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  1. Thanks very much for your responses. Sorry for posting something dupe but I promise that I am not the kind of person being lazy and asking for just getting quick and easy responses. The net is huge and full of great helping material but also difficult to understand and filter. I visit this forums everyday, even twice or more in a day and I have read about variation of runways but I didn't understand the difference of updating navaids or airacs. I thought that I was doing it all together with Navigraph monthly updates and only realised about those differences, when flying to new airports. I use to fly same routes daily for learning systems and navigation. As it happened with 737 and not 777 (now I know that it was just due to a different route), I just wanted to be sure that it was not a settings issue. English is not my native language and sometimes is hard to follow instructions, tutorials and technical words specially in YouTube videos. Thanks for giving me your point of view in such a nice way. I will read carefully older posts and try to avoid those airports. Again, thanks for your help, for this great forum and enjoy your hobby. Regards.
  2. Now I understand. Do you know how to update data for airport not matching? That is probably the reason why the Aivlasoft soft does not recognize stars and approaches from navigraph. Thanks. So P3D is in fact a prepared FSX...
  3. Good afternoon, Do you know why when programing a route in FMC and trying to select runways for SID or STARS, the runway is not the same than P3D? I have Navigraph current cycle and FMS is the same than charts but when arriving to runway or selecting position in P3D, the number is not the same. Do I have to change anything in settings for PMDG aircrafts? Thanks very much.
  4. Thanks. I will contact them.
  5. Nothing, not working. I will send a ticket to support. Thanks anyway.
  6. I don't understand exactly what you mean but it only resets original cfg file when deleting livery and reinstalling again. I prefer using only real equipped liveries better than fictitious ones. In that case I would use PMDG livery and "build" my own settings. One thing I thought about OP center by PMDG is that they would update liveries or add new ones but no change there for years. In fact, I have seen several YouTube videos of KLM real cockpit and the most of them are equipped with new Collins MCP. I would like to have an updated KLM livery (the new one) with real equipment. Any idea of actual configuration? Thanks very much for your help.
  7. Good afternoon, Reading forum, introduction manual and watching videos in YouTube but can't find the solution. As far as I know, after changing options for a registration via FMS, clicking "Restore Original" would reset all changes to default. It doesn't work for me. For example, I change MCP type to Collins when the default for KLM is Honeywell and after restoring, Collins stays there unless I delete livery and reinstall via OP Center. It happens with all the changes made. It seems that the original cfg file is not restored. Thanks very much.
  8. Thanks very much. I'll keep on practising.
  9. So you all recommend setting ALWAYS for A/T override and YES for showing thrust lever position?
  10. Now I understand that needed movement thanks. I see the meaning of using the blue circle and movement of joystick axis.
  11. Great. I was wondering that because I have to adjust my throttle axis when disconnecting autothrottle and always had ups and downs with power. Not realistic but good idea. Thanks a lot. I'll set then "Always" for override and "Yes" for show throttle position.
  12. Great! Thanks very much for such a clear explanation. And sorry again. Which is the realistic option for "Show thrust lever position"?
  13. I did it through P3D settings. But with never option it doesn't move at all. Is how it should be, isn't it?
  14. Thanks very much. With NEVER option I have no problems anymore but maybe is the less realistic. With the second option I have the same problem as I can't set exactly the throttle in the same position and the thrust rises over reduced one or if less the power is not enough. For sure I am doing something wrong. I will practise in that.
  15. I refer to previous post that said that a poll was not a good idea for commercial decisions. I agree that an open poll where everybody suggests different options would be complicated and far from PMDG direction as we all have different priorities or likes. So I was suggesting a restricted poll in case that PMDG were having doubts between 2 or 3 options to develop. Just daydreaming... But with your feedback of course I understand your point of view. Thanks for explaining.