI 16 GoRAM Very nice and exciting to see the come back of this jewel in p3d sky. It was my favorite during fs9 old days. Thank you ! Regards
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