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  1. https://www.realenvironmentxtreme.com/forums/index.php?/announcement/15-prepar3d-v4-–-rex-product-update-882017/ Waiting for that too. Is the only piece that is left in my P3Dv4 puzzle. Apart from A320X... Regards.
  2. I was waiting for the same too. Yesterday purchased V4, clean install, everything works fine even with EZCA beta and ORBX. AS and ASCA the same. Waiting now for REX to update Texture Direct+Soft Clouds and relaxing until P3D V5... ; )
  3. So is that normal and not a problem with my set up? Is not a problem as it runs perfect but just to know if I should reinstall again.
  4. Hello and thanks for updates. Is it normal "unable to check for latest version" in OC for 600-700 expansion? Bar appears in grey instead of green and message when checking version. Regards.
  5. I think that my post, if you are referring to it, if not sorry, was misunderstood as I was only saying that there are good products on each platform, for every likes and every simmer requirements. I have all PMDG products, except DC6 and use P3D for them. In fact I am waiting for the release of last pack, 600 and 700, for getting V4 and use only PMDG products. I will keep V3 only for FSL 320. I use XPlane for IXEG 737 and I don’t expect you to release any product for XPlane and I don’t expect IXEG for developing for P3D. I am happy with variety and that makes it funnier. Maybe is not the correct post or forum to compare or naming other developers but that was not in negative way.
  6. Maybe they don’t need to. I really don’t need them to do it. I enjoy both systems and I have my favorites each time I choose which one using. Sim community is big enough for different preferences and my hard disk is big enough for a little bit of everything. : )
  7. Totally agree. There is something special in that aircraft. I don’t know if sounds, lights, raw navigation, I really don’t know but I love it. PMDG models are increíble but Classic 737 is awesome.
  8. +1
  9. But we don’t need a nice MD-80 only. We need a full system simulated one. The nice from Coolsky + the systems from Leonardo. PMDG MD-80 series with expansion for MD-87. The best narrow body aircraft ever produced.
  10. I am not buying DC6 so for me 3 are enough ; )
  11. Thanks for keeping us informed. Some developers should learn from you that most buyers don’t ask for exact date. Just ETA and, above all, information is all we need. Silence is not a good customer service and selling high price professional products means giving professional customer service. Looking forward to fly your 3 masterpieces in v4.
  12. May I stop refreshing forum the whole weekend waiting for 737 600 and 700 release? I don’t expect an STA, this is aviation. Just an ETA. Only if expected for weekend or not. Thanks a Lot.
  13. Did you try IXEG? FF 757? Awesome.
  14. Ok thanks very much for your answer. So I keep on waiting.
  15. Hello there. Great news about this release but is 737-600 and 700 expansion update for v4 still going on parallel or will be delayed because of this brand new great seller? Not asking about a release date, just curious about how is it going because I am waiting for this expansion to be released before purchasing and jumping to V4. This was my personal requirement for buying another sim again. Not before all my PMDG collection (I have all of them) is V4 compatible. Best regards.