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  1. The QNH in speed cards does not correspond with real one using ASP4. Is that normal?
  2. You mean 4.0? I think that works only in 4.1 and 4.2
  3. Awesome aircraft. My wish list: - Nose Landing gear doors not closed at all when gear is down. Look at pictures of real aircraft. - Engine sounds of course. Maddog ID - Pax cabin distribution and maximum pax noted per cabin. (I think there are 3 or 4 zones) - Option to distribute bags in holds apart from cargo. Bags are loaded in aft hold by default. - Request for chocks to ground staff. No chocks simulated? (Also the ASU and ACU is the same vehicle?) - And one impossible?. Is there any way that the aircraft remembers last flight fuel remaining for starting new flight with that quantity?
  4. Is closed after pushback. The only thing I am thinking, is that is open for the headset and once the pushback or start up is finished, as the headset is disconnected the ground staff closes it.
  5. Ok. I asked for a question about external design or movements regarding the nose landing gear doors. But I will then write to them.
  6. Are you part of the developers for this great addon?
  7. Understood. I was thinking about something like that. Nothing important. Maybe it will be improved in next update. Thanks Dave for all.
  8. In my opinion a tutorial is a good way to show what is simulated or not. A good way for learning but also for catching new customers. Even some developers publish it before launching the product or make it available through public website. But mainly I use it for knowing the product simulated systems and for in deep learning I use YouTube and online manuals. My car has a manual and is not for teaching me as a driver.
  9. Thanks. That is what I imagined but sometimes when pushed is not going back. It stays presssed.
  10. I also add that the doors for nose landing gear should be not closed completely when gear is down. If you look at pictures of real one on ground or landing, the doors are a little bit open.
  11. Thanks anyway. I will ask developers about ZFW button in the fuel reading panel that sometimes keeps pushed and sometimes is going back as is should be as far as I know.
  12. You are right. Now is working. What is the difference between checked and unchecked?
  13. Hello there, Refueling panel is not working in my sim as I can not change fuel. The first flight I was able to change quantity per tank with the mouse but now is not changing. I tried several times, with sim open and sim closed. No antivirus, no defender and selected load manager as admin. Apart from that, when I change fuel in Load Manager, when I save and then select update from cfg it changes but immediately changes again to the initial quantity that is more. Is it normal that if the ZFW button is pressed it remains inside and no goin back to out position? Sometimes if I press quickly it changes again but if I press one second or more it stays inside. Maybe I am doing something wrong, I don't know. Thanks and regards.
  14. Hello there, first of all thanks for this great release. Congratulations. Should I have menus for Leonard or Maddog in the windows start menu? All are in the desktop as direct access but I always prefer having them in the main menu. Regards
  15. And you are not asking too much for that price. I agree.