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  1. Thanks very much. Yes I sent a message to them so waiting for news.
  2. Hello there, suddenly when opening Xplane after everything going fine till now, I receive a message to active my copy or using demo version. I don't know what happened for needing to enter it again buy after it, I receive a message that there was a problem validating my copy and my key is blocked so I should try again or contact support. Does anyone know about this? My copy was bought months ago and never had problems. This makes me angry. Thanks very much.
  3. Xiropillo

    Maddog & MD Rotate worth?

    Did you send a ticket to developers? I already sent about doors not fully closed in nose landing gear (that Rotate model has) and others. Maybe the wings design could also be corrected if you send a picture to compare. I sent to Rotate about front design but no answer.
  4. Xiropillo

    FF A320 Ultimate is now available!

    Gravity should let you starting APU and even engines with no fuel pumps. Not possible in FF. I don't know if that is correct or not.
  5. Push tab key together with knob. Regards.
  6. Xiropillo

    Maddog & MD Rotate worth?

    In my opinion, Maddog. But it really depends on your sim preferences, XP or P3D. If sim is not a problem for you, Maddog was and will be a reference. You only have to look at both nose to nose, front view and compare with real pictures. Rotate's nose is far from reality. Regarding sounds, Maddog is brand new and I am sure they will improve many things. I have both and although Rotate made a great job, I love Maddog. Of course that is my opinion.
  7. The QNH in speed cards does not correspond with real one using ASP4. Is that normal?
  8. You mean 4.0? I think that works only in 4.1 and 4.2
  9. Awesome aircraft. My wish list: - Nose Landing gear doors not closed at all when gear is down. Look at pictures of real aircraft. - Engine sounds of course. Maddog ID - Pax cabin distribution and maximum pax noted per cabin. (I think there are 3 or 4 zones) - Option to distribute bags in holds apart from cargo. Bags are loaded in aft hold by default. - Request for chocks to ground staff. No chocks simulated? (Also the ASU and ACU is the same vehicle?) - And one impossible?. Is there any way that the aircraft remembers last flight fuel remaining for starting new flight with that quantity?
  10. Xiropillo

    Ext PWR Access Door

    Is closed after pushback. The only thing I am thinking, is that is open for the headset and once the pushback or start up is finished, as the headset is disconnected the ground staff closes it.
  11. Xiropillo

    Fuel issue?

    Ok. I asked for a question about external design or movements regarding the nose landing gear doors. But I will then write to them.
  12. Xiropillo

    Fuel issue?

    Are you part of the developers for this great addon?
  13. Xiropillo

    Fuel issue?

    Understood. I was thinking about something like that. Nothing important. Maybe it will be improved in next update. Thanks Dave for all.