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  1. It worked. Thanks very much. With Prepar, PTA and Environment force modifying shaders I get lost with which ones are the latest ones installed. Regards and stay safe
  2. Hello and thanks for the update. Sorry if this has been answered already. After installing the new PTA version, I used it with REX Skyforce presets as I did with previous PTA version. Used Passenger view preset. Now when applying I get 4 errors about shaders. Cloud.fx, General.fx, GPUTerrain.fx and FuncLibary.fxh as it says that are not original and can not be used. Could you please help to to fix it? Thanks very much.
  3. Finally bought it yesterday night. Impressed about overall quality. Some letters in cockpit a bit blurry but not big deal. For the rest, incredible the amount of documentation and the complicated that seems to learn all the systems. I am use to PMDG, Leonardo and FSL but this seems different to all of them. Thanks for recommendations. Regards, Xiropillo
  4. You are right. I am interested in 64bits Pro edition. 40% off now. Great price
  5. Thanks very much. You are right that we should enjoy the day. I was referring to the new Q300 model that they announced for P3D not MSFS.
  6. Hello there, I posted this also in Majestic forum but just to know your opinions too please.Is it worth buying Q400 today thinking that next year new models will come with new technology and probably a lot of improvements?I am doubting if I should buy it now that still has discount at SimMarket. As far as I know and although this is one of the best addons for Prepar3D, it is several years old and maybe it won't receive big updates so I am wondering if it is better to wait for new ones with better textures, visuals and build from zero.New models will be apart and not expansions.Discounts will end next Sunday so, could someone please help me to decide?Thanks very much.Regards,Xiropillo
  7. Hello and thanks for answer. Of course that is the first thing I did. And I downloaded files again from my account. But as I said, the file or order does not specify if is for version v3 or valid for v4. I also checked my bill and mails. Thanks anyway Rick
  8. Hello there, I purchased PMDG 777 FS2Crew last year but I can't remember if that was before installing P3Dv4 or after. The file name is FS2Crew PMDG 777 Installation without problems and during it I can't read anywhere if that is for P3Dv4 or not. It says to choose between FSX, FSX-SE, P3Dv2+ or P3Dv3+ I suppose that as all these platforms are 32 bits and v4 is 64, this might be the older version. But no sure. Version number is 3.1 but the new one is the same. I can't open Main Panel in sim after assign a key but I don't know if that is an error for me or this is what happens when is not a valid version. I have doubts apart from the name, version and the data or purchase that could have been for both systems, that I have no error during installation. Could you please tell me if your install file. says v4 in the name? Should I see an access to FS2Crew in my sim main bar together with Tools or somewhere? Thanks very much for your help.
  9. Hello there, Is there any possibility of adding GSX automatic detection of services for opening doors or synchro with refueling? Thanks very much
  10. Thanks very much. I didn’t realize about this until now as I don’t use panel states. Best regards
  11. Hello there, I have an option in my FMC for loading panel states that says "Program Generated Tempo", I have checked manuals but I didn't find anything. What is the meaning of that option please? Thanks very much
  12. I use the following: ASP4 as weather engine REXSky Force for cloud textures ASCA for dynamic skies REX4 Texture Direct for ground and water textures For me works perfect and smooth and together with ORBX scenery is my best option. Best regards.
  13. Hello, thanks for the update. Any plan of letting GSX open and close doors automatically as Maddog and FSL do? Best regards Iñigo Bayo
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